7 Best Instagram Marketing Courses for 2017

Best Instagram Marketing Courses
With billions riding on the platform, it is important for people to learn from the Best Instagram Marketing Courses out there. When Social Media marketing took center stage, it was all about Facebook and Twitter. Slowly platforms like Pinterest, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat came along, competing with the big daddies for the limelight. Of these, not all platforms have done well, with Vine perishing untimely, Snapchat going solo and Pinterest having built its niche audience. Instagram on the other hand has gone from strength to strength and today gives tough competition to Snapchat Marketing.

It’s important to keep up with the changing times and that’s why we thought of finding and listing what we thought are some of the Best Instagram Marketing courses out there. Great part about these courses is that they can be done from anywhere anytime and may cost you just about 2 cups of coffee(or 2 full meals).

For freelancers and consultants wanting to make an extra buck this year and increase their overall revenues, having expertise in Instagram Marketing can be a strong boost for their career. For professionals working in advertising and marketing agencies, a course like this will help them service clients better. Entrepreneurs always need to keep gaining and learning, so we are not even going to mention why doing a course like this would be good for them.

Here we go. Do remember these are not mentioned in any particular order and you should go for whatever seems most convenient and comfortable to you.


1. The Complete Instagram Marketing 2017 Training

A lot of people focus on growing Instagram Followers, and that actually is a good thing for Influencer Marketing and people who are aspiring to be influencers themselves. The real value for most businesses though lies in converting traffic into engagement and engagement into business. That’s where this course about the complete Instagram Marketing Training in 2017 acts as one of the best bets for serious marketers out there. With amazing ratings and more than 4000 students globally having taken this course, you know its worth it.


2. Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Real Followers

Who doesn’t love followers! And Businesses love it more than people. The icing on the cake is if those followers are real and not bots! This ‘Bestselling’ course which has been taken by 10,000 people is your gateway to attracting hyper targeted Instagram Followers, converting followers into paying customers & expanding your brand using the platform. If I were you and looking for my bundle of joy today, I would have maybe not even read further and registered for this course right away. Just saying. More details here.


3. The Complete Instagram Marketing Course 2017

When cool dudes like Shane Martinick from Omaha, Nebraska and Damian Branstetter who can get accounts to go from 0-30,000 in a month create a course on the captioned topic, then you can very well expect magic to happen! Why? Are they famous you ask? We don’t know, just that their names sounded cool! The good part about their course is that it is very highly rated by people who’ve signed up for the course with Sarah having went through it twice and Rohan finding it a little too easy to understand. So for all you people who’d like to take it easy, we say go for this one!


4. Complete Instagram Marketing for Business Followers To Sales

For all you serious people looking for a more sophisticated course on Instagram, this could be the right bet for you. Created by Daniel Usuga, an entrepreneur with a diverse background, this course focuses on how to get the right Instagram followers, how to monetise your Instagram account and know about several tools to manage the platform easily and quickly. Good course for beginners looking at getting a grip on the tool teens are crazy about. Details available here.


5. Social Media Marketing 2017 – Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms

Now Instagram is about two parts – Organic Marketing and Paid Advertising. While there are barely any courses that cover just Instagram Advertising, this one focuses on Instagram Advertising and also teaches you PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on 9 other platforms. For those of you who are looking for an advertising led study material for IG, this would be the right one to choose.


6. Instagram Marketing Bot: Automate Your Account Effortlessly

Now we are entering Black Hat territory. Automation has certain limitations, but as of now, everybody seems to be doing it in full flow everywhere. This course promises to help you ‘Gain 100’s of engaged Instagram Followers A DAY by using the best settings to automate your Instagram account.’. The student feedback is pretty nice and everybody seems to have had a good time. Best part is that the instructor Aaron Ward has taught close to 15,000 students on the udemy platform, and that speaks quite a lot about him. Know more here.


7. Instagram Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

Hey you. In a hurry. Entrepreneur? We’ve got something tailor made for you too. Move over followers and lead and learn about Instagram for Business and your Entrepreneurial Success. With more customers getting influenced visually, this could be your black book to marketing success. Find out details here.
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If none of these courses seem to match your requirements, you should also have a look at a lot of other good courses on Instagram listed here. So that was our crisp list of what we thought are the 7 Best Instagram Marketing Courses you can take up in 2017. Do join our Unmissable Fortnightly Mailer to keep up with more such digital goodness all year long 🙂

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