A look at the all new Facebook Slideshow ads

Introducing the all new facebook slideshow ads Digital Marketing Digital Defynd

Facebook is constantly innovating, and with its latest innovation of Slideshow ads, it is trying to cater to feature phone users and other users who access internet on low bandwidth. Simply put, it is an alternative to heavy video ads, for a world that is increasingly moving towards visual means of consuming advertising.

5 things you should know about the new Facebook Slideshow Ads –

1. These will be a collection of 3-7 images, that will be played like a slideshow, looking like a video, to help them become easily viewable on feature phones and people using slower connections.

2. These will come as a boost to brands who are trying to reach out to a world which is only beginning to connect now, the developing nations, more precisely the interior regions of these nations.

3. For SMEs and Startups this makes for great news since now they wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about getting a video created for running ads, and can simply target audience visually using these dynamic image ads.

4. For the agencies and advertisers, it means newer formats to work with, and bring higher ROI for clients and partners. The year already saw the release of Facebook Lead Ads, which is already being seen as a game changer.

5. The ads are not currently available for everyone to use, but will be rolled out on Ads manager and Power Editor over the next few days and weeks.


You can read more about what Facebook had to say in their release

Slideshow makes it easy for advertisers to create video ads from still images. Simply upload three to seven still images—they can be from an existing video, a photo shoot or even stock imagery from our library—and choose the length of your slideshow, from 5 to 15 seconds.

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