10 Successful Ways to Capture your Blog Reader’s attention

Successful ways on how to capture your blog readers attention successful ways

Have you heard?

“Humans have shorter attention span than Goldfish”

Attention span of Goldfish– 12 Seconds

Average attention span of Modern Day Human Being is – 8 seconds.

There are umpteen numbers of reasons why this has happened to human beings, over a period of time; fast phased lifestyle fueled by technology seems to be the major contributor. In the context of marketing, this poses a major challenge who struggle get attention, especially bloggers who want to get some attention of readers.

So, how you get your blogs read by those, who are browsing with no “learning intention” and are always on the tip of their toes?

Let me help you with some pointers to capture your blog reader’s attention!

1. Write about Google!

Well not exactly 🙂

The point here is that; write something that your audience is familiar at the least or make the topic look familiar

Let me share an example; I recently noticed a blog on LinkedIn with Title – “What you need to know about AMP”

Well, I could have easily skipped that article as I have no clue on AMP! But when I read the article, I realized that it was about latest trends in “Accelerated Mobile Pages” which is something relevant for me.

So, if the author used “Accelerated Mobile Pages” in the heading instead of “AMP”, the article would have got more readers.

Write about broader topics that are familiar to your audience


2. Write Posts that need to be read ‘Right Now’!

Every day I come across many Social Media Posts that are important, but I “save them for later” and move on, and not likely to read them for a couple of weeks.

Find ways to encourage users to read the blog right now, through headlines, visuals or being topical and relevant.

3. Write Short Notes and Small Posts

(Unless you are writing for someone else and you are charging per word or page basis :D)

Write short notes and small posts formats unless you have some engaging story or interesting findings that you want to be read by experts in your field.


4. Always be making news or keep breaking news


A familiar example for our members of Digital Defynd Community, check out Prateek Shah’s Social Media posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, he is really good at that  🙂

If your audience is someone who has no time to read the newspaper and watch the news, you are in great luck; they think you are their savior!


5. Write Posts that are relevant over time

Remember, a newspaper goes into old paper stack or garbage in max 10 hours. However in digital channels like the website, social media the case is different, hard to guess who will be reading your content at what point of time. It could be your prospects browsing your social media profile before or after connecting with you.

Now this is contradicting with the second point above “make the news or break news”, how can you break the news but still stay relevant over time?

Here is some help; if you are breaking and announcing news, or make sure it’s relevant to your niche or tactically curate the content so that it stays relevant at least for a year


6. Avoid writing about you, your boyfriend or your cat


I don’t think I need to prove this point

However, all you need to make sure here is, your post does one of the following things to your reader at the end of it.

  • Help them find something – Gotcha!
  • Entertain them – Ha, Ha
  • Educate them – Oh, good !
  • Inspire them – Yeah!
  • Excite them – YES!
  • Enlighten them- Ah, This!
  • Walk through with them – That way, Ok!
  • Use it as Check List – Ok, Done, Done
  • Solve a small problem – Nice, thanks
  • Solve a medium problem – You made my day!
  • Solve a big problem – Thank God!


7. Write about your personal experience

I know! Now you are trying to scroll back to my previous point where I said not to write about you

The idea here is – try not to be boring.

Topics like food and kids and life, they may not always be exciting and engaging, but they are not boring at the least!


8. Dress Up your Blog Well


Have you heard a saying?

“You be the best-dressed man you meet every day”

Dressing is important in the social context as well as social media context.

Dress your blogs with good visuals (hope you have heard of Canva?)

Be well trimmed (heard of Grammarly? No? Try out the free version)

So, tools are cool, I love them!

But, I also believe brain behind the tool is more important than the cool tool!

Let’s get back to the point here.

Try to ensure you have the best-dressed blog that you come across any given day


9. Edit your blog ruthlessly


One big life lesson that I have learned from an Investment banker friend of mine

He says:

“I use Microsoft Excel day in day out, year on year, but I never underestimate my ability to make mistakes with Excel”

Same thing with blogging, there is always an opportunity for editorial improvements.

Read, Re-Read and re-phrase or delete stuff, that you wrote that does not make sense

One thing is for sure!

 If it does not make sense to you, it does not make sense to your readers.


10. Have one or two key take away/s for your readers


For example, in this blog, expected take away as I think are 2:

  1. Write something people want to read and share
  2. Gold Fish (Oh, yes, I told you – attention span of people is less than that of a fish…)


So, that’s All from my side Folks, Happy blogging! By the way, do let us know if you have to have some tips that you would like to share in our community DigitalDefynd.com – India’s best Digital Marketing Hub!

Somashekar Lingaraju

Somashekar Lingaraju is the Founder and Digital Strategy Consultant of Digi360.in – Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Som holds an Executive MBA in Strategic Management from IIM Kozhikode, in his previous stints with IBM & Accenture; he has led many Digital Strategy and Transformation engagements for clients in USA, Europe and Australia.

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