8 ways to become a better storyteller through Social Media

ways to become a better social media storyteller

Marketing has never been easy. However, with the rise of social media, balancing the limited attention span and the overload of information and ads makes it even harder. Brands must now be able to convey a message to consumers within seconds. To counteract this situation, there has been a recent development to use storytelling to regain consumers’ attention.

Digital Storytelling is a way to appeal to an audience, to create emotions and to generate interest. And this can be achieved by humanizing a brand with the help of a good story. On social media platforms, this helps companies create a two-way communication channel. The idea remains simple: for companies to upload useful, shareable and interesting content and for consumers to be able to respond, interact and add their content to the company’s, thus joining the story creation process.

Would you like to incorporate Digital Storytelling into your Social Media strategy? Here are eight great ways to start:

P.S. Do let me know if you have any questions, on how social storytelling can help your brand/organisation.

Rima Mukherjee

Rima is passionate about all things digital and currently serves as the Head, Social Media at Happy Marketer Private Ltd.

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