Emojis on LinkedIn? No, Thank You please!

LinkedIn has been riding a wave. Acquiring of lynda.com, starting the concept of published posts, pulse and a host of other features which have been making people a lot more active on the platform than earlier. But the whole thing with innovation is, that at times you tend to think so out of the box, that you go overboard. While browsing LinkedIn this morning, we encountered a tiny little emoji icon in the message window(which looks eerily similar to facebook). Clicking on the icon revealed the following adventurous ‘professional’ emojis. Now we are big fans of LinkedIn and its great to see it truly having become the hub of all things business. But this? Think we could do without something like this. Lets relook this misstep LinkedIn, it might be a little bit of fun, but may not exactly be what people are looking for.


LinkedIn emojis Digital Defynd
“Lol” Seriously?


emojis on LinkedIn Digital Defynd
LinkedIn Emojis

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