Wackiest Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign – A Men’s Auction!

Stay Uncle Valentine Day Men's Auction

In the era of new media and growth hacking, anything is possible! Startups are known to toy with crazy ideas, this one seems to be on top of that wacky list!

StayUncle has announced a Valentine’s Day Men’s Auction where females have the chance to ‘Bid and Win’, with the only difference being that on the other side of the contest lies a date with a man and not some ‘thing’. Wonder if there were ‘Menists’ like ‘Feminists’, would they have had a problem with this?

Actually who cares what someone thinks, as per us, this is one Bold way to attract some attention! Oh and by the way, this Startup is an affordable time bound hotel booking portal, largely used by couples.

Let’s catch a glimpse of their contest and ‘May the Best Man Win!’ You can know more about the contest here

Durgesh Nandan Stay Uncle

Evan Luthra Stay Uncle

Pranav Kumar Stay Uncle



Ryan Martyr Stay Uncle

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