AIB is trying to Save the Internet, goes all out against Facebook’s Free Basics

AIB Free Basics

Whether or not you live under a rock, this you’ve got to watch.

AIB, after successfully having made a lot of Indians wake up from their slumber and send mails to TRAI, is at its job again, trying to help you understand what Facebook’s Free Basics basically means and why you shouldn’t support it. Now its a matter of debate whether you are ok with Free Basics or against it, but gotta give it to AIB for doing their best to present the other side of the picture.



This by the way, is only their third attempt at trying to ‘Save the Internet’, the first two videos follow –

Part 1 –



Part 2 –



Mohul Ghosh explains in this article why he feels that Digital India doesn’t need Free Basics, while Saumar Deka on the other hand feels that the debate around Net Neutrality is actually stupid.

Who’s right and who’s wrong is a choice we leave to you, but what we can clearly see and say is that if Free Basics does get adopted in its entirety, then it will definitely change the way this country accesses India.

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