70 Best Domestika Courses [90% OFF] [2021 AUGUST]

70 Best Domestika Courses

Our team brings has curated this list of some of the Best Domestika courses, classes, certification available online. One of the largest community of creative professionals globally, Domestika has courses in various categories like Illustration, Photography, Design, Marketing, 3D and more. You get to learn at your pace, learn from the best from expert instructors, join a community of 1 million creative professionals and even get a certificate with the Domestika Pro membership. A haven for creative professionals, we hope you are able to find relevant courses suiting your needs.


70 Best Domestika Courses & Classes [2021 AUGUST] [UPDATED]

S No Course Category Duration
1 Modern Watercolor Techniques Illustration 3.5 hours
2 Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink Illustration 3.5 hours
3 Female Character Design for Comics Illustration 3.0 hours
4 The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art Illustration 6.5 hours
5 Creative Portrait Illustration with Procreate Illustration 3.0 hours
6 Composition and Color for Creative Illustration Illustration 3.0 hours
7 Editorial Illustration for Magazines Illustration 2.0 hours
8 Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop Illustration 5.0 hours
9 Architectural Illustration: Capture a City’s Personality Illustration 3.0 hours
10 Drawing for Beginners Level -1 Illustration 3.5hours
11 Introduction to Photoshop Design 7.0 hours
12 Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation Design 2.5 hours
13 Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design Design 7,5 hours
14 Introduction to Adobe InDesign Design 13 hours
15 Introduction to Adobe XD Design 3.5 hours
16 Architectural Visualization Using Digital Collage Design 2.0 hours
17 The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement Design 3.0 hours
18 Creation of an Original Logo from Scratch Design 2.5 hours
19 Introduction to Colour Psychology: Chromatic Narrative Design 2.0 hours
20 Branding and Identity: Construction and Development of a Brand Design 2.0 hours
21 Professional Photography for Instagram Marketing 2.0 hours
22 Introduction to community Management Marketing 2.5 hours
23 Transforming Your Creative Ideas into Personal Projects Marketing 2.5 hours
24 Instagram Strategy for Business Growth Marketing 1,0 hours
25 Content Creation and Editing for Instagram Stories Marketing 3.0 hours
26 Google Ads and Facebook Ads from Scratch Marketing 4.0hours
27 Communication Strategy for Social Media Marketing 3.5 hours
28 Launching your First Online Business Marketing 2.0 hours
29 Development of a Digital Media Plan Marketing 2.0 hours
30 Creation of an Online Shop with Shopify Marketing 2.0 hours
31 Creation of a Professional Website with WordPress Technology 5.0 hours
32 Introduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS Technology 2.0 hours
33 Techniques for Web Development with HTML5 and CSS3 Technology 2.0 hours
34 Introduction to JavaScript Programming Technology 3.0 hours
35 Design, Development, and Launch of a Website Technology 3.0 hours
36 Introduction to Adobe XD for Cell Phone Apps Technology 7.5 hours
37 SVG Vectorial Graphics: Illustrate and Animate with Code Technology 2.0 hours
38 Introduction to UX Design Technology 3.0 hours
39 Design and Programming of Video Games with Unity 5 Technology 6.5 hours
40 Web Layout with CSS Grid, Flexbox and other Modern Techniques Technology 2.0 hours
41 Introduction to Unity for 2D Video Games 3D & Animation 10 hours
42 Adobe Photoshop for Concept Art 3D & Animation 6.0 hours
43 Cinema 4D for Character Creation 3D & Animation 9.0 hours
44 Vectorial Animation Frame by Frame Style with After Effects 3D & Animation 7.5 hours
45 Introduction to Cinema 4D 3D & Animation 9.0 hours
46 Character Design for Animation with Photoshop 3D & Animation 4.0 hours
47 Express Animation for Social Media with After Effects 3D & Animation 3.0 hours
48 Introduction to Design of Characters for Animation and Video Games 3D & Animation 5..0 hours
49 Animated Collage with Adobe After Effects 3D & Animation 4.5 hours
50 Introduction to Character Design in Pixel Art 3D & Animation 2.0 hours
51 Professional Mobile Photography and Videos Photography & Video 3.0 hours
52 Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro Photography & Video 3.5 hours
53 Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Photography & Video 9.0 hours
54 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photography & Video 5.5 hours
55 Practice Guide to Learn to Use your Digital Camera from Scratch Photography & Video 2.0 hours
56 Adobe Photoshop for Photo Editing and Retouching Photography & Video 6.5 hours
57 Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography Photography & Video 3.0 hours
58 Secrets of Photomontage and Creative Retouching Photography & Video 3.0 hours
59 Directing Models for Photography Photography & Video 4.0 hours
60 Photography and Composition for Instagram Photography & Video 3.0 hours
61 Digital Illustration of Architectural Projects Architecture 4.0 hours
62 Introduction to SketchUp Architecture 6.5 hours
63 Architectural Visualization Using Digital Collage Architecture 1.5 hours
64 Introduction to Architectural Drawing in AutoCAD Architecture 1.5 hours
65 Interior Design for Restaurants Architecture 3.0 hours
66 Representation of Architectural Spaces with 3D Studio Max Architecture 5..0 hours
67 3D Architectural Design and Modeling with Revit Architecture 5..5 hours
68 Color applied to Interior Design Architecture 1.5 hours
69 Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 for Architectural Rendering Architecture 4.5 hours
70 Presentation Technique for Architectural Projects Architecture 2.5 hours