The Best 8 Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2015

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2015 by DigitalDefynd

Its time to have a look at the best of the year.

2015 has been the year of the mobile and video when it comes to digital marketing. While many apps have come up and lots of new formats of video ruled people’s hearts, there are some simple ways in which marketers have come up with great ideas and executed them brilliantly across multiple mediums. Without further adieu, presenting what we thought were the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of the year 2015. (The campaigns don’t appear in any particular order)

1. TVF Pitchers

TVF’s Arunabh Kumar went to MTV with a TV Show concept. They rejected it. He started TVF Qtiyapa. The rest as they say is history. In 2015, we saw many brands tie up with YouTube channels for delivering some brilliant campaigns. There was Truly Madly who tied up with AIB, or Flipkart tying up with TVF to promote Big Billion Days, but the one campaign that was a revolutionary idea of sorts was TVF Pitchers.

Now many don’t know, but TVF Pitchers was basically a Kingfisher sponsored show. With the various restrictions in mind, they sure found a subtle way to push their brand to a really wide audience. Some would argue that the branding in this case was a little too subtle, but for everybody who actually realised Kingfisher’s role has to agree that this was one of the best digital brand properties of last year.


2. Ola Boat

Now what’s digital in that you would say. Wasn’t Ola Boat an offline exercise? Well you are right, and that’s exactly where people go wrong with digital. You see digital campaigns aren’t just ones that originate on digital, but they are ones which create enough buzz on digital media. Ola saw an opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. It would have hardly cost them some money to send over a few boats in certain corners of the city in a drowning Chennai, and you simply had to witness the way people went berserk online. No, it is not wrong of them to make the most of a calamity, but just smart minds at work who saw an opportunity in dire times. Full marks to Ola for this one, and they are well deserving to be in this list.

You can read more about it here.



3. Khali Ambuja Cement

Oh this was so hilarious! Launched on multiple platforms, this Ambuja Cement commercial with wrestler Khali caught the attention of one and all and had everybody giggling. Cement companies have over the years tried all sorts of crazy ways to catch people’s attention (including getting a bikini clad woman to pose for them),but never has a campaign got such attention and eyeballs.

Know more about this campaign here.

4. Emirates Safety Video in a Football Field

In the world of ever evolving technology, people often tend to forget that it is sometimes the simple things that matter the most. What a simple idea this was. Emirates Flight Crew goes to a football field and gives instructions to the entire crowd about how to react and where to go and what to when their teams score goals, when the match ends and so on. Super idea, brilliant execution, won them applause all around the world.


You can know more about The Emirates Video here.

5. Zomato Late Night delivery

So while Zomato later apologised for doing this due to some people calling the ads unethical, their midnight delivery ad strategy on porn sites was a masterstroke. A few people pointed out how an international brand also did the same some years ago, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Zomato had the balls and brains to try pulling this off in India. Detailed analysis here.

Zomato Ad Words Late Night Delivery Strategy 2


6. iPhone 6S Samsung

Talking of display ads, Samsung had quite the trick up its sleeve when it hacked Google Adwords for the iPhone 6S around launch time!

samsung iPhone 6S S6 Google Ad Smart Marketing AdWords


7. Whatsapp Liquor Ticker

This campaign may have not have reached out to as many people as it ideally should have, but what a wonderful idea this is! The world of digital marketing has been going crazy after mobile, but perhaps nobody has really been able to uncork the potential of Whatsapp. There have been one off instances where brands (like Absolut in Argentina) have done their bit to use this platform for promotion, but what TC did here is quite innovative, fresh and effective. Know more about the Liquor Ticker here.



8. Amazon + Zomato + Red Bull + FlatChat + Durex India + CashKaro

Well call this a campaign that wasn’t exactly meant to be. When Amazon launched their #AurDikhao campaign earlier this year, they went all guns blazing across channels and platforms in trying to promote the range of products on their website. Their twitter idea was quite interesting, where they poked many brands in trying to make them react and create some buzz of sorts. While they poked Red Bull and a host of other companies, what happened with their conversation with Zomato was pure magic. It didn’t just lead to one of the most retweeted brand tweets of the year, but lead to many brands putting their best foot forward in trying to piggyback on what was happening.


So that’s what we thought of this year’s best digital marketing campaigns, we know there were many more commendable campaigns all through the year and know that you would have your favourites too, but small list, didn’t want to list too many, so what could we do 😐 Mention some of the campaigns you liked in the comments below, so that people will at least get to see them too 🙂 For checking out loads of great campaigns from all round the year, head over to our campaign section, shall you?

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