12 Best Free Web Development Tutorial, Course & Certification [2018]

best free web development courses, training tutorials and certifications

Web Development technology changes at the speed of light. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to keep up with the changing trends. To help you get all information at one place, we are sharing our take on the best web development courses that you can pursue online. Over time, we will keep adding courses to this list, so you can bookmark or subscribe to our email newsletter to stay updated.

12 Best Free Web Development Tutorial, Course & Certification [2018]

1. Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development Career

Michael Bowen is a Front End Developer who knows his job! He is adept at HTML, CSS, Javascript, Swift, Sketch and Xcode. In this 4.5 hour course, he will help you learn HTML and enable you to jump start your career in web development. You will learn how to create Your Own HTML & CSS Websites and also make a BBC Website Clone as part of the project.


Review – I’ve learn a lot from this course. This is probably the perfect course for someone who is just getting into web development. The lectures are interesting and fun and easy to understand. Would like to see more from the same tutor ! Keep it up ! – Aleksansar Radulovi


2. Free Web Development Courses by Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a pioneer when it comes to free online learning and you can take tiny steps into the arena of web development with the host of free courses around the subject on their portal. Course list includes –

– Intro to JS : Drawing and Animation

– Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages

– Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data

– Advanced JS: Games and Visualization

– Advanced JS: Natural Simulations

– HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive

– HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive with jQuery


3. Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch

Eduonix Learning Solutions is quite the expert when it comes to online courses. This 4.5 hour long training program from them will help you learn the basic concepts of responsive web development while helping you work on projects that map theory into practical learning. The course hopes to empower you to build responsive websites.

Review : Good course for learning responsive web design. Instructor shows how to display fluid responsive content on screens of various sizes. He covers a lot of components of bluestrap which is extremely important to learn for today’s front-end development. – Nauman Sheikh


4. MIT’s Free Course on Computer Science and Programming

When MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offers a MOOC for free, there is not much one should think about. MIT’s Free Computer Science Programming course is aimed at students with little or no programming experience. As a student, you will understand the role computation plays in solving problems. Using the Python programming language, students will learn to write small programs in order to accomplish useful goals.

Prof. John Guttag will teach this course and it will involve video lectures(with subtitles/transcript), Assignments: problem sets with solutions, programming with examples and you may have to purchase some online textbooks. You can go through the details of the course mentioned above.


5. Programming for Entrepreneurs Free Tutorial – HTML & CSS

Well this one’s special. So many entrepreneurs and everybody looking for a technical co-founder. Guess what, help is on the way. This program created by Pablo Farias Navarro with Zenva Academy will help you learn the basics of web development. You can start this training program with no prior coding experience as well.

Review – The course was clear and precise. The videos were short, which is great to come back and reference particular subject matter. Will definitely be looking into more courses by the author – Joel Maldonado

6. Free Mobile Web Specialist Certification by Google

Now this is a certification that comes along with a detailed study guide. If you intend to develop expertise in mobile web development, then this could be a good choice for you. This Mobile Web Specialist Study Guide offers details about various sub topics such as Website Layout and Styling, Front end Networking, Progressive Web Apps, Performance Optimization and Caching among multitude of other elements. Once you are done with the detailed study on the subject, you can head towards taking the Mobile Web Specialist Certificate Exam.


7. Deep Learning by Google (on Udacity)

Google offers this free course on Deep Learning in association with Udacity. You will learn how to optimize basic neural networks and convolutional neural networks. You will also be introduced to TensorFlow through projects and assignments. This is not really a starter course, but one more suitable for individuals with intermediate knowledge on the subject. It will be taught by Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist at Google and technical lead in the Google Brain team who is also the primary developer of the course.


8. Web Development Programs by Udacity

Udacity is a renowned name in the field of online education. With a host of free courses on various subjects, we have to recommend you to try out their web development free courses as well. This is an intermediate course, not entirely suitable for somebody with no prior experience around web development. The trainer Steve Huffman who built Reddit and then Hipmunk will teach you everything from the basics of how the web works to core web development concepts. It will then take you to form validations, databases, APIs, scaling issues and more.

9. Sass Free Course

This quick 3 hour course by Lawrence Turton will help you figure how Sass is becoming more prominent in web development and how you can use the API and command line for Sass. You will learn to develop projects quicker by implementing SASS, how to install SASS on any Operating System, understand SASS commands and understand basic & advanced SASS API’s.


Review : Fundamentals of SASS is very well explained with enough examples to get a comprehensive understanding of the basics. Highly recommendable for beginners. – Hanif Nepali


10. Foundations of Front end Development

Davide Molin, owner at Coding Shack will empower you with all the tools and practical knowledge necessary to build single page web applications. This practically could well be enough to kickstart your career working for an agency or a freelancer. You can enroll for this one without any prior knowledge on the subject and the tutor will approach each topic from scratch.
Review – Best introduction course I have ever seen. I wish I had taken this course when I first began learning HTML and CSS. The lecture is very thorough, detailed and the pace is very comfortable. Well done Sir, I will check some of your premium courses after this. – Simphiwe Tebe


11. Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web Development

Learn the foundational concepts of coding in this course that will introduce you to HTML and CSS. Learn to perform simple tasks such as creating a basic web page, changing colours, constructing lists; and also understand how to style your web pages, add content box and do a lot more simple things in web development. You can enroll without any prior knowledge of coding.

Review : Great course for beginners. Great topic coverage, the sub-topics are broken down narrow and separate to focus for best understanding about the subject on hand. – Ruben Francia


12. Dynamic Web Applications Free Course from Microsoft

This course has been developed by Microsoft and you will get to learn basic concepts behind Angular and the life cycle of an Angular component. You will work through a series of sequential modules and learn to create sophisticated, enterprise-grade web apps that render, HTML components. Your instructors for the course will be Sidney Andrews, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Cloud Applications Consultant from SeeSharpRun.NET and Pete Harris, Content Developer at Microsoft’s Learning Experiences.


BONUS : More Web Development Courses


13. Best Python Tutorial

If Python is on your mind, then we have done extensive research to help you excel in the domain. Find out best courses, tutorials and certifications on the subject. Learn about Python 2 and Python 3, how to create games with Python (Tic Tac Toe / Blackjack) and all about using Object Oriented Programming with classes.


14. Best Data Science Certification

From John Hopkins to University of Washington, we have covered it all. Find free courses, tutorials, udemy lectures, coursera certificates and much more in our exhaustive list. Learn all about machine learning, deep learning, r programming and much more.


15. Best Android Development Course

If you want to understand how to create apps like Uber, Whatsapp and many others, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Learn to develop for Android Nougat, whether you are a freelancer, consultant or job creator. These programs will help you take your android development game to the next level.


16. Best Blockchain Tutorial

Learn about Blockchain fabric development & architecture, Deep dive into Hyperledger Composer and learn blockchain with thousands of other learners in these shortlisted courses that will help you learn the latest technology out there.


17. R Certification

R has fast gained popularity and prominence among developers worldwide. We have put together a list of the best tutorial, courses and training on R programming. You will also find material on probability, statistics among other sections of data science on our website.


18. Unreal Engine Tutorial

Game development has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and this is an ideal time to try your hand out at the same. Unreal Engine being one of the latest technologies is being adopted by many for creating VR games among other experiences. Check out the best courses and tutorials on the subject.


So that folks was our take on the best free web development courses, tutorials, training and certifications. Hope you found what you were looking for. Also check out Kotlin Course, Unity Course and Docker Tutorial for getting better in the domains. Do subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay updated on the latest trends and courses from the world of web development and multiple other domains.

Wish you all the best! Happy Learning! Team Digital Defynd.


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