12 Ways to Earn Money Online while you Work Remotely from Home

earn money online while work from home

The trend of Remote Working is spreading across the globe like wildfire. As more corporations saturate, regular jobs will be harder to come by. While many understand this reality, lot of people don’t see this truth. If you belong to the first category, congratulations, you are one step closer to securing your future.


Before modern day ‘jobs’ came by, most people were traders, or artisans, or had some or the other small business of their own. Slowly the world corporatised, monopolised and jobs naturally became the more lucrative option. Jobs are still lucrative, but they are increasingly unstable, without clear career paths and hence an increasing number of people have uncertain futures. We are slowly going back to the old times, where we have more traders, more small businesses, more artists. Am I scaring you? Maybe yes. But is it for your own good? Definitely yes.


Keeping in mind the kind of times we are living in, it becomes important for us ‘humans’ to figure out more ways to sustain themselves and grow with or without the support of corporations and well paying jobs. Next time you are fired / or you quit / or you get fed up, then before you take up your next job, think twice about starting a side gig of your own, a small business / a freelancing career / a passive income generator. The trouble is that we are so caught up in this world’s web, that we don’t really find time to figure out what we can do on the online web. To make matters easy for you, I am sharing some of the well known means of how to make money remotely / working remotely and earning a living, with or without a stable other job.


12 Best Online Remote Working from Home Ideas and Opportunities


1. Remote Working / Freelancing Online

When my friend of many years got fed up of yet another job, I asked him to stop looking for the next job physically around him and start searching for one online. Never having done anything like that, ‘remote working’ sounded impractical to him, but he still tried his shot. Today, after applying to multiple companies through various portals (such as upwork), he works for an American e-commerce company sitting many many miles apart, interacts with his ‘team mates’ through Skype / Slack / email and work carries on as usual.

When you think freelancing and have a skill that can ‘sell beyond boundaries’, don’t restrict yourself to your city/state/country. Think global, sell globally and save yourself from unnecessary running around.

It works, it can pay well, there is growth, all that you need to tackle is questioning parents and neighbours who wonder what you are up to sitting at home all day long. If you are looking at picking up relevant skills to help you kick start your career, you can have a look at various options on udemy, coursera and many other similar options. We have also listed the best free online courses across multiple categories on our website.


2. Earning through Blogging

Old school, tougher by the day, but still works for many. Let me begin by saying that blogging is not as fancy as you would hope it to be. It is sheer hard work, but with the right amount of effort you can make it work. There are various business models around blogging that you can try and execute, but some of the most commonly used ones till date remain plain old Google Adsense and other similar platforms like Media.net. Your objective in this case is to drive relevant traffic to your website and make people click on relevant ads you have served thanks to these ad exchanges. Blogging has traditionally been a widely used method of how to earn money online from home.


3. Remote Career in Content Writing

Now in all fairness and honesty, there are perhaps more content writers than the world needs right now, but if you are good at what you do, then there’s no stopping you from making good money out of this. Businesses world over need content writers, sometimes from their own websites, their marketing collateral, their social media strategy or content marketing. If you have the knack of writing, can think creatively and can churn out good articles (and good number of articles), then this is a legitimate means of substituting your salary (or part of your salary).

You can find content writing gigs on platforms like fiverr.com, upwork, contentmart and many other freelance exchanges. Again, focus globally, don’t restrict yourself to your own vicinity. More scope, more growth.


4. Online Influencer Marketing

Are you popular? Do you have it in you to be popular? People today are getting paid to have lunches at fancy restaurants, travel to exotic locations or even attend events and talk about it. For all those with a knack of whipping up thousands(and hopefully millions) of followers on their social media accounts / email lists / blogs / facebook pages, influencer marketing can be a full time profession. Mind you, there is tough competition (but then that’s everywhere these days).


5. Create YouTube Videos Remotely

YouTube video creation and earning isn’t just about getting a lot of views and being paid by Google for the views. There is the entire aspect of selling other people’s products that you can earn from as well. YouTube also makes an important part of Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.


6. Sell Offline Products Online

Amazon is clearly taking over the world, and while you have all the right to create your own e-commerce portal, an easier way to solve your problem is listing your products on Amazon and selling them (to the world). Based on the country you are in, there are some basic taxation policies you will need to fulfill in order to be eligible to sell online, but once you take care of that, you are all set. You could be manufacturing a product on your own or source something from a local distributor. You then upload your products, with some beautiful product shots, market it a little and then hope that the ball sets rolling. Not as easy as I make it sound, but then what worthwhile thing was ever easy in this world.


7. Career around Creating Digital Products

This may comes as a massive surprise to many, but there is a huge huge market of people selling online products to other people. So think games, when people buy the coins online to pay for a booster pack in that game, what is that? It’s an online transaction of an online product. The internet today gives you the power to create such products, for a variety of product lines such as e-books, weight loss courses, e-learning and much more. You can upload such products of yours on platforms like clickbank and they will help you sell your product. If you are interested in learning more on this, check out How to Create a Brand and Sell Online.


8. Import Online Sell Online – AliExpress to Amazon / eBay / Etsy / Flipkart

So let’s say you neither have a product, nor want to create an online one, but what you have been good at over the years is marketing & selling. How about getting a neat commission on selling other people’s good and services? Right from Clickbank, to Amazon, to web hosting websites to in-numerous other businesses have an Affiliate Model and trust you me, there are ‘sellers’ or ‘affiliate marketers’ who are doing really really well by identifying and selling other people’s products and services. You should check out How to Import from AliBaba and Sell on Amazon.


9. Sell other People’s Products – Earn via Affiliate Marketing

Earlier in the day, most bloggers would earn from Google Adsense (they still do), but slowly over time people seem to be getting bugged of seeing in your face ads and suffer from what is called ‘banner blindness’. Affiliate Marketing solves that problem from a viewer’s point of view and marketer’s find it easier to convey their message using content (across blogs, email lists, YouTube videos, even Instagram). Today Affiliate Marketing is an industry in itself and is a full time career for many online business owners. You must check out Best Affiliate Marketing Training Programs, How to Earn Money by selling Amazon Products and How to make money by selling ClickBank Products.


10. Create E-Learning Courses

So you are proficient at your field? Why not create a course around the same? e-learning is picking up like never before and will only continue doing better as skills become more important than degrees globally. The more relevant your course for helping people in their career, the higher chance you have of making your courses work. Multiple platforms like udemy, skillshare, Lynda can be used to upload your courses. You can even create one course and upload it at multiple places.


11. Write E-Books

Always wanted to be a writer, didn’t know where to begin. Well countless self published authors are using the power of platforms like Kindle to reach out to their audience and making money while they do that.


12. Bitcoin / Crypto currency Trading

So fed up are people of the Fed that their own currency they started. Welcome to the Bitcoin revolution, a high risk, high return industry where you can make money while trading cryptocurrency. To know more, you may want to read How to Learn Bitcoin Earning, Mining and Trading.


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So these were some of the ways I thought of sharing which should be helpful in helping you find a path or career option to make money online while you work from home / ways to work from home and make money. This list will hopefully be updated as we come across more relevant options that will be suitable for you. Until then, all the best with all that you are doing! Cheers.