15 Powerful ways to make best use of Facebook Ads in 2016

Powerful ways to run facebook ads in 2016

Facebook ads are ever evolving, and its important for you to keep up with the changes. Here are 15 powerful ways to make you better at Facebook Advertising in 2016

I’ve been managing Facebook Ads for many small and big brands over the past few years and I am going to share with you some smart ways to use Facebook advertising which I’ve learned over a period of time by testing and using almost all type of Ad variations.

This article is aimed at people who have basic understanding of power editor and using Facebook Advertising from at least last one year. Power editor is a Facebook Advertising API that allows you to target and re-target Facebook ads to customers based on phone numbers, website visitors, email ID’s and Facebook user ID list.

1. Tracking Facebook Ad Traffic in Google Analytics

If you are using Power Editor for Facebook Advertising, you’ll see a field to add UTM parameters from the destination URL. You can later on measure the effect of Facebook traffic to your landing page in Google analytics (will get more insights like avg. time on site and bounce rate).

2. Create Automated Rules for your Facebook Ads

Remember how smartly we can automate the Ads in Google Adword? By default there is no such option is available in default interface of Facebook Ads, However there is a tool called AdEspresso that can help you automate your ads on “If”, “Else” rules. You can very conveniently pause underperforming ads and promote ads that are doing well by increasing the budget automatically.

Ad Espresso

3. Always start your Ads with Optimized CPM (oCPM)

I have noticed that optimized CPM ads relatively gets more clicks and conversions than regular cost per clicks (CPC) or CPM biddings. However, there are couple of other things which I’ve noticed:

  • Optimized CPM ads works best if you have approx. 4,00,000 potential target audience.
  • If you are getting really good impressions by oCPM Ads, increase your budget by 20-25% than what you really want to pay and set the maximum target CPA.
  • If you are running retargeting campaigns, don’t really depend on Facebook Algorithms and it’s better to stick with basic CPM targeting assuming your audience is prequalified for conversion and already visited your website.

4. Prefer daily budgets than lifetime budgets

Facebook encourages you to start with lifetime budget so they can understand which day, time works best for your Ads but I have got relatively good response on ads with daily budgets. (may be because I have better control on ads with daily budget, I am open for suggestions on the same)

5. My favorite re-targeting strategy

I’ve tested multiple ways to retarget and found that promoting blogpost first and then using the same audience for remarketing works really well. Create an awesome blogpost, give a compelling title and promote on Facebook, you’ll end up getting good traffic in less CPC and later on use that audience to remarket your product/services.

6. Don’t focus on getting more FB likes

This is one of the most common reason brands are turning wary of Facebook Ads. I’ve seen brands and agencies pumping money on buying Facebook likes which is relatively waste compare to other ways to advertise on FB. Remember –  Number of “Facebook Likes” is just a vanity metric to measure.

(You must definitely read Why you must stop creating Facebook pages and start building websites instead)


7. Frequently rotate your ad creative’s for various campaigns

Keep a close eye on the delivery of your ads in different As sets. Once your frequency gets higher than 1.5 on Desktop newsfeed or Mobile, It’s time to start thinking about making new creative’s and rolling out fresh ads.

8. Handle negative comment on your Facebook ads

At times marketers struggle to handle negative comment on recently started Facebook Ads, struggle because you can’t delete those ads. Play smart and pause your ads with negative comments, you always have an option to create duplicate ads with fresh content.

9. Have you tried Instagram Ads?

Considering the nature of the platform and demographics, Instagram ads can be a great option for FnB, Travel and Fashion brands. You can run Instagram ads from power editor as well as ad manager.

Instagram Ads Facebook Ad Manager

10. Another Smart way to Re-Target your Audience

If you have a check-out, signup or pricing page, try to segment your custom audience in two parts, part one is for people who have more intent to convert (people who shown interest by visiting pricing, checkout page) and part two for general visitors.

11. Can you rely on your “Lookalike audience”?

Lookalike audience in Facebook ads can be tricky, I’ve seen many marketers are not realistically working on creating lookalike audience, here are some suggestions to improve the quality of your lookalike audience:

  • Create lookalike audience once you have more than 5000 people in your custom audience.
  • Always create your lookalike audience based on conversion pixel targeting. This has been one of the most conversion oriented targeting at the lowest CPA. I believe that this targeting option is helping Facebook understand more about who already converted on your website and optimize your network for more conversion.
  • Pixel based lookalike audience should ideally have minimum 20-30 conversions/day, before that focus on interest based targeting to increase no of conversions.

12. Sometimes right column ads do wonders, don’t undervalue them

When I started Facebook advertising, I was not really more interested to focus on right column ads but I was entirely wrong, which I realized later after reading some insights and testing some ads:

  • 45% of new signups on Facebook come via right column ads.
  • Average CPA for Signup from right column ads was 36% cheaper than Newsfeed or mobile

13. Have you Tried Facebook Video Ads?

I’ve managed to roll out twelve video ads on Facebook so far, which is not really a great number to get some experience driven insights but one day I noticed that Video ads on mobile are generating lowest cost per view (Unlike YouTube, Facebook counts a view if someone watches even for 3 seconds even on mute)

14. Facebook Lead Ads

I was very excited when Facebook rolled out “lead ads” and tried with 50% of my clients but surprisingly cost per lead was touching the roof. I think Facebook as well as we marketers both need to work a lot and figure out a way to decrease cost per lead, if you want to know how to create “Lead Ads” on Facebook, Visit this blog

15. Targeting your LinkedIn Connections on Facebook

It’s surprising that most of the small business owners and marketers are not incentivizing this lowest hanging fruit. For those who are not aware- we can easily export our LinkedIn contacts and upload on Facebook custom audience to check how many of them are active on Facebook and start showing our ads to those people. This strategy can work really well with B2B businesses.

Here’s how you can learn to Download your LinkedIn Contacts.

Initially Facebook was an interest driven advertising platform but these recent ad innovations are positioning Facebook as a serious advertising platform. They have different ad types for different business objectives and there are so many hidden gems we can find and generate more business by spending less.

Please comment below and share your experience, best tips to optimize Facebook ad campaign and we’ll cover that in our upcoming article.

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