10 Best Blender 3D Tutorial, Course & Training Online [2018 UPDATED]

best blender tutorial, course, training online

After extensive research, a team of 30+ global experts have compiled this list of Best Blender 3D Tutorial, Course, Training, Certification and Class for 2018. All these resources are available online and will help you Learn Blender 3D and are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

10 Best Blender 3D Tutorial, Course, Class, Certification & Training Online [2018]


1. Learn 3D Modelling – The Complete Blender Creator Course

This is one of the most sought after, highly ranked Blender course available online. Created by Created by Michael Bridges in association with GameDev.tv (by Ben Tristem), this training program will teach you to use Blender for creating 3D models for video games in addition to 3D printing, house design and other aspects. You can even join this course as an absolute beginner without any prior knowledge of the subject. The tutors have put together taught more than 600,000 students online around various aspects of design and development. Let us find out what more they have in store for you in this course.


Key USPs –

– Very comprehensive, detailed course spanning 51.5 hours. Comes with 18 supplemental resources and an optional access to community of learners.

– More than 100,000 students have signed up for this course along, making it one of the most popular Blender Tutorials online

– You will learn a tonne of stuff, including understanding the principles of modelling, creating 3D models with simple colors, learning the basics of animation, playing with particle effects

– You will also demystify how to create your own materials, unwrap your models and export your models to external packages

– The content is practical in nature, project based, so you get to apply what you learn to real time projects


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : This is a fantastic course for the Blender beginner. I went in knowing absolutely nothing, but now I’m able to navigate Blender like a pro. There are plenty of exercises, challenges, and quizzes to make sure that what the instructor is teaching gets implemented into your thought process. – Dustin Pipkins



2. Creating 3D environments in Blender

Rob Tuytel is the founder of Blenderpedia and he has been working with Blender for the last 9 years. His 3D designs are part of art books, artist magazines and even museums! He has also worked in Hollywood movies and his work has been featured on television too. With a profile like that, there’s no doubt this man is a legend when it comes to Blender. In this specific course, he will teach you to create beautiful environment scenes, organize your workflow better and also try and teach you to find the right inspiration for your projects.


Key USPs –

– Consists of 38 hours of on demand video, with 49 supplemental resources, all with lifetime access online

– Learn to create breathtaking unique environments including large environment scenes

– 20,000 + students have already enrolled, many of whom have given a 5 star rating

– The course begins from scratch, so you can join even if you have no prior experience of Blender

– Includes a bonus section on tips and tricks


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : This course has single handedly taught me everything I needed to learn about Blender. Acquiring these new skills has not only made me better with my 3d skills from a hobby point of view but has also opened up new career-based opportunities for me. Rob is a phenomenal teacher and he goes at a fair pace and explains everything in painstaking detail. Highly, highly recommended course! – Abdul Atheem Santos



3. Learn Blender 3D Modeling for Unity Video Game Development

This blender unity tutorial is created for Unity developers who want to learn 3D modeling in Blender. Learn to design unique 3D props for your games, tweak existing Assets, and do much more. You will learn the skills to build your Unity props with confidence using Blender 3D.


Key USPs –

– The course covers all basic terms, keyboard shortcuts that will help you become more productive in Unity

– Get to know the best practices and time-saving tips for Unity and Blender

– Learn to UV Unwrap 3D objects and apply your own graphics and more

– 11 hours on demand video

– 5000+ students enrolled in the course already


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : This is a really great course. The instructor moves along at a good pace. Not too slow, not too fast. It’s direct, to the point and progresses really nicely. He’s really taken a lot of the confusion out of using Blender. I’m looking forward to getting all the way through it.



4. Build a 3D “The Legend Of Zenda” Game in Unity® and Blender

Learn to create The Legend of Zenda’s games art from scratch in Blender and then learn to code it in Unity. Created by John Bura and Mammoth Interactive, the blender unity tutorial will help you learn how to code in C#, Navigate the Unity editor, Navigate Blender and understand how it works in addition to doing a lot more. John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. He has even sold a game to Nickelodeon along side working on the game design, audio and programming of various projects.


Key USPs – 

– Learn the basics of animation

– Learn the fundamentals of designing, coding, and modeling a 3D game

– Learn to make basic art models even if you don’t know designing

– Learn updated versions of Unity 5.4.3f1 and Blender v2.78


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : This is hands down my favorite course on Unity. Full stop. I generally have a hard time completing online courses but so far this course has been awesome and I’ve been eager to return for more. The amount of material this course covers is staggering and it’s 100% worth the money. The only caveat is that around halfway through the course, the quality starts to suffer a bit where resources mentioned in the videos are not provided (I’m hoping Mammoth will fix this). The source they provide references obsolete APIs and will not compile if you are using Unity 2017.1. – Collen Jones



5. Building Modular Levels for Games with Unity and Blender

Blender is complex and tough to understand but the sharp nature of this course will help you gain the exact skills you need. This course will teach you the basics of building a modular 3D set using Blender and Gimp in Unity. The course is created by Pros in the industry who have been working in this domain for a long while now. The specific instructor for this tutorial is Alan Thorn, who works as a freelance game developer and the creator of award winning game Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok.


Key USPs – 

– Learn about Blender Control Scheme

– Learn how to configure the layout

– Understand how to build the floor module

– Learn to work with UVs and Texturing


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : Great course , i learned many many new things , i learned to use Gimp , atlas mapping , lightmapping and many other awesome things .Tutor was very detailed and to the point. – Konstantinos Sisikis


6. Make a low poly scene in Blender and Unity in 30 minutes

John Bura comes back with another awesome course, this time about making poly art in Blender. In this crisp course of under an hour, he will teach you with the help of a project about how you can make 2 models in Blender and then import them to Unity.


Key USPs – 

– Completely project based course

– Instructor is one of the top 10 Udemy teachers

– Trainer has taught over 150,000 students worldwide

– Good course for beginners


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : This course covered exactly what was advertised. I followed along and was able to recreate the scene myself. The instructor also mentions several of the shortcut keys in Blender. – Dexter Langman



7. Create a Game Environment with Blender and Unity

Darrin Lile is a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer and has taught over 6000 students about computer animation and game development. In this tutorial, he will teach you how to use Blender, Photoshop and Unity to create your own game environments.


Key USPs – 

– Learn to create UV maps and texture maps

– Learn to use FBX to import Blender models into Unity

– Light your scenes in Unity Create a test build in Unity

– Learn to establish a pipeline process between Blender and Unity


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : Really enjoyed the course. I was looking for something to tie blender and unity together that included textures and normal maps. This course does exactly that. I think a few minor updates are needed with the latest Unity version (post processing), but those can be googled as well. – Ryan



8. Learn UV Unwrapping with Blender for Unity 3D Game Design

Billy McDaniel is an accomplished website developer and programmer having worked over the past 20 years on a variety of projects. In this tutoria, he will teach you UV Unwrapping for Texture Mappingusing Blender 3D for Unity.


Key USPs –

– Learn to UV Unwrap models from a simple cube to anything else

– Learn Blender through practical examples and demonstration

– Practice what you learn on real world problems

– 9 hours of on demand video + full lifetime access


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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Review : I am very much enjoying the course. It’s directly related to my learning goal of being able to unwrap a mesh and texture it successfully. Looking forward to increasing my skills. – Jeff Leyerle



9. Blender : Learn 3D Modeling For Unity Game Development

Raja Biswas is a Passionate Computer Programmer and an Indie Game Developer who has taught thousands of people over the years through his online videos. A firm believer in online learning, he feels that the internet can empower people to learn just about anything without the hassle of going to a college. In this highly rated course of his, he will teach you how to build 3D Models For Your Unity Games With Blender and create complete 3D Models for Unity.


Key USPs – 

– Highly rated course with great recommendations

– Build Example 3D Models using Blender

– Create A Complete 3D Game in Unity from scratch

– Learn to import Blender Models in Unity

– 14.5 hours of on demand video


Rating : 4.9 out of 5

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One of the best course on 3d modelling. The Instructor is calm and explains everything about the particular lecture. Really can’t believe that modelling was that easy. – Aniket Negi



10. Learn 3D Complete from Scratch in Blender Cinema 4D Unity C#

Karl has been working in the 3D industry for multiple decades now. He will help you learn Cinema 4D, Blender, Unity and C# from scratch.


Key USPs –

– Trainer is an award winning Instructor.

– Deep dive into Cinema 4D and Blender 3D

– Learn to animate 3D Models, characters and more.

– Learn to create 3D Scenes, motion graphics, simulations and much more


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : The instructor is very easy to follow. I have been messing with c4d for quite some time now I never was aware that all those tricks that he showed me existed. He is awesome. I hope he has more courses besides this one.- Lindy Joseph


So that folks was our take on the best tutorials and courses on Blender 3D Design. Hope you found something satisfactory to help you along in your journey of development. You can also look at other Unity course, Unreal Engine Tutorial, Best SpriteKit Tutorial and Best Xcode tutorial on our website. Do share this with your friends if you think this can help them too. Wish you happy learning! Team Digital Defynd!