Havells shows how digital marketing is done as Vasudha Sharma hums Humma

Havells Vasudha Sharma Humma Kitchen Song Digital Defynd 2

Havells has been constantly doling out good TV commercials one after other. While they have TV sorted, they also did something special for the online audience. Brands have for long wanted to convey messages longer than a few seconds long and digital finally gave them their chance. This 3 minute video with Vasudha Sharma using Havells’ Kitchen Appliances to sing a cover version of A R Rahman’s Humma¬†while driving home the point of women empowerment could have never been possible on TV. Not just that, this video now stays on YouTube forever, and people will discover it through various means in the years to come by, therefore giving Havells the much needed ROI over time that brands look for. Nothing excites a marketer as a smart and exciting idea, and Havells here has hit the nail on the head.

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