Best 10 Skill Based Coursera Courses for Career Growth in 2017

Top 10 Coursera Courses for 2017

The world is no more an alien when it comes to online learning, and globally Coursera surely is a leader when it comes to learning online. We recently came across the courses most people opted for at Coursera in 2016, and based on extensive research, we put together a list of the The Top 10 Skill Based Coursera Courses for Growth in 2017 people should opt.


1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing will continue to take over the world and the more you learn about the field, the more one grows. One of the most sought after courses on the platform has been the Digital Marketing Course from University of Illinois . You can know more here.


2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media changes its ways faster than you can blink. There is just so much happening in the space that the best we can do is upskill ourselves to scale up in our careers. You should check out this Social Media Marketing Course from Northwestern University. Details available here.


3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When Digital marketing first started, a lot of it had to do with SEO (search engine optimisation). Even though a lot of activity has shifted towards paid content over time, the organic value of SEO is stronger than ever. It is also tougher to do SEO than it was before. Check out this SEO Expert certificate course from UC Davis. Details here.


4. Business Analytics

The one area where most businesses seem to be investing is analytics. This is largely driven by digitisation and the ability to deep dive into what the numbers being generated by any business actually mean. You can earn your Business Analytics Certificate from the Wharton School online! Details available here.


5. Data Science

One of the courses most people opted for in 2016 was the one on Data Science from Johns Hopkins University. It is a 9 course introduction to data science, developed and taught by leading professors. The best part is that you can even do it if you are a beginner in this field. Details are available here.


6. Content Marketing

The course that really got our attention was Learn strategies to create and implement engaging content across media platforms. Content marketing is becoming so big, that there will be an increasing need of specialists in this domain to fulfill a need of businesses to communicate across different platforms concisely and clearly. Details for this certification are available here.


7. Marketing Mix

How about learning the 4Ps of marketing from the comfort of your home (or office)! One of the most holistic courses that covers all the basics of marketing is this one on Learning Marketing Mix Implementation from IE Business School. Ideal for people raring to learn more about marketing, this could be a most certain investment to help you grow in the domain of marketing.


8. Machine Learning

Another favourite of most people who enrolled in 2016 was Master Machine Learning from University of Washington. With the demand for skill sets becoming more advanced and niche, this could be an ideal addition to your CV. Details available here.


9. Master Python

Now we aren’t coders, but looks like the coding community is going gaga over Python! For these lessons on Mastering Python in 5 Online Courses from University of Michigan was another favourite of professionals all through 2016 and we see the trend continue in 2017. Details available here.


10. Business English Communication

And the last one brings us back to the basics. The University of Washington brings a course on Learning Business English Communication Skills. Could be the most basic trait and skill that is often most overlooked as well. Know more here.


Along with all this, there are hundreds of other business courses to help you grow further in your career. You can know more about them here.

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So we hope this list helps you learn more, grow more and excel some more in your chosen paths. Do join our unmissable newsletter to keep up with all such updates in the time to come 🙂 Cheers and all the best with finding the course of your choice from our list of Top 10 Skill Based Coursera Courses for Growth in 2017!

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    Good list Prateek. Well compiled and timely. It’s a useful guide for many people who often have questions about where they can learn digital marketing from.

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