50 Best Coursera Guided Projects Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER]

Coursera is famous for its specializations, professional certificates and even online degrees. Keeping in mind changing learner needs and requirements, they’ve come up with short term hands-on guided projects to help students and professionals learn a new skill or enhance their understanding in an area of interest.


Coursera Guided Projects Format –

1. Short duration quick projects for rapid learning

2. Guided hands on learning in a split screen format

3. Affordable on the pocket at a price of $10

4. Find yourself having learnt a new skill on the other side


We’ve put together a collection of Coursera Guided Projects to help you try your hand on some of them and skill up real quick! You can also look at an exhaustive collection of all the projects here.


Top 50 Coursera Guided Project Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER]

S No Project Domain Rating
1 Create Your First Python Program Computer Science 4.6
2 Build Your Portfolio Website with HTML and CSS Computer Science 4.5
3 Introduction to Project Management Business 4.6
4 Object-Oriented Programming with Java Computer Science 4.5
5 Spreadsheets for Beginners using Google Sheets Business 4.7
6 Facial Expression Recognition with Keras Data Science 4.5
7 Introduction to Python Computer Science 4.5
8 Introduction to HTML Computer Science 4.6
9 Introduction to Google Docs Business 4.7
10 Custom Prediction Routine on Google AI Platform Data Science 4.6
11 Introduction to Relational Database and SQL Computer Science 4.5
12 Build a Simple App in Android Studio with Java Computer Science 4.3
13 COVID19 Data Analysis Using Python Data Science 4.6
14 Linear Regression with NumPy and Python Data Science 4.4
15 Use Canva to Create Social Media Marketing Designs Business 4.5
16 Create a Resume and Cover Letter with Google Docs Business 4.6
17 Build a Data Science Web App with Streamlit and Python Data Science 4.6
18 Build a Full Website using WordPress Computer Science 4.5
19 Use WordPress to Create a Blog for your Business Business 4.5
20 Project: Creating Your First C++ Application Computer Science 4.5
21 Computer Vision – Object Tracking with OpenCV and Python Data Science 4
22 Basic Image Classification with TensorFlow Data Science 4.6
23 Clustering Geolocation Data Intelligently in Python Data Science 4.4
24 Computer Vision – Image Basics with OpenCV and Python Data Science 4.2
25 Image Data Augmentation with Keras Data Science 4.6
26 Image Classification with CNNs using Keras Data Science 4.4
27 Create Your First Game with Python Computer Science 4.5
28 Create Your First Chatbot with Rasa and Python Computer Science 4.4
29 Predicting House Prices with Regression using TensorFlow Data Science 4.5
30 Beginning SQL Server Information Technology 4.5
31 RESTful API with HTTP and JavaScript Computer Science 4.3
32 Building a Text-Based Bank in Java Computer Science 4.5
33 Build an E-commerce Dashboard with Figma Computer Science 4.4
34 Create a Business Marketing Brand Kit Using Canva Business 4.7
35 Perform Sentiment Analysis with scikit-learn Data Science 4.5
36 Computer Vision – Object Detection with OpenCV and Python Data Science 3.8
37 Linear Regression with Python Data Science 4.6
38 Support Vector Machines with scikit-learn Data Science 4.3
39 Visualizing Citibike Trips with Tableau Business 4.6
40 Introduction to Project Management with ClickUp Business 4.7
41 Logistic Regression with NumPy and Python Data Science 4.5
42 Compare Stock Returns with Google Sheets Business 4.4
43 Build a Machine Learning Web App with Streamlit and Python Data Science 4.6
44 Analyze Box Office Data with Plotly and Python Data Science 4.5
45 Image Compression with K-Means Clustering Data Science 4.6
46 Predict Future Product Prices Using Facebook Prophet Data Science 4.4
47 Image Super Resolution Using Autoencoders in Keras Data Science 4.3
48 Intermediate Relational Database and SQL Computer Science 4.5
49 Traffic Sign Classification Using Deep Learning in Python/Keras Data Science 4.6
50 Image Denoising Using AutoEncoders in Keras and Python Data Science 4.4