5 ways to understand your target audience for creating your digital marketing plan

Understanding target audience for your digital marketing plan

So, what exactly makes a good Digital Marketing Plan? While everything else can wait, the first thing that any marketer should do is understand your target audience behaviour. These Five simple questions will help you understand and target your target audience better.

1) What kind of Target Group(TG) will be interested in my brand?

Analytics plays a key role in helping answer this question, the hours and hours spent on stalking people in the online space would justify three things if done correctly. a) Finding out how my TG engages with my competitors, b) Discovering a common engagement pattern of my TG that can be grouped and defined, c) Does a brand such as mine define an Individual in the social space.

2) Why would my TG want to be associated with my brand?

There is a lot that goes on in the new media consumers mind, and he/she is surely not on Social Media to patronize your brand. So, the challenge for marketers here is to find out why a prospective customer would want to be associated with a brand. Sometimes users are adherent followers of a brand not because of the intent to buy, but simply because they want to be identified with that brand.
For instance, not everyone can afford a Harley Davidson but many would want to be known as the Harley Davidson kind of guy. Think about it!

3) How would my TG engage with my brand?

Some users are there to know about the new products available with that brand while others are contest mongers, contests are good as long as they have been designed to create awareness, garner participation and most importantly instill a recall rate. As far as content is concerned, it should be closely linked with what the analytics team came up with. If you have similar minded individuals on your social assets, your brand is sure to strike a chord in the minds of its fans.

4) How should my brand reciprocate engagement with my TG?

Being proactive is the one thing that every brand needs to do, a simple way to do that is to mention all the users who engaged on your previous post in the post you put up next. Just ask them what do you think of this? This strategy will do wonders if you have nurtured your audience from scratch.

5) What kind of content should my brand associate with?

Every ad that goes on any of your social media platforms should have some connect with the cumulative interest of your intended recipients.

We need to question before we find answers, and introspect before we start executing. Digital Marketing is not a piece of cake, but not much difficult than baking one as well, all we need to know is the right recipe.
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