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Astonishing Digital Updates
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Just what is up! So much happening all around us, that I don’t even know where to begin.

Time for the headlines from the Month(February 2017) gone by
1. Everybody heard about the goof up at the Oscars, but did you get to hear that Amazon (the e commerce company) and Netflix (the chill pill) won four Oscars?


2. Did you know Mark Zuckerberg is creating a News Organisation without Journalists? Oh it has one journalist that YOU know really well.


3. You did hear about the brand new Job Platform of LinkedIn Facebook right?


4. There is no doubt now that Automation is slowly taking over.  Elon Musk, the Tesla founder has said that Humans must merge with tech or become irrelevant in the AI age. (There’s sometime till we get there though)


5. PwC hired their first Chief Digital Officer. Now that’s a designation many would want.

Meanwhile we are hiring for 

a) Corporate Communication Head for a Software Company in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR – Tech PR background required.

b) Growth Hacker / Content Marketer / Digital Marketer for a fun fashion company based in Vadodara, Gujarat

Details available here. Can send your CVs to [email protected]


6. Oh so you thought automation only hurts the IT industry? Read who all get affected here. Be ready to be scared.
What should you do under such a circumstance?

Start learning. Something we forgot doing right after . . . don’t even remember now. Few options –
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b. Join this course on Data Analytics by Digital Vidya.

c. Find a Globally Renowned Course by top foreign universities that helps add skills to your career on Coursera


d. Quickly choose a quick course on udemy to learn quickly (I study at udemy)


e. We have listed some of the best courses in various domains from across the world here on our website.


7. Moving on, here are the Best Tech Articles and Resources to help you or ones you can forward to members in your team –
a. We used to use Mailchimp for EMail Marketing, but something made us switch to a more affordable and better medium. Here’s why we did.
b. Here’s an extremely fabulous article on how to solve these common SEO problems on your website? By Raunak Guha


c. Switching from Content Marketing to Interactive Marketing increased this company’s conversion rate by 28%! #StoryOfTheWeek


8. We are looking for the Best PR, Digital Marketing and Web Development Agencies from Asia to join our Empanelment Program. With 50+ agencies on board, we are growing steadily and helping clients FYND the best digital solutions.


9. For Brands, Startups and Agencies, we have some fabulous ways to help you reach out to the audience at Digital Defynd. Details here.
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