Simple lessons from Ola Cabs and TVF’s Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategy

Ola Valentines Day TVF Permanent Roommates 1

Valentine’s Day is all about love, gifts and marketing.

There’s nothing a marketer loves more than a brand doing a good job at marketing. Ola Cabs has come up with a winning campaign for this Valentine’s Day, lets find out more about it and what we can learn from it.

You must(you should) know about the TVF team and their many web shows so far. While TVF Pitchers already won many hearts last year, there are other shows that might have been overlooked by some. Permanent Roommates, originally launched in association with CommonFloor, is moving into Season 2, this time in an association with Ola Cabs.

The show which revolves around the story of a ‘cute couple’ were seen moving around Mumbai looking for accommodation in Season 1. Season 2 looks to be more about how they live life now that they have moved in together, and no points for guessing that it will involve a lot of moving around in Ola Cabs as well.

Moving back to the Valentine’s Day campaign. This show, slated to release on 14th February has been used quite well by Ola to strengthen its brand presence in the online sphere. Lets look at some lessons we can draw from the same –

1. Partnership

The last year has seen many partnerships (Urban Ladder with AIB, Truly Madly with AIB, Flipkart with TVF, Kingfisher with TVF) and continuing that trend this year is Ola. Why create content when you can get pros to do it for you. Ola gets to gain from TVF’s existing fan base, while TVF gets to reach out to Ola’s customers.


2. Not ignoring Email Marketing

Ola could have well just let the social media accounts take care of this brand association and its promotion, but they went the extra step to send their customers a mailer about the same, one that has a recorded message by the star cast of the show as well.

Ola TVF Permanent Roommates Valentines Day Marketing Campaign


3. Making effective use of Twitter

Even though the engagement may be low, it is as important to talk about your important campaigns across all important social media channels, in this case Twitter. They were seeing not just posting own updates but also retweeting TVF’s updates.


4. Customised campaign on Facebook

With the use of interesting creatives and videos, Ola is trying to add TVF’s flavour to their page and pepping things up a little.

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So this simple campaign, executed effectively makes for an interesting case study. And oh, do watch Permanent Roommates, for these guys are always up to something really good!

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