4 Simple Things to remember while promoting Your Content through Mobile Marketing

Using Mobile for Content Marketing

In the content marketing arena, smart marketers know that it is not enough to publish excellent content online. Publishing the content is only the first step. Once published, you need to market the content. Marketing the content opens up a whole new area of specialization that you may not be as expert in as content creation and publishing. You need to know your niche and your audience well in order to market successfully. The goal in marketing is to distribute the content in such a way as to gain qualified prospects that lead to sales. Therefore, you need to figure out where your ideal prospects spend their time.


Mobile marketing is not that different from other marketing channels, however an increasing number of people are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices. If you want to interact with them, you need to be aware of which segments of your audience are on mobile.

1. Start with a Persona

Creating personas is not a new marketing strategy, but it works particularly well with niche marketing. The persona that follows you via mobile may be drastically different from the persona on desktop. It is well worth your time to investigate and define this persona. Maybe the mobile followers are younger, are more interested in one aspect of what you have to offer or are from a specific location. You won’t know that without examining your site metrics for visitors and buyers. As you create your persona, you can hone your marketing strategies as to how to reach this person. You can determine where they gather online and who they interact with.

2. Are You Meeting their Mobile Needs?

In order to win over mobile users, you need to provide them with easy-to-navigate web pages. Is your website optimized for mobile users? If not, that should be a priority for your marketing budget. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in mobile search. If your competitors have mobile-friendly sites and you don’t, they will appear first. Once you have your house in order, you can start promoting your content to mobile users.

3. SMS and MMS Text Marketing

Texting is not new, but text marketing has not been used to its full capacity. Depending on the demographic of your mobile users, you can choose to send SMS text-only messages or a combination of SMS and MMS media messages. Only smartphone users can receive MMS messages, but anyone with a cell phone can receive SMS.


Text messaging is a highly effective and low-cost method of interacting with prospects. Text messages are read in under five seconds and has a high open rate. Texting has a 45 percent response rate which makes it an effective channel for engagement. It is a great way to ask for feedback, make customers feel like their opinions are important, post a survey or a contest. You can ask subscribers to text a shortcode with their answer and it only takes a few seconds of their time.


Texting is often used in conjunction with other marketing channels to boost engagement. You can use it to let subscribers know about new content that you have published if it is relevant to them. One of the most helpful factors in SMS and MMS text marketing is that you can break your subscriber list into smaller segments. Using categories that make sense for your market, you can send messages only to people who would be interested.

4. Social Media on Mobile

Social media sites can be used easily on mobile if they have mobile applications. As long as your content is optimized for mobile, you can share it on social media sites to your mobile followers. Often optimizing content for mobile means changing the size of images or adding a video that makes sharing easier.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for communication?  I would love to read your comments below.

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