5 Instagram Marketing Trends that will Dominate in 2016

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Instagram has taken the smartphone world by storm. Many consider it the next go to platform after facebook, for many its the first one. With an ever changing platform and user behaviour, let us look at Instagram Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2016. (You may also be interested in checking out the Best Instagram Marketing Courses and Certifications)


1. Noise

Just like facebook has lost its charm gradually due to overload of ads it may soon happen to Instagram too. Instagram announced last year that that it has over 400 million monthly users exceeding the 300 million of the competitor Twitter. While Facebook has been introducing Instagram ads unhurriedly—to avoid annoying users with commercial messages—the company said in September that it would allow more kinds of ads, including longer video spots, on the photo-sharing service.

Truly Madly Instagram
Source : Truly Madly Instagram

2. Influencers

I never followed the fashion bloggers being fidgety about my follow-unfollow ratio. But with the advent of the wedding season I started looking up for what’s trending and all my sartorial issues were solved by these bloggers. I wasn’t surprised to see their humongous fan following. With more and more brands relying on them for on the point promotions, I must say they are doing a good job.

Source : http://instagram.com/beesandbaubles
Source : http://instagram.com/beesandbaubles

3. Tough competition to Youtube and Vine

All thanks ADHD spreading exponentially among us the 50 over cricket matches shifted to 20 over ones, movies shifted to 5 episode youtube series(Bang Baja Baarat fame) and now it’s time that long youtube videos be turned into 15 second ads. Who has the time!!



4. Celebrity Scoops

Last year we saw how celebrities tweeted their opinions publically and how some became a part of a lot of memes however it’s going to be a little different this year. And let’s accept it we all secretly want to know the in and out of a celebrity’s life. And in the last few months of 2015 we saw a lot of celebrities opened up their everyday lives on Instagram. And then we lived happily ever after*secretly*

Source : Sonakshi Sinha's Instagram account
Source : Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram account

5. Instagram can be an alternative to your website

Why do you need a million dollar website when you can easily get orders from one Instagram account. People are slowly moving towards spending money on Instagram marketing rather than getting fancy websites made because clearly nothing can be more interesting than the beautiful product pictures people put on the accounts.

Source : Daily Goddess Instagram Account
Source : Daily Goddess Instagram Account

This is what I thought of Instagram and how it will fair in 2016. Look forward to hearing your thoughts too, do share them in the comments below.

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    I don’t think instagram will outruin the benefit of have a website, all content is organised unlike instagram.

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