6 Best + Free Gastronomy Courses [2021 OCTOBER][UPDATED]

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After conducting in-depth research, our team of global experts has compiled this list of Best Six Gastronomy Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid courses to help you learn Gastronomy. Also, it is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as expert individuals. You may like to take a look at our list of Best Health & Wellness Courses.


6 Best + Free Gastronomy Courses & Classes [2021 OCTOBER]

1. The Science of Gastronomy by the Hong Kong University (Coursera)

Created by expert instructors of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, this course will introduce you to the basic scientific principles that underpin the methodology of cooking, food preparation, and the enjoyment of food. The topics in the course include the strong basics of biology, chemistry, and physics application. During the course, you will explore various issues related to gastronomy, such as altering flavor by chemical means, the coupling of senses to improve sense stimulation, and modification of the coloration to improve the appearance of dishes. The course provides you with multiple video lectures, graded assignments, practical examples, and real-world projects to help you get an in-depth understanding of Gastronomy.


Key USPs –

– Learn about the physiological and evolutionary implication of the senses, geographic and cultural influences on food, and the rationale behind food preparation.

– Know how to develop your recipes by integrating some of the scientific principles into new dishes.

– Learn to recognize the influence of the material world on human perception from various senses, and how to appreciate the art of integrating science into cooking and dining.

– Get a shareable certificate and extensive skills like Nutrition, Food Science, Cooking, etc. after completion of the course.


Duration: 22-23 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: There should be a digital certificate in PDF for those who cannot pay because everybody makes a lot of effort and time to finish this course. – AJ.


2. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health (Coursera)

Apart from the global pandemic COVID-19, individuals face various problems related to type-2 diabetes and other predominantly diet-related diseases. And to prevent these health issues, it is necessary to know about healthy eating. This course will provide you with the information and practical skills that you need to optimize the way you eat. It focuses on the practical discussion about real food and the environment in which you consume it. After finishing the course, you will have adequate knowledge of the tool that you need to differentiate between healthy foods and those that threaten it. Have a look at our compilation of Best Healthcare Courses.


Key USPs –

– A practical course that is focused on providing you with essential information related to healthy food and nutrition required for good health.

– Examine the social and cultural shifts that contribute to the modern epidemics of overweight and obesity while reviewing the nutrition found in the foods and their functions in the human body.

– Learn how consumption of sugar has changed in the past few years while exploring the sensible solutions for people who want to start eating better.

– Know about some useful and practical tips that can help you in grocery shopping, reading labels, and assembling a balanced meal.


Duration: 5-6 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: Very informative and useful. I’m from India, and I look forward to studying more about the nutritional values of different foods. This course gave me a head-start and information to pursue my goal. Thank You! – CS.


3. Gastronomy Online Learning (Le Cordon Bleu)

Le Cordon Bleu is a leading e-learning platform that helps individuals learn about various aspects of gastronomy and hospitality. It offers multiple courses that are designed to expand your knowledge of food and gastronomy, such as food writing for Publication, Gastronomic & Nutrition, and Future of Food: The Business, The Ethics, The Change, and Food Photography. From the list, you can choose a course that you are most interested in. The classes are created by professional instructors and industry experts, who are well-versed with all aspects of gastronomy. Besides, all the courses are available via an easy-to-use learning platform known as ENGAGE, where you can access all the tools required to achieve your professional learning goals.


Key USPs –

– Expand your knowledge of food and gastronomy while creating opportunities to network with like-minded people and take your career to a whole new direction.

– Improve your knowledge and encourage new ways to think and understand the aspects of gastronomy like nutrition, tourism, photography, etc.

– Get access to latest learning methodologies and knowledge from qualified facilitators, special guest lecturers, webinar tutorials, and personal feedback.

– Freedom to customize your course of study that best fits your requirements and professional or personal goals.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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4. Online Culinary Arts Programs (Escoffier School of Culinary Arts)

Individuals who want to earn a diploma in culinary arts and operations can take help from these online culinary arts programs that can help you advance your career and inspire you to take your skills to the next level. The courses included in the program are Diploma in Culinary Arts and Operations, Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Culinary Arts, and many more. All these courses are created by expert chef instructors, who have been working in this field for years. Also, each class is structured in an easy-to-follow learning module so that you don’t face any problems while learning.


Key USPs –

– Learn the fundamental concepts of culinary arts by beginning your journey with topic research and ending with personalized feedback from the instructors.

– Study interactive courses that are delivered by professional chef instructors while engaging in live classrooms discussions.

– Know about the business side of the industry and fine-tune your techniques and knowledge with access to all material in your kitchen.

– Develop additional opportunities for yourself in fields like operations, management, and potential business ownership.

– Get access to a virtual classroom, hundreds of technique videos, interactive learning tools, personal support, and lifetime career assistance.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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5. The New Nordic Diet – From Gastronomy to Health by the University of Copenhagen (Coursera)

Developed by Dr. Arne Astrup, this course focuses on improving your knowledge into a new food culture that is established between 2009-2013 with key emphasis on gastronomy, health, and environment. Enrolling in this course will give you the opportunity to experience a healthy and palatable new food and eating concept diet with an understanding of how food and nutrition can affect mental and physical health. The course is included with multiple video lectures, graded quizzes, assignments, peer feedback, and online discussion forums to help you gain additional knowledge of the course content. After completing the course, you will also receive a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers.


Key USPs –

– Get introduced to the New Nordic Diet Project, its background, the definition of the signatures, and principles behind this project.

– Know about the OPUS School Meal study, and how investigators examined the effect of the New Nordic Diet school meals on the well-being, academic development performance, body consumption, as well as the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

– Learn about the effect of the New Nordic Diet on adults while studying the impact of eating the New Nordic Diet and an average Danish diet.


Duration: 7-8 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: I loved the instructors and their thorough presentations. It was very eye-opening. I gained useful knowledge that can only help lead to a better life. Thank you for the opportunity. – GA.


6. Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science by Harvard University (Harvard Online Learning)

Created by top chefs and Harvard researchers, this course will help you explore how everyday cooking and haute cuisines can illuminate basic principles in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Enrolling in the program will help you learn the secrets behind some of the most famous culinary creations, how molecules influence flavor, the role of heat in cooking, diffusion, and culinary techniques. During the course, you will get the opportunity to become an experimental scientist in your very own kitchen, where you can perform all the tasks and cook all the recipes mentioned in the program. Also, on successful completion of the program, you will get a certificate of completion that can be used to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– Learn the scientific concepts that underline everyday cooking and haute cuisine techniques from professional chefs.

– Learn how to apply principles of physics, engineering, and chemistry to cooking, and how to become an experimental scientist in your kitchen.

– Learn to think like a cook and a scientist by following the engaging recipes, taking precise measurements, and making skillful observations.

– Cover essential topics that outline the course, such as Molecules, moles, flavor, phase transitions, and diffusion etc.


Duration: 6 weeks, 5-7 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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So these were the 6 Best Gastronomy Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you Happy Learning!