9 Ways in which SEO will Completely Change by the year 2020

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By October this year, I’d be stepping into my 7th year in this industry! And I’m 19, so technically I’ve spent almost whole of my “Let’s play kabaddi” childhood, playing with computers & this industry.
Now I’ve seen some changes over the years, changes which have a pattern, a goal and it somehow is enough to tell you what we can expect from Google by 2020! (I mean if it exists by then!)
I just thought of listing down those of the changes, which I think will be, or atleast should be implemented by the #Google_Algo in order to determine the SERP of a website, feel free to add your own thoughts.

1. EMD’s (Exact Match Domain) will stop mattering

Right now any guy out there gets a domain:- fifa2016.com, and ranks a website, while other “Better” websites with better content fail to do so. So yup EMD’s would (should) stop mattering at all. They’ve already diminished in importance.

2. Domain Age will become LOT MORE important

Technically the logic is that, a person who has spent 10years iin this industry, is “Likely” to have more knowledge than someone who stepped in last year. Although just “buying” the domain name won’t do, regular updates on the website over 10years is what will let us have the edge.

3. Real Certification

I’m bolding this out cause I’ve seen just way too many “CEO/Founders at theirwebsites.com” and SEO/Experts in my time here . What Google is likely to do is it’ll put up some kind of certification, so that only the “really professionals” could “Pretend” to be the professionals. All the others could blog on the topic, but without the “I’m an Expert” part. It’s likely to come because “User Experience” matters #MOOOST for Google, so it has to make sure that someone with real expertise is providing the knowledge and not a Article Spinner, right?

4. Shorter Content would get Ranked

Right now, longer content gets an unfair edge over the shorter ones. While I believe if the information is precise, specific and short it’s much better.

5. Authority Meter

Right now I’ve seen people claim to be affiliate experts, who’ve never made a dime online, and I personally know them all too well. So well a kind of “author authority meter” which will validate the expertise and talent of the author would be up in place. (It’s possible, because right now “Influencer social signal” is already in action. Meaning getting your article shared by an influencer does get it ranked! Although how Google decides who is the influencer isn’t still clear!)

6. Backlinks will stop mattering

Yup, right now it’s like you get 100 backlinks from high quality sources and you’re the king. That’s just stupid and illogical. So yeah backlinks would totally vanish from the game.

7. Google snippets

This is already in action for the “Health’ niche. It’s like you Google anything, and Google displays it’s own information snippet for the query. Users don’t have to visit any website for it. Now that’s something I’m more than sure, is going to be implemented on as many niche/industry as possible.

Google SEO 2020

Google Result for “HIV AIDS”.

8. SSL

It’s already important, but it’d be a must for the websites.

9. “Really” Unique Content

Well right now, people read stuff off Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, re-purpose the articles and become the “SEO GURUS”. That’s not going to work. The content would probably be checked by some kind of algo to be 100% unique. Something that’s your own research and not just your own “words”. Something that the internet has never seen before.
Every aspect, element or factor that’s controlled by the “BLOGGER” to boost his rankings will probably be dead. Rankings would be totally organic and “quality” based. Just because you have a better keyword placement, won’t you ranked.
Neither will having better links. What will get you ranked is how the user really feels about your website. Is it really helpful? Do you really have the expertise you claim to have? Yeah those would start mattering! (And I hope they do!).
Disclaimer:- The above points were just my own experiences, ideas and expectations. I’m not quoting them here from any research as such.

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