5 Smart ways to leverage Video Marketing for your Brand

Interesting Ways to Leverage Video Marketing India

Video viewing has been on the rise in India since the mid of 2014. Everyone you know is sharing videos that are funny, cute, controversial and what not. The buzz in universities and office campuses is mostly about the viral video that someone saw and then they keep sharing it with others.

So, are Indian internet users beginning to consume more videos than ever before?

The answer is Yes!

From the year 2012 to 2014, mobile video views have increased by 400 percent! Yes, the number of videos have multiplied by atleast 4 times.


How can you leverage this trend for the benefit of your brand?

It is a great time for marketers as video viewing is increasing at a never before rate and definitely, videos speak more than pictures. People are watching all kinds of videos and that’s where marketers can use their creativity to make something go viral. Here are some tips on how you can create videos that capture the attention of viewers:


5 Smart ways to leverage Video Marketing for your Brand


1. Create shorter videos, preferably within 2 minutes

In the year 2015, 45% of the videos viewed online were 6 minutes or less! So now you know that people really do not have a long attention span when it comes to consuming content. It is a great technique to pack all the punch within a minute or two.

2. Engage the users within the first 6 seconds

You can start with a catchy animation OR a catchy theme OR a question that intrigues the viewer. It is seen that most people decide whether they want to view the video further or not within the first 6 seconds. Make the first 6 seconds matter!


3. Keep an eye on the small screen!

Statistics reveal that a whopping 50% of the total videos viewed on the internet are expected to be watched on the Mobile screen by the end of the year 2016. Clearly, a major chunk of the Indian audience is watching videos on the mobile! Videos that go viral are extensively shared on mobile first platforms like Instagram, Vine and especially WhatsApp in the Indian context.


4. Creating different videos according to different content platforms

A video that could go famous on Vine will be different from a video that could go viral on Facebook. Vine wants you to pack the punch within all of 6 seconds while on facebook, videos as long as 2-3 minutes also get extensively shared and have the potential to go viral. Thus, cutting short and creating videos with different effects is important for different platforms.

People like to watch more of humorous and “WTF” videos on Vine, while on facebook funny, cute, informative and even controversial videos have the potential to go far and wide. It is better if you create separate video marketing strategies according to different platforms. (Editor’s Note : Do check out Best Video Marketing Courses, Programs and Training Online and Best Growth Hacking Courses Online)

5. Videos with a unique filter/feature/wow factor always win the game

While speaking to many bloggers, asking them whether pictures get more engagement on their instagram channels or videos, I learnt that they believe videos with special effects or filters garner much more engagement than pictures.
One of the bloggers said “Timelapse and slow motion always works!” while another said “I post 2-3 second videos which are more like GIFs. It becomes my own meme that people use. It is a lot of fun”.

While building Testify app ,I and my team are chasing the dream of making a 30 second video community with good editing features to help people share better on the internet.

After speaking to hundreds of people about their views on video and researching on video viewing trends, we learnt that video is here to stay and it is time everyone starts becoming “video-savvy”!

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