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Knowledge is available in abundance, you simply need to be a good seeker to receive it. We are glad to have hand picked some immensely informative webinar videos to help you truly grow in your knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. Watch one, watch some or watch them all, but do try and invest your time in learning from these webinars whenever you can. These videos are a part of Digital Vidya’s knowledge sharing series, they are one of the Best Digital Marketing Training Companies¬†in Asia.


1. How to transform your online marketing results

We all end up making basic digital marketing mistakes, and sometimes all it needs is a basic tweak in our strategy to get better results. Here are 5 easy ways to transform online marketing results by Michael Leander that you ought to check out.

2. Power charging your Video Marketing Strategy

Video is not the next big thing, it is the thing which is already ruling the digital airwaves. You may not do it right away owing to greater costs and lack of content, but you simply can’t ignore this mammoth marketing beast, which keeps growing in size and stature every day. Here are Aashish Chopra‘s Video Marketing Lessons

3. Mobile Marketing Mindshift

The fact that all communication is slowly moving to the mobile is something most digital marketers understand by now. The challenge that everybody faces is how to go about creating a mobile marketing strategy and what factors to keep into account. Sanjay Mehta helps demystify the same.

4. Mobile Analytics

While we are on the topic of mobile, it is important to go a little deeper and understand mobile analytics. Tracking users on the web platform is much different than how things happen on mobile. Theodore Hayes explains it in detail.

5. Increasing revenue from your site

Much before social media came into the picture, digital marketing was largely concentrated to building websites, doing SEO, investing in SEM and earning through adsense among other ad networks. While social and other mediums are the most discussed platforms currently, at the core of digital marketing still lie websites. Manuj Bajaj takes us through how can we increase revenue and profits from the website.

6. Selling effortlessly with inbound marketing

Selling is not so much about selling as it is about telling. The crux of inbound marketing is building relationships. The better relationships you build, the more trust you can gain, the better you can eventually sell. Deepak Kanakaraju takes us through how to sell effortlessly with inbound marketing.

7. Generating leads and sales through affiliate marketing

Of the many digital marketing techniques out there, Affiliate Marketing often seems to go unnoticed and ignored. Even though the bigger brands are making good use of this technique of reaching out to potential customers and paying for cost per lead or cost per sale, most SMEs and startups seem to be unaware of the benefits of the affiliate model. CashKaro.com‘s Swati Bhargava helps you understand how to increase sales and leads through this form of marketing.

8. Doing Social Media without spending

Social Media came in the spotlight because it was the people’s platform. People built properties across channels and did really well in the initial days. As time passed, social media started becoming expensive, and considering where we are today, it is practically impossible to do well on social media without spending money. In this webinar, Prateek Shah presents some interesting strategies that can allow you to run your campaigns on zero budget! Lets see if any of these help you.

9. Measuring success of Email Marketing

Some said email marketing is dead. The reality as many know is that email marketing is not just alive, it is thriving better than before. Now people generally associate email marketing with the spam mails that they receive, another argument people offer is that who spends so much time on the mailbox in this era of social media and apps. Talk to an email marketer and you will find your answer. The many methods of targeting subscribers effectively using email, and further segmenting them into lists based on their behaviour is a winning strategy when it comes to digital. Nithyanandan Ramakrishna (aka Neil) shows you how to measure success of email marketing campaigns

10. SEM as a part of Organisational Marketing Strategy

A lot of people invest in facebook ads because they are easy to execute and come cheaper than most other mediums. As a digital marketer, one can not ignore the importance of search engine marketing and google ads, because no matter how much time one spends on social, it is Google that everybody goes to when looking for things. Himanshu Arora helps you understand how SEM fits in your organisational marketing strategy.

These webinars are a part of Digital Vidya‘s knowledge sharing series. Digital Vidya is one of the world’s largest digital marketing training companies. Found the webinars helpful? Do share with your friends as well : )

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