A trick Facebook uses to make you pay for getting more page likes

The web is full of tricks, and facebook is no different. While more often than not, it is the users who make use of smart tricks to outsmart the net, sometimes it’s the websites with a trick or two up their sleeve. So here’s a trick facebook uses to make you pay for getting more page likes!

If you have set up a facebook page anytime recently, you would have seen a welcome change from the social network’s side. Your likes increase almost without any effort. Just create, maybe invite some friends, and even if you don’t do much with the page, the likes on the page will keep increasing. Some of these likes will come from unknown obscure sources, no connection with you whatsoever, something that doesn’t usually happen when you are trying to make your facebook page grow.

Unnatural Rise Plateau Thereafter Facebook Page Tricks Like Digital Defynd
The unnatural rise in page likes followed by a Plateau

And to quash all doubts of advertising being behind this growth, here is the next graph that shows the source of these likes

Organic Likes Unnatural Rise Plateau Thereafter Facebook Page Tricks Like Digital Defynd
Organic likes led to this growth, no ads were run to increase the likes during this period

The posts published on the days around this growth also saw a lot of reach, but the same went down later on with the passage of time.

Most of these likes come via page suggestions like these, on your timeline or right hand side column.

startup saturday Noida page suggestion
A page suggestion I saw on the RHC Right Hand Column

Now here’s what facebook seems to be trying to do. First it tries to get you acquainted with reach, get you lot of likes, literally drive engagement at one point, and as you start becoming comfortable with such reach and engagement, take it all away. You can argue and perhaps also say that it is good on the part of facebook to be supporting new pages  by getting them much-required publicity, but what it does in the process is make them unnaturally grow, which is otherwise only possible through advertising.

I have been observing multiple pages and have seen this happen to many of them. Must admit that it doesn’t seem to be happening to all the pages, but yes somebody in the tricks department at the largest social network definitely seems to have come up with a neat little one to draw more people towards advertising. You might also be interested in reading Stop building facebook pages, start creating websites instead and Its time to start migrating from the city of facebook.

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