7 Best + Free ARKit Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER][UPDATED]

Best ARKit course tutorial class certification training online

25 Experts have compiled this list of Best ARKit Course, Tutorial, Training, Class, and Certification available online for 2021. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn ARKit and these courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.


7 Best + Free ARKit Tutorial, Course & Training [2021 SEPTEMBER][UPDATED]

1. Top ARKit Courses (Udemy)

If you’re interested in learning augmented reality from scratch, this list of courses is an excellent choice, to begin with. Created by skilled professionals of Udemy, this list of courses will provide you with everything you need to become an experienced AR developer. Some of the prevalent courses in the list include The Complete ARKit Course and Mastering ARKit for iOS. Completing these courses will help you learn how to develop augmented reality apps for businesses or organizations, create your own augmented reality app, and build amazing ARKit applications. Upon finishing each course, you’ll get to work with real-world applications and hands-on projects to test your knowledge.


Key USPs – 

– A list of comprehensive programs created by top-rated instructors to help you learn about augmented reality application development

– Understand ARKit and SceneKit with Swift, build augmented reality apps for clients, and make money in the new AR category on the Appstore

– Learn to make a fantastic inter dimensional portal in augmented reality and build realistic models like TV, paintings, etc.

– Know about Focus Square and how to use it to place objects elegantly, make a realistic drivable car with ARKit, and interact with 3D virtual objects in AR


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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2. Learning ARKit for Developers – Free Course (LinkedIn Learning)

If you are curious about the potential of augmented reality and want o get started with it then this program is a good place to begin. Here you will get the opportunity to work with ARKit as well as SpriteKit framework. From setting up projects to using 3D anchors, this tutorial covers all the fundamental and important concepts of augmented reality. In addition to all the lectures, there is a final project that will give you an opportunity to challenge yourself and get innovative.


Key USPs-

– The tutorial is very well designed with relevant examples.

– Learn the technique of the framework and tools using hands-on examples.

– Instructions to set up and configure the required tools are clearly explained.

– Exercises are available for online practice as well as for download.

– The option of ‘view offline’ allows you to attend classes without the internet and on the go.

– The training is divided into 4 sections along with chapter quizzes.

-The complete course and study materials are available for free.


Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes

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3. The Complete ARKit Course – Build 11 Augmented Reality Apps (Udemy)

The tutorial will take you through the installation and necessary tools needed before delving into the lectures. The topics covered include 3D models, AR drawing and much more. No prior experience is required to get started with this program, you will learn with a hands-on approach and get empowered to build apps for your organisation or find a freelance job.


Key USPs –

– Crash courses available for getting a better idea of how to go ahead with the lessons.

– A number of exercises to solidify knowledge and clarify doubts.

– Each topic is covered in an elaborate manner with proper examples.

– Gain an opportunity to build 11 apps to implement the knowledge gained throughout the lectures.

-91 Lectures + 48 Articles + 52 Downloadable Resources + Full lifetime access

– Available at affordable pricing on e-learning platform Udemy.


Duration: 9.5  hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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This course is well laid out and very good. The instructor is well versed and his knowledge of the subject is excellent and he explains the concepts of ARKit very concisely and in a practical manner. So far it is a joy learning all about the ARKit model and I hope to learn a lot more in this course. -Submariner100 Michael Chapman



4. Mastering ARKit for iOS (Udemy)

Take this course to get started with a rising technology that is doing the rounds, ARKit. Learn to build amazing augmented reality apps in this training that will commence from the very beginning and help set up your AR project before moving on to more advanced concepts such as collision detection, loading models and more. The course comes with code sample files which will help you to overcome the glitches encountered during the development of the apps.


Key USPs-

– Work on various exercises based on real-life scenarios.

– Get unlimited support on the Udemy forums.

– The instructor explains the ideas well and at a good pace.

– A wide variety of example helps you to get a clearer view of the topics.

– 128 Lectures + 59 Downloadable Resources + Full lifetime access

– Available at nominal pricing on e-learning platform Udemy.


Duration: 13 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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I’m loving this course right now. Mohammad keeps this course up-to-date, which is great because the tech is advancing rapidly. And these are real-world applications of really cool, relevant, and trending tech. Adding machine learning to an AR app was spot-on for me. -Terry Lawyer



5. Augmented Reality Portal using Apple ARKit framework for AR (Udemy)

Make amazing interdimensional portal, import and build realistic models using the Apple ARKit framework. In the process of learning to create a portal get to know about the advanced concepts with the help of practical lessons. Additionally, there is a chance to get acquainted with the sceneKit editor. Designed in a time efficient manner this is one of the best programs under this topic.


Key USPs-

– The lectures cover each concept at a perfect pace in an elaborate manner.

– The focus of this tutorial is to solidify the advanced concepts of augmented reality and provide tons of hands-on experience.

– The instructor explains all the concepts in a simple yet concise manner.

– A series of relevant study materials are available along with the videos.

– 14 Lectures + 4 Downloadable Resources + Full lifetime access

– Certification for the course can be availed for a nominal fee.


Duration: 1.5 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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I’ve previously learned how to make portals in Unity3D, however I was intrigued by what can be done with native Swift. This course exceeded my expectations by allowing me to use the knowledge I already had with plane detection, placing objects, etc., but gave me the extra knowledge in using the SceneKit editor to create a full scene, and wrapping it in a portal that can be dropped into the real world. -Scott Finkelstein



6. iOS 11 & Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp (Udemy)

This bootcamp teaches you to code using Swift 4 and to build iOS 11 applications for iPhone and iPad. Go step by step through the tutorials and understand all the necessary topics. There are numerous opportunities to build real-world applications that make the certification enriching as well as interesting. There are added lectures that make use of machine learning and helps to incorporate intelligence into the apps. By the end of the program, you will be fluent in programming in Swift 4 and ready to turn your ideas into reality.


Key USPs-

– The classes guide you through the nuts and bolts of the programming language and the related techniques.

– The lectures include a detailed explanation of how to get started with the tools and software.

– Consists of a module dedicated specifically to ARKit, so you get to learn everything together

– Learn to Code eBook is available along with the other materials.

– Build over 20 applications that include Firebase, machine learning and augmented reality.

– 473 Lectures + 102 Articles + 26 Downloadable Resources + Full lifetime access

– Certification can be availed at an affordable fee.


Duration: 49 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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hey there I was passionate to learn iOS and develop app. this course was on my expectations. There was no disappointment . Angela is amazing instructor and she and her team did hardwork developing this course and its content. this course can be improved by adding core data, gestures, and software development life cycle basics or Agile Development , Scrum. thank you so much for making this. know more about me at greendarshanpatel.github.io -Darshan Patel



7. Everything you need to start building AR applications (Unity3d)

This nanodegree program will help you to develop an understanding of visual inertial odometry and discover the underlying computer vision mechanisms that enable ARKit. You will also get to build a variety of augmented reality applications that can be placed on horizontal surfaces such as ground etc. There is a lot more to toy with, in this course and most of them include real-life scenarios.


Key USPs-

– The curriculum is well designed and appropriately segmented.

-All the concepts are taught thoroughly and at a suitable pace.

– Real-time and real-life exercises make the learning a fun experience.

– Take lessons about dynamic lighting effects and master the skills to create an illusion of a synthetic object set in real life scene.


Duration: 1 month

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So these were the Best ARKit Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2021. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!