8 Best Decision Making Courses [2021 OCTOBER] [UPDATED]

Best Decision Making course tutorial class certification training online

The ability to make good decisions is an essential skill that can improve your life. Below are the  Best Decision Making Courses, Certificate, Tutorial, Program, Class, which will help you become a better decision-maker. This list consists of both free and paid resources that are available online . These courses will help not just professionals, but also anyone who wants to make timely and better decisions. Check out our compilation of Business Courses.


8 Best Decision Making Courses [2021 OCTOBER] [UPDATED]

1. Decision Making: Solve Problems with Emotional Intelligence(Udemy)

This program is for anyone who wants to improve their decision-making skills and improve their emotional intelligence. It is based on Reuven Bar-On’s comprehensive assessment of emotional intelligence and explores in-depth the concept of emotional intelligence. You will learn to use the technique of mindfulness to solve your problems rationally. There are eight activities in the course and lecture notes. The video lessons also contain English captions. The course was last updated in September 2020.


Key USPs-

– It consists of 12 downloadable resources and 9 articles.

– Learn to use mindfulness to critically judge all the options available to you while making a decision.

– Develop a new perspective and way of seeing things.

– Use creativity and critical thinking to solve problems.

– Get a certificate of completion on finishing all the lessons and activities.

– Learn to manage your emotional impulses when solving a problem.


Duration: 3 Hours 49 Minutes

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: Robin demonstrates a thorough knowledge of his material and presents it in a clear and accessible way. I found the section on mindfulness in particular very interesting and useful.  -Mat Boek.

2. Master your Decision-Making, and Critical Thinking Skills! (Udemy)

Instructor Sivakami S will be teaching this course on Udemy. She has 2 years of experience, working as a Business Leader in MNCs like Microsoft and Verizon. She has been in various decision making roles. In this course, she teaches how you can use your abilities to solve issues and effectively make choices. You will learn how your brain processes information. Learn about the common prejudices that interfere in proper decision-making. There are also tons of real-life examples.


Key USPs-

– It covers concepts like heuristics and biases, logical fallacies, and the cost of irrational decisions.

– Learn to optimize and benefit from your Paleolithic brain.

– Understand how to reduce biases while making judgments.

– It is beneficial for anyone who wants to become an effective decision-maker.

– Business leaders, management professionals, and Business Managers will also benefit from this course.

– It consists of 15 downloadable resources and one article.

– There is also one practice test to test yourself.

– You have the option to learn at your own pace.


Duration: 4 Hours 3 Minutes

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: Very very engaging and pretty realistic. This course is a ‘Treasure of research and information’. All this information and teaching prove the importance of DATA for analysis, analytics, problem-solving, and decision making. The approach used to teach is very helpful and easy to absorb  -Hanish Donthy.



3. Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making by University of California (Coursera)

Do you find it difficult to solve problems and make timely decisions? If yes, then this certification is for you. It teaches scientific principles and logical strategies that you can implement to solve problems. You will also learn about how to correct distorted thought processes. You will be able to remove obstacles, roadblocks, biases, and assumptions. It equips you to predict risks and evaluate problems critically. Best of all, you will get to learn directly from the world-class faculty of the University of California. Have a look at our curation of Best Teamwork Courses.


Key USPs-

– It is a short course that can be completed in no time.

– You will learn proven strategies and techniques.

– Observe improvement in the quality of your decisions.

– It is available online for free.

– Earn a shareable certificate and show it to your professional network.

You have the flexibility to set deadlines according to your schedule.

– Subtitles are available in Arabic, Vietnamese, German, English, and Spanish.


Duration: 5 Hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: A very informative and easy course. I loved studying it, the professor was very well versed and delivered the lectures in a way so that students find it easy to understand the text and context.  -KG.

4. Decision Making Courses (edX)

EdX offers a wide range of courses and certifications that will help you hone this skill. The best part is that it partners with various renowned institutions, which gives you the opportunity to learn from the best faculty. The University of Michigan is offering a Financial Decision-Making course for people who want to make better financial decisions. Some other good courses are Foundations of Ethical Decision-Making: Government and Political Issues by Georgetown University, Critical thinking: reasoned decision making by Tecnológico de Monterrey, and Effective Decision Making: Dealing with Business Complexity by TU Delft. 


Key USPs-

– Choose from a variety of courses and programs.

– Study courses offered by premier institutions.

– Learn about confirmation bias and how it can lead to poor decisions.

– Take generalized courses or specific courses that target particular areas like finance, business, etc.

– Equip yourself with the right tools and techniques.

– Learn time-tested strategies based on scientific and psychological principles.


Duration: Variable 

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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5. Decision-Making and Scenarios by Wharton University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Professors from the University of Pennsylvania will teach you how data can be used to make better business decisions. The course spans over 4 weeks, which covers reading material and quizzes. The first week will teach you how Net Present Value is the most effective evaluation criteria when selecting a project. The second week will teach you how to analyze and evaluate a project. You will also learn to analyze the incremental after-tax cash flows connected with a project. Next, you will learn about showing business strategies in financial statements. The fourth-week covers will teach analysis of a new product venture. Business professionals will benefit from this class.


Key USPs-

– You can enroll in this course for free.

– Make the best decision for your business using the tools and techniques mentioned in the course.

– Learn why Net Present Value is a better evaluation criterion than other criteria.

– Learn to create balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements.


Duration: 7 Hours 

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: The course material and examples are very useful. I really like the CF spreadsheet at the end of week 4 as this is a very organized CF model and I can use this as a reference to build my own. Thank you!  -SR.

6. Data-driven Decision Making by PwC (Coursera)

PwC created this course for professionals and data science enthusiasts. It will teach you the fundamentals of Data Analytics and how businesses use it. Then, you will be introduced to tools used in data analytics and career prospects in this field. The second week covers big data and its significance. During the last week of the course, you will do a hands-on project, where you will be given a business situation. Your peers will review your final work, and you will also get the opportunity to provide feedback on their work.


Key USPs-

– Hone data analysis and presentation skills.

– Get the opportunity to provide feedback on your peer’s work.

– Each week you will get video lessons, reading material, and a quiz.

– 31% of the students started a new career after completing the course.

– Learn about a framework for conducting Data Analytics and understand the common tools and techniques that are used.

– The project is relevant and helps you test your skills in a simulated business setting.


Duration: 9 Hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: An excellent course journey for this subject – Data-Driven Decision Making, very good content with relevant case assignment,s and they are paced comfortably to allow me as a learner to grasp the knowledge.  -BH.

7. Decision-Making (Linkedin Learning)

Linkedin Learning is a cost-effective and accessible learning platform for individuals and teams to increase their knowledge and skills. It is great for small organizations and startups who wish to invest in their teams. They have a good variety of courses on decision-making skills to choose from. Some of the best courses in this field are Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making, Making Quick Decisions, and Critical Thinking. The best part is that these programs are completely online and flexible.


Key USPs-

– Good variety of courses that have been created by experts.

– Learn at your pace from the comfort of your home.

– Suitable for new startups and organizations with small teams.

– Learn according to your schedule and set your own deadline.

– Earn a certificate and share it with your professional network.

– Equip yourself with a new skill and resolve complex issues.


Duration: Variable 

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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8. Decision Making Courses (Coursera)

If you are in a career that involves taking critical decisions, then you must master this skill. Coursera has a good variety of courses on this subject. Whether you are in the finance sector or in a creative field, there is something for everyone’s needs. You can easily filter the search results based on your needs. All programs are flexible and you can set deadlines according to your needs. Most of the programs consist of short videos, which won’t take much time from your busy schedule and the video lessons contain subtitles in languages other than English.


Key USPs-

– Learn from courses created by international institutions and universities.

– Study from expert and world-class faculty.

– Choose from a wide variety of decision-making courses such as Business Analytics and Decision Making, Creative Problem Solving, Effective Problem Solving, and Decision-Making, etc.

– Many learners who took these courses benefitted from them and even started a new career.


Duration: Variable 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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So, these were the best free and paid Decision-making Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training and Certifications programs available online. We hope you found this list helpful.