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Digital Defynd Mailer January 2017

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Update 1 : ScoopWhoop losses surge over 150% in 2016. The point here is not why are there losses, but the point is about most online businesses are loss making right now. Buzz, PR, noise and a lot of chatter help, but it does not always translate into business, revenues and profits. THINK hard before deciding to jump on to the startup bandwagon. You will find this article on 9 Fundamental Reasons why Digital Startups don’t succeed useful.


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Update 2 : 2017 will be the year of the bots! Just recently I placed an order on Swiggy and when I tried to modify it, I encountered a bot. Though this bot malfunctioned, other bots are turning smarter by the day! Like this funny case where many Dollhouses were accidentally ordered by Amazon Echo when a TV presenter played a video about how a baby accidentally ordered one. The amazon echo kept at people’s homes simply interpreted the video as a command and hence self ordered the dollhouses! Scary and Funny 😀


Gift 2 : I am a Digital Marketing Trainer and there is tremendous value in an instructor led training backed by multiple trainers, but it is also a good idea to enhance our skill set by learning from free sources as well. Presenting 10 Free Digital Marketing Certifications to help you in your career. Meanwhile if you want to learn digital marketing with me and some fabulous trainers, you can join Digital Vidya’s upcoming batch or just ask me so I can put you in touch with the team.


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Update 3 : Matt Cutts has officially resigned from Google. He is the man responsible for a lot that happens in the SEO industry and in that sense meant a lot to Google fanboys.


Gift 3 : Let me tell you a secret. There is one source of knowledge that most people don’t disclose. It’s called udemy. The tiny nuggets of information that so many courses here hold is simply unimaginable! I am personally doing some Affiliate Marketing courses right now to brush up my skills on the subject. Oh so here’s the gift! Using this link you can get 180$ udemy courses at somewhere around 10-20$ :O Like really 🙂


Update 4 : Sad article, important one. Know how we look at some people who’ve become famous online and wonder how much they make out of being famous. Guess what? Not everybody’s a Kardashian. Reality is far from what you would want to believe. Read You can have millions of subscribers on YouTube and still be flat broke.


Gift 4 : Two ebooks! Designing for Marketing by LeadSquared! One widely read eBook (and most downloaded on our platform), you definitely want to get a copy! You also want to add to your reading list The Smashing Guide to build a Digital Marketing Career


Update 5 : Yahoo renamed Altaba and no this is not a spoof news segment. Yahoo quite truly represents what digital is capable of doing. Digital can make superstars over short periods of time, but it can also take away that entitlement by making somebody else take your place in the same amount of time. When you look towards Google and Facebook to draw inspiration, never forget Yahoo.


Gift 5 : Time is changing a little too fast for anybody to comprehend. Your experience, skill set and knowledge is fast getting outpaced by newer technology. If the past many decades have been about acquiring more degrees, then the time to come is clearly going to be about acquiring more skills. We’ve done our bit to help you out by listing what we thought are the Top 10 Coursera Courses for Skill Enhancement in 2017. Much like udemy and more like a university, Coursera has done well to establish global prominence over time.


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Update 6 : Most digital marketing mistakes are incidentally fundamental. People understand technical, but forget to concentrate on what’s the underlying fundamental. These 5 Fundamental Steps to a winning SEO strategy will prove most useful!


Gift 6 : Just using Google’s keyword planner is not enough when it comes to SEO. You’ve got to try some external tools to make things work. That’s where SEMRush comes in. Track more than you can imagine and get better at SEM and SEO. Try now for free.


Update 7 : All buzz and no tracking can lead to a dull campaign. With all focus shifting to conversions, analytics are more important than ever before. Here are Best Ways to make the most of Social Media Platform analytics. While you do that, I also want to recommend you to try out Hootsuite Analytics for making sense of Social Media


Gift 7 : Have a special promo code for Domain Name Booking and Hosting Services on GoDaddy. You can avail the same by clicking here.


Update/Gift 8 : Invite you to The Digital Detox Retreat! Get lost in the serenity of the Himalayas, away from the hustle bustle of digital 🙂 Know more here.


Update/Gift 9 : Special offers for Startups and Agencies who want to showcase themselves via our platform and be in The Spotlight. More details available here.


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