50+ Best Free Online Certifications, Courses, Tutorial & Training [2018]

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The world is moving at a pace faster than anybody imagined. With automation speeding up, humans need to do their bit to keep up with the pace and not be left behind in this Darwinian phase of survival of the fittest. To help you upgrade your skills, stay relevant in the career market, we have compiled a list of the Best Websites and Online Sources which you can use to enhance your knowledge and skill up. These free websites should  help you get ahead without worrying about spending!

All these websites offer e-learning courses that can be taken up by you anytime, anywhere and some are available for a lifetime. Without taking too much time, let’s get down to business.

50+ Best Free Online Certifications, Courses, Tutorial & Training [2018]


1. Free Certification Courses on Coursera Online – 1000+ Certificate Courses

What seems to still be a secret for many is the fact that almost all programs on global university training partner Coursera are now available for free, for a short duration that is. What matters here is the part that you can simply choose a training program you seem to have a liking for, and then enroll to it at no cost, and evaluate the same by yourself. If after a few days you like it enough you can pay and continue further, otherwise you can not pay and enjoy the free content while it lasts. Sounds like a sweet deal to us! On Coursera, you will find free business certifications, free online training courses, free it certifications and much more.


How to access Free Certification Courses for Free on Coursera –

1. Log on to Coursera <- Click here for free classes

2. Look for the Join for Free icon. Click, enter your details and join.

3. Alternately, search for your favorite course on Coursera, then enroll and join for free.


You may also want to check out the list of the Best Coursera Certifications.

 2. Free Online Training on Udemy – 50,000+ Best Tutorials Online

Can we be honest? We are big personal fans of this platform. We shouldn’t be biased and all to say that, but what can we do, we just love this website so much! Here’s why –

a. 50,000+ Courses & Tutorial by Creators all across the world available on the platform.

b. You will find specialization courses for domains you can’t even imagine

c. Lectures range from 1 hour to 20 hours depending on what you want to learn

d. Some instructors are just too darn funny! (and knowledgeable and interesting!)

e. MANY courses are available for absolutely free, while others are available at prices you wouldn’t believe!


So whether you have Digital Marketing on your mind, or content marketing that you are thinking of, or Machine Learning that you want to invest your time in, this is one of the ‘bestest platforms’ you will ever find!

How to access udemy courses for free and on discounted pricing?


a. To access free online training on udemy, click here


b. To access udemy tutorials & courses at deep discounts all year round, click here <- Special Link for Discount


These are both special links that will help you benefit. All the best and happy learning!


3. Free Online Training on Skillshare – 17,000+ Free Online Tutorial

Wow is the word! This website offers thousands (17,000+ to be precise) of courses and online lessons across categories such as Design, Business, Technology, Photography, Film, Writing, Crafts and much more, all for, believe it or not, FREE! Yes you heard that correct, this ‘netflix for education’ gives you access to all its online training for absolutely free for two whole months. That offer stands true only if you sign up today .


Steps to access Free Online Training on Skillshare –

a. Go to Skillshare.com

b. Sign up with your Facebook ID or enter contact details as asked.

c. Share your credit card details to gain free access. You wouldn’t be billed a penny and you can cancel anytime.

d. After two months, you may decide to carry on or end your subscription


4. Free Certification Courses on edX– 1000+ Best Certification Courses

With an impressive array of top colleges and universities such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley on their panel, they are one impressive place to hone your skills online. Free online certification courses and training programs ranging from Project Management, Data Science, Computer Science to even TOEFL preparation courses among language courses like that around Mandarin are present. You will find some of the best business certifications, online certifications, free online it training and much more.


How to access Free University Certification Courses on edX –

a. Go to edX <- Click here to access free courses

b. Sign up with social media log in or your personal details

c. Once in, choose a course and then look for ‘Audit This Course’ option

d. This will allow you to go through major parts of the course at no cost!


5. Free Programming Tutorials

If you are looking for free resources to learn web development, programming and more, then this could be a perfect place. We have put together some of the best online resources that provide free courses on web development, app development and much more.


6. Free Digital Marketing Courses

We have compiled one of the most widely read list of best digital marketing courses, training and certifications available online. Thousands have benefited from it, may you join them too 🙂 Learn all about Google adwords, content marketing and much more.


7. Free Certificate Courses on Udacity

Udacity is another champion when it comes to online learning and free digital education, however they seem to have explicit price points mentioned against many of their courses making us believe they are wanting students to pay an upfront fee which was previously only chargeable at the time of a student applying for their nanodegree. In either case, you can check out free courses on udacity here and see if it fits the bill for you.

8. Free Courses on Khan Academy

We’ll be honest this one’s more for the students than professionals. But if you are looking for some nice content and courses on topics like Microeconomics, Finance & Capital Markets, SAT, GMAT or even entrepreneurship, then KhanAcademy offers nice courses that are available for absolutely free.


9. TedEd Courses

One hidden gem not many know about is TedEd. Yes that’s the same famous TED, but in this case, its a collection of best courses and lessons to help everybody learn. You will find interesting lessons on topics such as Business & Economics, Literature & Language, Mathematics, Philosophy & Religion, Social Studies and even Teaching & Education. You can access all courses right here.


So that was our compilation of some of the best free websites where you can enhance and upgrade your skills with  Free Online Certifications. Hope one or more them helped you find what you were looking for. As we come across more good sources, we will keep adding the same to this list. For now, we wish you happy learning and hope that you keep growing 🙂 If you found this article nice and helpful, do spread word about it by sharing it in your network. If you want to learn about the hot new sensation sweeping everybody, we have listed the bitcoin courses Also if you are looking at interesting courses to skill up in your career, we’d like to draw your attention to Best Deep Learning Courses, Best Courses in Affiliate Marketing , Best Free Marketing Certifications , Product Management Certification and Unity Courses to excel in respective domains.


BONUS : Best Courses, Training and Certification from Different Domains

To help you learn further, we are listing some of the best courses and training in various domains to help you choose –

1. iOS Development Training

iPhones are the rage for a simple reason, they are some of the best smart phones out there. With the increasing population of people using iOS devices, there is a wide range of apps and services these people like to access on their phones. iOS development courses can help all budding developers to become professional app developers and build a career around the same.


2. Virtual Reality Course

The times are truly virtual and so is the future. VR development is picking up globally and there is an increasing need of developers for the same. Enhancing your skills in this field can help you get ahead in freelancing or consulting.


3. Facebook Training

With social media having taken over everybody’s lives, facebook marketing and advertising is bigger than before. We have compiled some of the best training programs for helping people invest and spend on facebook marketing, the right way.


4. Cyber Security Training Online

With the internet spreading its wings far and wide at such a fast pace, securing websites, apps and other online entities becomes an increasingly big business. This then naturally calls for more professionals who are proficient at network security. To help people build a career in the domain, we have listed some of the best courses and training programs on the subject.


5. Blockchain Certification

Blockchain is hot and happening. With a rapid increase in the demand for the same from organisations, there is an increasing gap between demand and supply as well. We have put together a list of best courses on the subject to help you grow in this domain.


6. Best Unreal Engine Course

Game development is one hot and happening field and there are a plethora of career options all across the world right now. With more and more movies coming out with their own games to games being turned into movies, this industry is only set to become bigger with time. Unreal being one of the front runner technologies makes the list here.


We will keep updating this list with more courses that may help you. If you find this article useful, do share it with your friends 🙂

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