6 Best Design of Experiments Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

Subject matter experts have compiled this set of Best Design of Experiments Online Training, Course, Tutorials, and Certification on the internet for 2021. It has paid and free sources to help you learn about the Design of Experiments and is suited for learners of all levels. Have a look at our compilation of Best Landscape Design Courses.


6 Best Design of Experiments Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

1. Design of Experiments Specialization by Arizona State University (Coursera)

With the rapid growth of technology, it has become important to upgrade products and services to match the market demand. This course has been created to equip you with all the necessary skills to plan, develop and boost processes, software, and more. Design experiments, analyze large-scale data, and tackle applications ranging from automotive and semiconductor to healthcare.


Key USPs-

– Utilise examination results to obtain conclusions for making decisions

– Learn about response surface methods for optimizing systems

– Get acquainted with computational models and design tools

– Come up with customized designs for unconventional situations

– Integrate and apply all the covered points in the capstone project


Duration: 4 months, 3 hours per week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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2. Design of Experiments (GoSkills)

This program covers a series of techniques useful for developing and deploying existing and new technologies and systems. Along with this, the classes also show you how to use Minitab, a statistical analytical application. After completion, you will be able to chalk down your conclusions to make informed decisions about the problem statement. Check out our curation of Best Digital Logic Design Courses.


Key USPs-

– Understand the significance and phases of DoE

– Explore the key steps for achieving success in experiments

– Design studies like Taguchi and Plackett-Burman

– Practice along with 24 practical videos, quizzes, and exercises

– Study at your own pace from any device

– Finish all the requirements and earn the certification and 7 PDUs


Duration: 13 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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3. Design and Analysis of Experiments | DoE (Udemy)

In this tutorial, you will get an introduction to the importance of experimentation in science. Commence with the foundation of variance analysis and hypothesis testing followed by factorial, fractional and blocked designs. Apart from this, the lessons utilize R-Studio and MS Excel for making better sense of datasets.   


Key USPs-

– No prerequisite is needed for registration in the classes

– Develop the intuition to identify which technique is suitable for your problem

– Easy to understand and adaptable R codes 

– Visualize your data using plots, charts, and tables

– 71 Lectures + 1 Article + 30 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access


Duration: 4 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: The course was great and had all the content I needed to understand experimental design. Professor Rosane’s classes are so complete and she is very dedicated and helpful, having a huge knowledgment of statistics to build a complete course. – Raquel Pischke Garske



4. Design of Experiments (SAS Institute)

Throughout this program’s modules, you will explore how to study the association between multiple inputs and output variables simultaneously. The mentors also discuss why DoE is a better choice than hit and trial and handling one factor at a time. The ending sections discuss the best practices and guidelines to ensure successful experimentation. Don’t forget to check our list of Best Free Sound Design Course.


Key USPs-

– Conduct one factor at a time and ad hoc examinations

– Analyse unreplicated and replicated full factorials

– Perform screening for crucial effects

– Go over response surface and sequential methodologies 

– Define the problem statement and outlines the objectives

– Note constraints, restrictions, and factors


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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5. Introduction to Design of Experiments (Statistics)

If you are someone who enjoys learning by doing, then this tutorial is worth a look. The curriculum focuses on the application aspects and takes on the important concepts one by one. Find out how you can improve process efficiency and gain the most knowledge at a minimal cost. Focus on optimally choosing the inputs and evaluate the generated results.


Key USPs-

– Master areas like randomization, robustness, coding, and interaction

– Determine treatment effects and create plots to visualize your findings

– Navigate through Excel-based DOE KISS software for scrutinizing data

– Practice with the hands-on assignments

– Reach out to the teaching assistants with your queries


Duration: 4 week

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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6. STAT 503: Design of Experiments (The Pennsylvania State University)

The lessons on this platform are offered in text format, accompanied by a series of homework exercises. Work with randomized and comparative contexts for the experiments. Implement designs such as confounding, blocking, Latin square, and more. You will also understand multiple other models and methods geared towards doing the experiment process a success. 


Key USPs-

– Sample  programs are available that can be used for starting coding

– Lecture notes are available for offline access

– Complete the assignments, project, and prelim exams

– Attempt the final test, which has a weightage of 20% for the final grade


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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These were the 6 Best Design of Experiments Online tutorials, Class, Course, Training & Certification. We hope you found what you were searching for. Wish you a Happy Learning!