LinkedIn is generating the highest referral traffic for my website!

LinkedIn Referral Traffic Digital Defynd

Before moving on let me clarify, this article is entirely objective and based on my social blogging data and reports by analytic companies like Socialbakers, Similar Web, Forrester Research etc.

Putting theory to test

Earlier social updates for my startup,  were going selectively. Suddenly I noticed a sharp response from Linkedin. It had replaced Pinterest and Tumblr as the third and fourth highest reference source for Social Traffic. Based on this, I said let me step up the non-corporate and pure partying and social posts for BindassParty. To give you context BindassParty is a Party and Event marketplace. It’s a platform where you can plan an entire party or event in 10 Minutes. You have all DIY options or a personalized service. On the events platform, you can create an event, sell tickets.

So here is what I did .  I replicated the same updates on 6 Social Media sources

1) Facebook Page and Group Page 2) Twitter company page & Twitter personal page 3)Pinterest partially 4)Blog partially 5) Tumblr partially and 6)google +

Linkedin beat all the social media platforms on referrals. Its contribution started jumping dramatically as we matched the facebook frequency of updates. In the last 7 days of review, it was the No. 1 contributor 48% vs 17.3% earlier. Facebook was a distant second.

Bindaas Party Google Analytics LinkedIn maximum referral traffic

Why is Linkedin giving better results for non-professional social messaging?

1. Less clutter than other Social Media. The competing volume in personal social media is deafening.

2. Matching context, we are targeting the Party and Event offering to corporates. Content posts are relevant to them. The only debatable part is whether they should be soft or hard logical professional stuff.  We replicated facebook posts and they seem to work.

Why is adoption of Linkedin poor among marketers

1. Linkedin has started a content play, but thinks like a subscription company. You get insights on your profile only on paying a premium or subscription. I rather use this premium payment to promote what I want to promote. How often can you see who has viewed your profile. Linkedin is mixed up. To promote engagement it needs to give insights like facebook. Linkedin throttles it. I have never found their premium service or insights useful from a marketer’s standpoint. It has to tailor insights to become an advertising company.

2. It does not give you any data on updates. Now that’s something you can do most often and should be their main dashboard. Data flashes by you as an afterthought.

3. Lastly the navigation, it sucks. Even after being on it for years, I get lost. Posts and updates dashboards are like  after thoughts . Stuck in there rather than thought through with UI beta.


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