6 Best Applied Data Science Courses & Certification [2021 OCTOBER]

Best Applied Data Science Course Class Certification Training Online

After conducting in-depth research, our team of global experts compiled this list of Best Applied Data Science Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid courses to help you learn applied data science. Also, it is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts.


5 Best Applied Data Science Courses & Certification [2021 OCTOBER]

1. Applied Data Science Specialization by IBM (Coursera)

Individuals who want to learn practical skills for real-world data problems related to data science can take help from this specialization program. Whether you want to pursue a career in Data Science or enhance your foundational skills, you can achieve everything with this program. In this program, you will learn about the Python programming language, data visualization, and data analysis. Taking this specialization program will solidify your Python and data science skills. Upon successful completion of the program, you will not only receive the specialization certificate, but also an IBM Badge that will represent you as a specialist in Applied Data Science.


Key USPs –

– A comprehensive program included with all the material and data that you need to begin your career in data science

– Includes four different courses, each of which is focused on a specific topic of data science, such as learning and utilizing Python for data science, etc.

– Get access to guided lectures, labs, and projects to enhance your skills, and hands-on experience to tackle exciting data science problems

– Dive deeper into big data, AI, and deep learning after completing all the courses in this specialization program

– Get a flexible learning schedule with self-paced learning


Duration: 2 months, 12 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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2. Applied Data Science with Python (Coursera)

Offered by the University of Michigan, this specialization program is designed for those who want to learn applied data science with Python programming language. It consists of five different courses that will introduce you to Data Science with Python. Taking this specialization program will help you learn how to apply statistical, text analysis, machine learning, social network analysis, and information visualization techniques with python toolkits like Pandas, Scikit-learn, nltk, etc. This program is designed by expert instructors of the University of Michigan, who will assist you at every step of learning and help you solve complex problems related to the program.


Key USPs –

– An advanced program specially designed for individuals who have basic knowledge of Python programming and Data Science

– Get introduced to the basics of Python programming environment with fundamental techniques used in Python

– Learn about information visualization basics with a focus on reporting and charting by using the matplotlib library

– Included with video lectures and practice quizzes, graded assignments, and peer feedback to help you better equipped with the subject

– Hundred percent flexible program with no deadlines and self-paced learning

– Receive a certificate of completion when you complete the program with given projects


Duration: 5 months, 7 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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3. Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Data Science by Columbia Engineering Executive Education (Emeritus)

This course is currently unavailable

If you want to learn data science from the very beginning with practical examples, then this course is your best option. Created by experienced professionals of Columbia Business School, this course will help you explore the theory, language, and concepts of data science. Besides, you will also acquire the Python programming knowledge that is required to solve real-world data problems. The course is included with more than 200 faculty video lectures, quizzes, assignments, Q&A sessions, and other materials to help you cover everything in detail. Also, you will get continuous opportunities to interact with your instructors via Live Online Classes.


Key USPs –

– Get introduced to various components of data science, such as working with data types, advanced functions, data manipulation and analysis with pandas, statistical distribution and hypothesis testing, and more

– Learn how to utilize Python programming language for coding your own algorithms or analytical models to examine data

– Understand how a large amount of data can be manipulated and managed with python packages while discovering hidden trends and useful insights with software packages like Pandas, NumPy, etc.

– Be able to classify data points in a larger dataset, and identify the relationship between them to form groups in a broader data set


Duration: 5 months, 6-8 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: The highlight of this course was the use of the grading platform – the ability to create cells and try out ideas and get immediate feedback was a huge help. – Steve



4. Professional Applied Data Analytics (edX)

If you are willing to earn a professional certificate in Applied Data Analytics, then this program from edX could be the ideal choice for you. The specialty of the course is that it is provided by Microsoft, which means you will be learning and gaining experience from the expert individuals of Microsoft. With this program, you will learn how to apply data analytics skills to real-world scenarios and make your organization more stable. Moreover, the program is included with short videos, quizzes, practice exams, and feedback from instructors so that you can analyze where you stand with your learning.


Key USPs –

– A complete bundle of Applied Data Analytics concepts that will help you start your career as a data scientist

– From storytelling to ethical consideration and specific organizational contexts, you will learn everything with this course

– Consists of three different courses, each of which is designed in a simple manner to help you learn the concepts better

– Learn the art and science behind data storytelling and how to achieve greater analytics impact

– Provides a self-directed online learning approach with hands-on labs and latest tools used in the Applied Data Analytics


Duration: 5 months, 3-4 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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5. Graduate Applied Data Science Certificate (Berkeley School)

Berkeley School of Education provides a three-course graduate program in Applied Data Science for every individual who is interested in pursuing a career in Data Science. With this multi-course program, you will learn about tools, methods, and conceptual approaches that can be used to support modern data analysis and decision-making in professional and applied research settings. You will get exposure to various challenges involved in working with data, such as inference and causality, asking a good question, decision-making, etc. You will also get introduced to modern tools and techniques for data analytics like machine learning, data mining, and many more. Also have a look at data mining courses on our portal.


Key USPs –

– A professional graduate certificate program that is designed to meet the requirements of the graduate students in Berkeley’s professional schools

– Get introduced to data science, analytical methods, and techniques that are essential to becoming a data scientist

– Learn how to drive insights from structured and well-curated data sets with the help of analytical tools and techniques

– Get hands-on practice to work with unstructured and user-generated data to find new ways of informing decision-making

– Be an intelligent consumer of data science techniques in different domains with various skills


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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6. Statistical and Applied Data Science (Udemy)

Udemy is a great platform to begin your learning in any subject, it provides useful courses for every individual. This applied data science course is also amongst the highest-rated programs that will help you improve your existing skills in Applied Data Science. The course is designed by Mahmoud, who is working as a senior consultant and system analyst engineer. He will help you learn and equip the essential skills that you need to become an expert system analyst. Taking this course will help you learn how to tackle usual data science problems, things that you should know in data analysis and business analysis, how to calculate P-value with the manual and direct method, and much more.


Key USPs –

– Learn about standard distribution and normal distribution in detail with the help of the Z table

– Know about inferential and descriptive statistics with a collection of essential quizzes and examples so that you can learn better

– Learn about data types and why you need to study different data types, P-value, Type one error, Null hypothesis, and alternative hypothesis

– Understand which programming language is best for you to begin with applied data science, and then learn that language

– Includes multiple quizzes, practice exams, hands-on projects, and video lectures to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge


Duration: 9-10 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: Professional in statistics for data analysis, I got a simple and easy explanation about statistics for data science. – Alex Milany


So those were some of the best-applied data science courses available online. Hope you found a relevant one for you. Wish you Happy Learning 🙂