This cartoon will give you a great lesson about how to become better at sales!

Green eggs and Ham

You will probably find 100,000 articles on the web with similar subject. Why then another? You will know in less than 1+7 minutes from now. 🙂

It’s about Sam, an enthusiastic sales person you’ll ever meet. He knows his prospects very well. He’s aware that most humans run errands through autopilot mode. According to a research reports, which read 49.5% of the group they assessed worked on autopilot mode. They had default answers to every question and that always began with the word “NO”

Being aware of this fact, Sam does something very different to persuade a prospect. He wants the prospect to something new from the usual.

I am Sam, Sam I am… (a story about sales & marketing recited years ago)



You would have noticed many things and those many things may be very different from what others perceive after watching the video. You will also be surprised to see, how you would recall this video when you’re about to give up on a client. Surprised? Observe and allow the change to happen. 

Happy Learning!


Video | Copyrights:Dr.Seuss

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