6 Best + Free Back End Development Courses & Certification [2021 APRIL]

best back end development course class certification training online

20+ Experts have compiled this list of Best Back-End Development Course, Tutorial, Training, Class, and Certification available online for 2021. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn Back-End Development. These courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts. Have a look at our list of Best Web Development Courses.


6 Best + Free Back End Development Courses, Certification, Training and Classes Online [2021 APRIL] [UPDATED]

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp (Udemy)

This course promises to help you to learn all the foundational technologies required for web development. The introductory classes will introduce you to the basics of the various languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, Node, MongoDB and more. You will learn to make real web applications, browser-based games and work on many more complex topics. The balanced emphasis on the theoretical and practical classes make it easier for new learners to follow along. By the end of the program, you will have a range of experiences to put on your resume and a great set of projects to showcase. Don’t forget to check our take on Best HTML5 & CSS3 Courses. 


Key USPs –

– Great course to get started with web development without any prior experience.

– Lots of exercises to sharpen programming skills, build innovative and complex applications.

– Detailed guidance is provided to install the necessary software, tools and set up the environment.

– Live code examples, research assignments, and slides make the lessons interactive and fun.

– Get continuous support from the instructor in case of any doubt.

– 392 Lectures + Full lifetime access + 72 Articles + 85 Downloadable Resources

– Available at a nominal price on e-learning platform Udemy.


Duration: 46 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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2. Complete Python Development Courses Online (Digital Defynd)

With the rise of artificial intelligence, data science, and other relevant technologies, Python has been gaining a lot of attention due to its versatility and ease of use. So if you want to get started with this language to write programs and build a solid back-end for the applications then this platform brings you a series of programs focused on this language. Take the beginner level lectures if you are completely new to this field and want to build a strong basic first. For more experienced learners there are options such as data science, machine learning with Python among others. Handpicked by experts, these are some of the top courses available in this area.


Key USPs –

– Well structured lessons with a detailed focus on each section.

– Rigorous training and assignments help the student to understand the core of every concept.

– Opportunity to take on projects based on real-world problems in the advanced certifications.

– Taught by professors of some of the most innovative and research-oriented universities in the world.

– Learn with examples and demonstrations to understand the concepts better.

– Both free and paid options are available.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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3. Java Certification Courses (Digital Defynd)

This series of certifications talk about one of the most famous programming languages out there. Take your pick from these comprehensive certifications on Java that is the key language used in Android development among others. Choose from the 12 handpicked classes and upgrade your skills irrespective of your current proficiency. Beginner level lessons include essential training, boot camps. If you have a strong foundational knowledge then try your hand at distributed programming, android masterclass among others.


Key USPs-

– The beginner level lectures do not have any prerequisite.

– This course will help you to learn different techniques using which you can come up with efficient solutions to solve real-life problems.

– Work on practical assignments to implement the skills covered in the videos.

– The instructors are world-renowned experts in the field of Computer Science.

– There are regular chapter quizzes that help you to check your progress and understanding of the concepts covered.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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4. Node.js Training Course (Digital Defynd)

These paths and specializations are solely designed to help you understand the concepts of Node.js commencing from the fundamentals to the advanced topics. Explore topics such as asynchronous coding, RESTful web services, module structure, development of simple applications and more. By the end of your chosen program, you will have the experience to take on relevant projects or just go freelance.


Key USPs-

– Adapt to efficient coding practices by going through the best practices and performance tips.

– Learn to use cutting-edge technologies such as ES6/ES7 JavaScript.

– Work on projects and implement the concepts that are covered in the videos.

– The interactive nature of the tutorials makes it a popular choice among students.

– Regularly updated material with guidance and support from mentors.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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5. R Programming Classes Online (Digital Defynd)

R is one of the top programming languages under present and naturally it is a great skill to have under your belt. These series of certifications are compiled to help you achieve just that. Understand the techniques to build R packages, debug, develop custom data visualizations and use it to solve problems faced in machine learning, data science and more. With projects and experience in this area, you will be able to add value to your portfolio and go for back-end development profiles.


Key USPs –

– Strengthen your basics by working on the core principles.

– The comprehensive lectures cover the implementation of simple as well as complex concepts.

– Work with real-life data sets in the practical exercises.

– Some of the videos and study materials are available free of cost.

– Clear and detailed instructions regarding the configuration of the required software and effective techniques.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Free Back-End Web Development Courses & Training (LinkedIn Learning)

With over 300 courses this platform covers all the necessary aspects to become a proficient back-end web developer. Whether you want to take the basic training to build your first website, explore SSL certificates for web development or go over the security aspects there are dedicated training for each one of it. Start with the basic essential programs if you are new to these techniques or take up some of the advanced lessons such as developing web APIs, learning Go, Visual Studio code. Upon the completion of the lectures, you will have the confidence to delve into more complex specializations and put your ideas into action.


Key USPs-

– The videos guide you through all the topics beginning from the introductory installations to difficult features.

– The lectures include detailed instructions on how to get started with the exercises.

– Exercises are available for online practice as well as for offline learning.

– The option of ‘view offline’ allows you to attend classes without the internet and on the go.

– The training is divided into appropriate sections along with chapter quizzes at regular intervals.

– The complete study materials are available for free for the first month of enrollment.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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So these were the 6 Best Back-End Development Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2021. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!