All JIO influencers think alike, these tweets tell you why

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Influencer marketing is using one’s influence to influence others. But things totally went wrong here.

As Vinay Rawat pointed out on our facebook group, something went terribly wrong in this influencer marketing campaign by Reliance JIO. Not that the common man gets affected, but digital marketers are sure having a hearty laugh at this gaffe. Like most ‘Influencer Marketing’ campaigns actually go, some social media strategist thought of roping in top influencers on twitter and make them tweet about JIO. The small mistake that the team did was sharing the exact same copy with everybody.

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That’s Hrithik Roshan, who thinks exactly like



Sonakshi Sinha, who of course is telepathic friends with


Parineeti Chopra, who never ceases to share any of her thoughts with


Farah Khan, who as you is Shireen to


Boman Irani, who is as funny as


Kapil Sharma!


But the one man who stood out is Aamir Khan, who happened to have felt that this is not a landmark day after all, its just important 😀

All marketing is good until you don’t abuse it, influencer marketing unfortunately is slowly turning into more of a joke. While the intended audience would have got the message from this influencer campaign, one wonders what impact it might truly have on a more mature audience over time. If nothing else, maybe adding a [Sponsored] tag with the tweet will help to showcase authenticity.

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