7 Successful tips for making your Video Marketing Strategy Work


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While 2015 was declared as the ‘’Year of Videos’’, the trend has not settled yet, and one can only see a steep rise! Some key players such as facebook and YouTube’s data talk about the volume of this rising phenomenon. Therefore, it becomes indispensable for new age marketers (digital, social, traditional etc) to keep the tap on Video Marketing Trends.

Fortunately, I have got enough exposure on ‘how to get the reel rolling’ in the best interest of digital marketing, in my previous organization.  Sharing some learning from managing to achieve 1 lac video views on our YouTube Channel to natively promoting our app using videos and more! 

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7 Successful tips for making your Video Marketing Strategy Work


1. Understand Dominant Channels

As a marketer the first and foremost thing is required to identify the key platforms for your video distribution plan. A couple of years back, YouTube was the dominant player; however, just in the short span of a year facebook has become an arch rival of YouTube. The noticeable point is facebook and YouTube both work differently when it comes to video distribution concept. Facebook’s biggest strength is their community. They know the ins and outs, days and nights of their community, and work on the ‘interest choice’ problem, which means facebook shows interest based content to the community; whereas, YouTube works on ‘selective choice’ problem – You go, search a video, select a video from the list and watch! Now, it’s up to you as a marketer what kind of strategy you come up with so that your videos fetch maximum views on both platforms.

2. Explore New Channels

Always, and repeat after me ‘Always’ remember to explore new channels for your video marketing efforts. There are some great social media channels out there, untapped, purely organic, with awesome interface, cool features and more! All you need to do is to explore!! Vine is one such platform that oozes creativity. Some of the videos on vine may leave you stunned, not because the video has got a great VFX or heavy production cost but the sheer innovation of the content in video format.

3. No Rules for Videos

I have heard many marketers on the subject of ‘video length’. Most of the lot prefers short videos, and when they say ‘short’ they really mean a video from 10 seconds to not more than 1 minute in length! Honestly speaking, I also used to have the same frame of mind a couple of months back, but my mentor also a friend – Manu- told me that you ought to experiment with the length of the video content. After that, we came up with videos having 7 to 20 mins video length content, and still received good number of views along with 90-95% completion time!

So, the funda is clear! There is absolutely no rule for – videos, types of videos, number of videos and  the length of the videos you want to make; the only thing matters is your audience. Ask yourself, if your audience is information savvy or they just want to have some good laugh?


4. Custom Thumbnails

Don’t take Thumbnails lightly! If you think what to do with these small, non readable, less creative icons, then you (as a marketer) are underestimating the power of a significant marketing tool! Yes, you heard me right! Thumbnails are an important marketing tool in order to increase view counts on a video. Can you recall an incident where you clicked ‘Watch Now’ after reading the hefty description of a video or is it the thumbnail that made you played the video? 🙂

Quick Tips for Thumbnails:

1. Use bright colours

2. Relevant Images

3.Keep it TEXT focused

5. Better Suggestion Results

I would not use the term ‘Search’, instead, I would say ‘Suggestion’ because that’s what facebook and YouTube say! Ain’t they? Just keep the description right, category correct, incorporate tags and meta-tags, include interesting keyword savvy title and you are done. Tada!


6. Manage Your Publishing

It’s significant to manage your video publishing like any other kind of posting formats. I have observed that brands randomly publish videos on social media channels. Even in my previous organization I remember having an hour long debate that why we should opt a video posting calendar over random publishing. Sadly, my last org was one BIG video production house, churning out almost 200 videos a month which made it difficult to come up with a publishing calendar; however I am sure that wouldn’t be a case with most of the video marketers out there.

7. Collaboration

Collaboration is one kickass strategy to increase video views organically. I would not like to write much on this subject as it is better to see it.


Those were my thoughts on how to get better at Video Marketing in 2016, what do you suggest one should do?

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