Digital Defynd Chat Show – Being a Social Media Rockstar

Digital Defynd Chat Show Being Social Media Rockstar Amit Panchal and Gurpreet Singh Tikku


The latest edition of the Digital Defynd Chat Show brings to you two Social Media Rockstars who have won hearts and built a name for themselves using the power of social media.


From Gujarat, we have Amit Panchal who among being a key social media influencer in the country, does digital marketing and conducts Digital Marketing Workshops.

From Delhi, we have Gurpreet Singh Tikku also known as GST, who is known for among many other things his love for food and passion to make others smile. He is a Food Industry Influencer and has launched recently.

The event will be hosted by Prateek Shah, Digital Marketing Trainer and Founder of Digital Defynd

Together, it should be fun to watch a Gujju and a Punjabi get together to discuss Social Media with a Gujju who stays in Delhi! 😀 The event will be streamed live on our YouTube channel –

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