50 Best Online Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

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Our team of experts combined with our experience of having helped 300,000 + learners find the best courses have come up with this compilation of Best Online Courses & Certifications for 2021. These include free and paid learning resources and are suitable for beginners, intermediate level learners as well as experts.


50 Best Online Courses, Certifications, Classes & Training for 2021 [UPDATED]

A. Data Science

You’ve heard that already haven’t you – ‘Data is the New Oil’. So who wouldn’t want to be in the business of oil? Data Analytics, data mining, data science, interest for these fields is simply exploding from all corners. What’s more, you can pick it up even without any development background or experience. You may want to learn –


1. Data Science

2. Python

3. R Programming

4. Machine Learning

5. Deep Learning

6. Big Data

7. Tensorflow

8. Computer Vision



B. Analytics

While Data Science also deals with a lot of analysis, the field of analytics itself is booming. There are all kinds of analytics to track all kinds of data points, and this skill is helping businesses across the world take better control of their work and make it grow.


1. Business Analytics

2. Predictive Analytics

3. Marketing Analytics

4. Google Analytics

5. All Analytics



C. Web Development

You can call it saving the best for the last. Coding might as well be the new alphabet for a future generation. The way they code may change, it may be much simpler by then, but essentially coding is set to become the new physics, maths and chemistry for the generation to come. Needless to say, great idea to polish some skills, even think about teaching others about it 🙂


1. Front End Development

2. Back End Development

3. Full Stack Development

4. C++

5. C#

6. React

7. Java

8. Javascript



D. Digital Marketing

Many will argue that it is nearing saturation, but there is so much to this field that it only keeps getting deeper and deeper every day. What people are increasingly focusing on is specialization – focusing on a topic and getting really good at it. Some of the topics you can focus on learning include –


1. Social Media Marketing

2. Facebook Marketing

3. Marketing Analytics

4. Google Adwords

5. SEO

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Instagram Marketing



E. Game Development

There is a strong chance you spent at least a few minutes playing some game today. If not you, maybe you are wondering why people spend so long playing games on their mobiles and PCs. While Psychologists come up with answers, gaming is taking the world by storm and there is no reason why you shouldn’t ride the bandwagon. Some key skills in this domain include –


1. Game Development

2. Unity Development

3. Unreal Development

4. Game Design

5. Blender Design



F. Designing

Really? I mean what’s new in that, right? Turns out a lot! It’s not just about learning to use Photoshop, but using many more softwares to create anything right from 3d animation, to architecture, to pixel art and a lot more. Here are some topics for you to choose from –


1. Graphic Design

2. Pixel Art

3. Auto Cad

4. Web Designing

5. UI UX

6. Hand Lettering



G. Video Production & Marketing

Videos videos everywhere, from your WhatsApp to Facebook, to YouTube to every other app – Videos are taking over. No wonder then that we are seeing a constant spike of professionals getting interested in learning the art of video production, including animation and other related domains.


1. 3DS Max

2. 3D Animation

3. VFX

4. YouTube Marketing (Video Marketing)

5. Videography

H. App Development

More like a subset of web development, app development is a big domain in itself. There are specialist Android and iOS developers, not to forget the whole aspect of game development attached with it. Here are some skills worth pursuing –


1. iOS Development

2. Android Development

3. Kotlin



I. Blockchain

The blue eyed boy of 2018 continues to find fans as we move into 2019. While Bitcoin has had its fair bit of controversies and we can debate about the future of Cryptocurrencies, one thing is for sure that there is going to be widespread usage of Blockchain in the present year and the time to come. Some key skills you can pick up include


1. Blockchain Development

2. Solidity

3. Hyperledger

4. Cryptocurrency Trading



J. Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

While this is a vast domain, we have clubbed it together simply because of its futuristic value and application. Bots, robots, augmented reality is increasingly all around us. We don’t see it, but it’s all right here. With growing need and a broadening base, this domains will increasingly become mainstream. Here’s what you can learn –


1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Chatbots

3. Virtual Reality

4. Robotics

5. IoT and Arduiono

K. Photography

Surprised? We get it. We also felt a little surprised when we noticed the trend of people from all walks of life wanting to not just be amateur photographers, but learn the craft and grow. We then discovered various categories and levels of depth that people are willing to go into, to become better at this art. This domain is wide, deep and has more layers than you can imagine. Focus on –


1. Photography

2. DSLR Photography

3. Mobile Photography (iPhone + more)

4. Food Photography

5. Nature & Outdoor Photography

L. More In-Demand Skills

While these were some, there are more equally or more important skills that both people and companies globally are eyeing as we step into 2019. Here are some –


1. Cybersecurity

2. Ethical Hacking

3. Product Managament / Product Marketing

4. Probability and Statistics

5. Microsoft Excel



M. Certification Courses

Now certifications may not be necessary everywhere, but that doesn’t take away from them being important in key areas in the professional ecosystem. Aspirants work hard to crack certain exams and many report great results at the workplace as a result. Some certifications worth considering are –


1. AWS

2. Salesforce

3. Agile

4. Microsoft Azure

So this was our compilation of the best courses, certification and skills for 2021. Hope you found something useful in the same 🙂 Do share this with your friends if you like it and sign up for our mailing list to receive best set of courses around a variety of topics each month 🙂