9 Essential Everyday Devices for a Digitally Empowered 2017

Essential Everyday Devices for a Digitally Empowered 2017

Essential everyday things that move our life are often neglected the most. While everything digital changes at the speed of light, it is not practically feasible to keep upgrading with each new change. What can be done then is to invest in the right kind of gadgets and devices to increase the longevity of the products you own.

We recently asked members on our facebook group about what they thought were some of the most essential everyday gadgets and products they own/wanted to own, and based on their recommendations and our research we came up with this list of some of the most useful 9 everyday gadgets to help digitally empower life in 2017 🙂


1. The 128 GB Pen Drive

Its 2017. Time to get over your 8GBs and 16 GBs. Good idea to think about scaling up to a 128 GB. We personally recommend SanDisk128GB and you can also have a look at other Pen Drive options.


2. The 20000 mAh Power Bank

With our lives practically relying on our phones, the power bank may actually be more useful than a real bank. Among the ones, available,  we like the Mi 20000mAh Power Bank  more than others for its power and efficiency, but you can also take a look at multiple other Power Banks. There are these solar chargers available as well, but we couldn’t personally find any good ones to recommend.


3. 2 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Movies? Data? Life? For a backup of all those things, an external portable hard disk becomes a must. Best is to go for one that’s sturdy, spacious and hopefully sleek. We saw these three qualities converge in Seagate Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive  while there are many other options in the category listed here.


4. High Power WiFi Router (For Signal Strength Improvement)

What if we tell you that you can improve the signal strength of the WiFi at your home or workplace? Sounds strange right. It genuinely is possible, and comes at such a small investment that you will wonder why you never thought about it earlier. Recommend you to invest in a Tenda WiFi Router (which we think is best in the category, better than Netgear) while there are many other options listed here (ideally go for ones with more than one antenna).


5. Surge Protector Extension Cord

Some things are so basic, that we hardly pay any attention to them. Why keep fussing over plug points all the time, why not get a surge protector that you can all plug in? One of the best products you will find in this category is Belkin’s 6 Socket Extension Cord. Other variants are available here.


6. Chromecast

If there is one magical device that can change your life, it is this. In layman’s terms what is does is convert your regular TV into a ‘Smart TV’, so you can watch YouTube on TV, Facebook videos on TV, most importantly catch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on TV and even stream your entire mobile phone screen on TV! You can even connect this with a projector and enjoy larger than life TV. See details here. (If there is one thing you buy all through the year, let it be this) And don’t fall for similar looking fake devices.


7. Portable Projector

No, this is totally not an essential gadget to have, but increasingly lot of people have been ditching the TV and opting for projectors instead. So only if you are the adventurous kinds, could you think of looking at BenQ MS 506 Projector and if you want a very affordable option in the category, you can also look at UNIC UC46.


8. Cables and Converters

We both know you’ve been delaying this decision, but why nobody knows. Did you know a small cable or a converter can change the course of your life. We don’t know what you use, and what you use it with, or what you want to convert, but we just thought of listing down all possible cables and converters for you to choose from.


9. eBook Reader

Nothing new or novel in this, but if you want to rekindle your affair with reading, then it’s a good idea to try a Kindle. They say it’s fun and fancy to read from one, though we are happy reading our blogs 😀

And at the end, here are some Unique and Innovative products which may fit your varying needs. No one thing there that we would like to pin point, but think it’s worth having a look.


Think we have missed some out? Do add them in the comments section so we can add them to the list. Also if  you liked this, do share with your friends, so they can benefit as well 🙂 For more such interesting (and boring) insights and updates, do join our unmissable fortnightly newsletter 🙂

Cheers, Team Digital Defynd.

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