10 Best Ethical Hacking Course & Certification [2021 SEPTEMBER]

Best Ethical Hacking Course Tutorial Training Certification Online

30+ Hacking Experts have compiled this list of Best Ethical Hacking Course, Tutorial, Training, Class and Certification available online for 2021. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn Ethical Hacking and these courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.


10 Best + Free Ethical Hacking Course, Certification & Training Online [2021 SEPTEMBER][UPDATED]

1. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch (Udemy)

Does the thought of hacking and saving the day give you the adrenaline rush? Then this might just be the course for you. This comprehensive course on ethical hacking commences from the basic blocks which is just right for beginners. The hacking classes begin by covering the basic information about ethical hacking and different fields of penetration testing. Then the course gradually moves on towards a more advanced level. We think this is one of the best course on Ethical Hacking and it has been created by Zaid Sabih, an Ethical Hacker, Pentester & Computer Scientist and his company named zSecurity, which is dedicated for providing ethical hacking training and courses in cyber security.


Key USPs-

– Well structured course that gives equal importance to both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course.

– Gradual progression from basic concepts to advanced topics.

– Queries are solved by the experts on a daily basis

– Help is provided for any problem faced during practical setup

– 12.5 hours of on demand videos + 2 Articles + 17 Supplement Resources

– Curiosity and the passion to learn are the only pre-requisites required for this course


Duration: 12.5 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review : I’ve gained a good understanding of everything thus far, Zaid is very straightforward and explains things in a way that’s understandable to me. I get stuck at some parts but the Q&A section is so helpful. Most of the problems I’ve encountered have already been solved by other students, however Zaid and the Teaching assistants are very responsive and helpful if you have any unanswered questions. I can’t wait to take the Advanced Course! – Cameron Crain



2. Ethical Hacking For Beginners Course (Udemy)

Are you looking forward to learning ethical hacking and consider yourself a complete novice? Well then look no further, you’ve found just the course. Created by Hackers Academy this Ethical Hacking Certification is famous among beginners. The ethical hacking tutorial progresses with the assumption that you know nothing at all about hacking and hence teaches you everything step by step in a detailed fashion.


Key USPs-

– The course is divided into 3 parts- foundation, lab setup, hacking to help you learn easily

– Helpful in learning the basics of ethical hacking.

– More than 16,000 students are enrolled in the course.

– 5 hours on-demand videos + Assignments


Duration: 5 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review : The hacking for beginners course was so much fun, interesting and interactive as I had to complete a mission for almost each chapter. For this reason i managed to read more about different topics (servers, ports, scanning, vulnerabilities etc). The course made me read about different stuff, introduced me a little bit into the documentation area. All the topics were clearly explained by you [the instructor], with a clear voice and it was very clear and easy to understand and follow. A big thumb up for that, you make yourself very pleasant to hear and your explanations are on subject. I can say that i have learned all what i needed to know to go deeper into this awesome world of ethical hacking. – ON



3. Learn Ethical Hacking Online – Free Course (LinkedIn Learning)

Comprising of 20 courses, this ethical hacking learning path has something for everyone. Whether you are a complete newbie to this world or have some experience that you want to enhance further, these training courses from various experts in the industry are meant just for you. Trainers like Lisa Block, James Williamson, Scott Simpson and Malcom Shore take you through various aspects through different courses on topics like Kali Linux, Footprinting & Reconnaissance, Scanning Networks, Enumeration, Session Hijacking and much more.


Key USPs –

– Find a plethora of courses on the topic laid out in an orderly manner so you can go from scratch to being an expert

– Learn from various experts on the subject topic, so you get not one but varying views

– The first month on Lynda is free, so you can sign up and try out the courses in trial version

– The courses have been attended by thousands of students, with high reviews and ratings from them


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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4. Cybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook (MIT Management Executive Education)

MIT Management Executive Education1Cybersecurity is not just a concern of IT firms, but it applies to all the organizations that have resources curated on the internet through cloud technology. This cybersecurity course is for the executives and decision-makers to help them empower their teams with resources and measures to keep the working environment and data secure. The course provides insights on risk management in cybersecurity through industry examples. With a customized playbook, company leaders can design a cybersecurity framework to ensure secure business operations. You also get a verified Digital certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management.


Key USPs –

– Cybersecurity framework and best practices for company executives and higher-level management

– A framework to design cybersecurity measures for risk management in the organization

– A cybersecurity playbook to create the upcoming steps for security

– Learn the Defense-in-depth mechanism along with the cybersecurity framework of National Institute of Standards and Technology

– Learn cybersecurity jargons for easy communication among tech and non-tech teams


Duration: 6 Weeks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: The best part is the videos and especially discussions. Applying what you have learned at the same time as learning from other students’ points of view. – Simon Mzaouakk



5. Become an Ethical Hacker – Free Course (LinkedIn Learning)

This course is led by Lisa Bock, Malcolm Shore, James Williamson, and Scott Simpson. They are leading experts in the fields of network security, forensics, web design & development. This is essentially an ethical learning course, so it commences with an overview of the topic as a whole. The interesting thing about this course is that it touches over a plethora of topics under ethical hacking such as System Hacking, Denial of Service and many more. This course will help you to obtain knowledge that will help you to get started with a career in information security. Being available on LinkedIn Learning practically makes this training available for free.


Key USPs –

– Well structured course with detailed focus on each section

– Covers the common as well as upcoming security threats to the systems

– Hands-on practice using tools used for identification of threats to the network and systems

– Covers the implementation of countermeasures to tackle cyber attacks

– 32 hours of expert-created content including 20 items of learning content


Duration : 32 hours

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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6. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced(Udemy)

Like many other courses on this list, this is one of the best courses on Ethical Hacking. Created by Ermin Kreponic, an IT Expert, this course takes the students on a thorough journey of learning the tricks and trades of ethical hacking and penetration testing. The whole course is divided into 26 sections. You can get started with any level of knowledge. The one thing that sets this course apart is the amount of support provided by the experts. They provide thorough explanation for every practical exercise and clarify every doubt of the student. The course currently has more than 2, 40,000 students.


Key USPs –

– Complete exercises explaining how to build a hacking environment, break passwords and attack networks.

– Covers topics such as ethical hacking, web testing, penetration testing, and Wi-Fi hacking.

– Get an answer to every problem faced during the practical exercises in the course.

– Comes with 24.5 hours of on demand video  + 5 supplement resources + Full lifetime access


Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Review : I recommend this course to anyone that has the desire to learn functional real-world Ethical Hacking skills from the ground up because all the subjects discussed in each lecture will provide you with detailed easy to understand hacking methods that cover a comprehensive list of pertinent skills that are clearly effective right now. -Vincent Casella



7. Hacking and Patching Certification by University of Colorado (Coursera)

Do hacking web apps and Wi-Fi passwords seem to catch your attention? Then this might just be the course for you. This course is created by University of Colorado System and taught by Edward Chow, Professor of Computer Science. Hacking apps and passwords are just the tip of the iceberg of all this course has to offer. There are a range of options for practical experience as well, starting from hands-on lab to scanning and penetration tools. It is the 3rd course among the set of 4 courses that come under Fundamentals of Computer Network Security Specialization. Though you can get started with this course directly, it is advised by the creators to follow the order of the courses to gain maximum benefits.


Key USPs-

The course is divided into 4 parts with relevant projects.

Covers topics to hack and patch web apps with injection vulnerabilities.

Hands-on training on tools such as Nessus scanning tool and Kali Penetration Testing Suite.

Topics are covered in a very clear manner with an elaborate explanation.

All over there are 20 videos + 12 readings.


Rating: 3.9 out of 5

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8. Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (Cybrary)

If a career in cyber security is what you aspire for then this free course is just for you. It is taught by Leo Dregier, an Ethical Hacker with many more accolades to his name. This Ethical Hacking Certification starts from easy introductions to the topic before climbing up to a higher level. It consists of a total of 19 modules. Some of the topics covered are penetration testing, System Hacking, Trojans, Sniffing traffic, Denial of Service, Session Hijacking etc. The best part about this course is that it covers every important topic in an elaborate manner for free.


Key USPs-

– The course covers everything topic required to become competent as an Ethical Hacker.

– The course is completely free of cost.

– The course is broken down into sections and each section is explained concisely.

– The topics range from beginner level to advanced level.

– Includes 13.5 hours of on demand video along with additional resources.


Duration : 13.5 hours

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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9. Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners & Experts (Pluralsight)

This series is created to help you gain an understanding of the core fundamental topics, tools, techniques and jargons used in the field of security. Explore the five phases of hacking, and the process of identification of risks and how to defend against them among the many other. The lessons start from the basics and gradually go up to more complex topics such as cloud computing, penetration testing, cryptography. Though this is an entry-level material you are expected to have a strong understanding of TCP/IP and operating system with at least one year of experience with networking technologies.


Key USPs-

– Implement the concepts covered in the lessons by focusing on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the concepts.

– The courses can be taken by anyone with knowledge of TCP/IP and operating system and use it to learn the aspects of ethical hacking.

– The course has complete explanations about how to install the necessary software and navigate the interface.

– Learn how to extrapolate data, understand the risks and difference between ‘hacking’ and ‘ethical hacking’.

– The complete course content is available for free for the duration of the first ten days.


Duration: 60 hours (approx.)

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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10. Cybersecurity Certification by University of Maryland (Coursera)

University of MarylandCyber Security has always been a very important part of technology. Nowadays it has been gaining more and more attention. If you are one of those people who are intrigued by the topic then take a look at this course. Created by University of Maryland this course is further divided into 5 courses. It starts from the fundamental concepts required for building a secure system. All the different aspects and types of security are covered over the 5 sections. These include Usable Security, Software Security, Cryptography, and Hardware Security. This is followed by a final project.


Key USPs-

– The course is created in a well structured order

– Concepts are clearly explained with the help of real life example

– The theoretical concepts are followed by practical exercises using relevant tools

– This program is categorized as intermediate and some related experience may come in handy

– There are 5 courses in the program, each of which goes on for 6-7 weeks


Duration : 20+ weeks / 135+ hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review : All in all a very enjoyable course, not least because profressor Hicks is very pedagogical – one of the best lecturers I have encountered in MOOCs. The quizzes are relatively easy, but the first and second programming projects took a bit of effort to complete. However, the workload was quite a bit less than for other programming courses I have taken on Coursera. – Henrik W



11. Cyber Security Course by uc3m (edX)

Created and taught by the professors of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, this course will help you to take the first steps towards understanding the basics of cyber security. Learn about the common cyber security threats and the countermeasures to stop them. Some of the interesting topics include cyber defense, computer forensics and reverse engineering. The course spans over a time of 6 weeks. As the name of this course clearly mentions, there are a lot of hands on exercises to put the lessons into action.


Key USPs-

No prior computer security knowledge is required.

There are 6 lectures in total spanning over 6 weeks

Opportunity to learn about intriguing topics like monitoring cyber security attacks and cyber forensics.

Covers the fundamental and basic concepts of cyber security.

The content of the course is well structured and detailed.


Duration : 6 weeks / 42 hours

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : This course covers all the main basic concepts on security. You will learn about cybersecurity, computer forensics, reverse engineering, malware, XSS, SQLi, etc… Don’t get confused: although this course is oriented for basic and fundamental topics on security, it has a lot of knowledge from security experts. Very practical course, not only theoretical.


So that was experts’ take on best courses and certifications around ethical hacking. Hope you found what you were looking for.