15 Best + Free Golang (Go) Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

Best Golang Courses Training and Tutorials

Go (Golang), the open-source programming language has gained much prominence over the years and is used by multiple developers globally to create web applications. After extensive research, our team of web development experts has compiled this list of Best Golang (Go) Tutorial, Course, Certification, Training and Class available online for 2021. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn Golang.


Best+ Free Golang (Go) Courses, Training, Certification, Class & Tutorial Online [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

1. Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language (Udemy)

Todd McLeod is regarded as one of California’s top college instructors and a true champion when it comes to developing and teaching e-learning courses. He has taught over 140,000 students online and attendees have given him an average rating of 4.5. Let us have a brief look at what lies in store in this Golang course.


Key USPs –

– Learn to install Go

– Create your first Golang project

– Understand Github

– 21 hours on-demand video with lifetime access

– 54,000 students already enrolled


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : I thought this course was very well put together. So much so I purchased a follow up course on web development from him. I’m looking to make a career change into this field and I believe this will give me the tools to succeed! – Jason Floyd



2. Web Development w/ Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language (Udemy)

Another one by Todd McLeod, this one takes a different approach in teaching you Golang. Todd was one of the pioneers who helped launch the Online Teacher Training Program which taught many professors how to start teaching online. One of the global leaders when it comes to teaching Golang, his courses are much sought after. Let us find out more about his second course in this list.


Key USPs –

– Construct server-side applications using today’s best practices

– Create web applications using Go’s standard library

– Create web applications without using third-party frameworks


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : Todd does a great job explaining things thoroughly, his pace is good and personal commentary and code samples thought provoking. Recommend this course highly. Great teacher. – Jason Sprouse



3. Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide – Golang (Udemy)

This program is specially created to master the Go programming language’s fundamentals and advanced features (Golang). It is ideally prepared for professionals who want to understand Go’s fundamental features and have a solid knowledge of other programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript. The course is created by Stephen Grider, a professional engineering architect, who will assist you throughout the classes. The instructor will help you learn how to use the full power of Go’s interface type systems and concurrency model and basic syntax and control structures. Besides, you will get a certificate of completion on finishing the course with given assignments and quizzes. Have a look at our compilation of Best Perl Programing courses.


Key USPs – 

– Learn to build massive concurrent programs with Go routines and channels while learning the advanced features of Golang

– Gain an understanding of the differences among commonly used data structures and how you can prove your knowledge with dozens of comprised quiz questions

– Learn how to apply Interfaces to simplify complex programs with the core features of Go

– Learn how to utilize types of Golang to future-proof your code and minimize the difficulty of refactors

– Get a 30-days money-back guarantee on the course without any hidden charges


Duration: 9 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: Steven speaks clearly and concisely. The explanations are easy for me to understand. Sometimes it goes a bit too slowly for me, which is why I skip some passages. – Thomas Widmann



4. Programming with Google Go Certification Course (Coursera)

This intermediate level specialization is created to help you to get an overview of the special features of the Go programming language. As this is an intermediate level program hence you are expected to have the fundamental idea of programming. Upon the completion of the series of the three courses, you will be equipped with the knowledge and techniques needed to create efficient, concise and neat applications.


Key USPs-

– The instructor covers all the concepts in an interactive way which makes it easy to understand the fundamentals before the practical assignments.

– Plenty of assignments to measure your grasp on the knowledge covered in the lessons.

– Learn about interfaces, functions, object orientation, class instantiation and much more.

– The courses should be completed in the prescribed order to get the most out of the specialization.


Duration: 12 weeks, 2 to 3 hours per week (approx.)

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here 



5. Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (Golang) Programming Language (Udemy)

Specially designed for beginners and experienced developers, this course could be your way to learn the Go programming language. The course is designed by Todd McLeod, the first university professor to teach Go at the university level in America who has trained beginners & experienced developers on using Go. It will provide individuals with great content and resources to learn according to their ability level while giving you the freedom to learn the course at your own pace. Once you complete the course with quizzes and exercises, you’ll receive a badge of completion to share with employers. Besides, the course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so rest assured.


Key USPs – 

– A ultimate comprehensive curriculum designed for all individuals to help them learn and understand the power of Golang programming

– Cover from beginner’s to advanced concepts of Golang like concurrency, channels, benchmarking, testing, error handling, documentation, and more

– Get access to hands-on exercises with solutions, valuable code base, assignments, and lifetime access to the course

– Learn from one of the best instructors of Golang, who have taught and trained more than 2.65 million students in Go programming


Duration: 46.5 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: Todd is one of the best teachers I had the pleasure to hear in my career. Thanks a lot for making everything so easy and give me the enthusiasm to learn every day. – Facundo Alderete



6. Web Development w/Google’s Go (Golang) Programming Language (Udemy)

Individuals interested in learning web development with the Go programming language can take up this extensive learning path. It is ideally prepared for professionals programmers to introduce Go programming fundamentals and principles for web development. It will give you an overview of Golang’s scalable and powerful programming language that creates web applications, microservices, web APIs, and other distributed services. Besides, Todd Mcleod organized this course, a tenured faculty at Fresno City College and adjunct faculty at California State University Fresno. Also, you’ll get hands-on, real-world examples to test the fundamentals of web development, along with lifetime access to the course.


Key USPs – 

– Learn to construct server-side applications with best practices while acquiring an outstanding foundation in the basic web programming

– Learn to make web applications with the Go programming language’s standard library and get to create web applications without using the third-party frameworks

– Complete the course to achieve mastery in understanding and application of web development 

– Gain an in-depth understanding of servers, AJAX, templates, JSON, cookies, state, UUIDs, HTTP methods, and more


– Know how to build performant distributed applications that dynamically scale and learn how cutting-edge web development practices are applied


Duration: 19 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: I was expecting to watch the trainer solving the code live rather than bringing some code and explaining. –  Sajir Mohammed



7. Go Bootcamp: Master Golang with 1000+ Exercises and Projects (Udemy)

This is another excellent course from Udemy designed for individuals to master and deeply understand Google’s Go from scratch with illustrated in-depth tutorials along with access to 1000+ hands-on exercises. In this learning journey, you’ll learn about why and how about the language and get the chance to work on projects comprising file scanners, log parser, spam master, and more. The course is entertaining and comes with easy-to-understand animations and illustrations, intuitive and ultra-detailed for understanding. Enroll yourself and learn about Go programming tips and tricks that can’t have access easily, in addition to common Go idioms and Go internals.


Key USPs – 

– Get started from a total Go beginner and become a confident Go programmer by practicing Go with 1000+ Exercises with included solutions

– Gain an understanding of Go in-depth with animated illustrations with addition to Go internals and common Go idioms along with best-practices

– Learn to create a log file parser that parses log files and a junk masker that covers spammy words within a block of text

– Know how to create a command-line retro led clock that shows time, console animations, dictionary programs, and more


Duration: 23 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: Amazing course!!! Many small tasks, good explanations, and nice “big” projects after each part of the course. – Vladimir Pravdin



8. gRPC [Golang] Master Class: Build Modern API & Microservices (Udemy)

This comprehensive prospectus focuses on teaching you how to build a fast and scalable HTTP/2 API for a Golang microservice with gRPC, protocol buffers, and more. It is specially designed for developers who want to write gRPC services and clients in Golang and architects who want to understand the working of gRPC and concepts behind different types of API. The course will help you learn how to implement Greet and a calculator service and hands-on lectures, and a modern framework for building a current and fast API. The instructor of the course, Stephane Maarek, is the author of various classes like AWS Series and Apache Kafka Series.


Key USPs – 

– Learn the gRPC theory to understand the working of gRPC while comparing gRPC and REST API paradigm

– Gain a perspective about writing your gRPC service definition in .proto files and generate server & client code in Golang utilizing the proto gRPC Plugin

– Know how to implement unary, client streaming, server streaming, & bi-directional streaming API

– Learn advanced concepts, such as deadlines, error handling, & SSL security, in addition to full CRUD API on top of MongoDB

– Expand your learning journey and get inspired by real-world gRPC services included within the course

Duration: 5.5 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: You made gRPC look so simpler, before taking this course I relied of different posts and videos for understanding gRPC, but it was your course that made me understand it. Thanks Stephan. – Vishal Gaware



9. Complete Guide to Protocol Buffers 3 [Java, Golang, Python] (Udemy)

This online training program is created to help you learn all about Google Protobuf with real-world examples and exercises. Taking up this learning curriculum will help you learn how to develop complex .proto files while utilizing a data format to create the most efficient APIs and more. Besides, the program will help you explore the core concepts and hands-on lectures along with all aspects of protocol buffers 3. Moreover, it provides you with lifetime access to the course content and a responsive and friendly instructor. During the classes, you will also get access to interesting articles and practical exercises to improve your understanding.


Key USPs – 

– Learn to write complex and straightforward .proto files, along with writing code in your programming language like Python, Java, and Golang

– Get access to hands-on practice exercises to examine your learning and leverage imports and packages appropriately

– Learn to generate code utilizing `protoc` in any language along with coding in Java with Protocol Buffers

– Gain understanding about the working of data evolution for Protobuf and learn about advanced protocol buffers concepts


Duration: 3.5 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: The content is really precise and insightful, serves the purpose of the course by introducing you to all the necessary concepts and basics of a protocol buffer. – Deependra Thagunna



10. Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang) (Udemy)

Created by Trevor Sawler, this program is an excellent choice for beginners to learn how to write programs professionally in the Go programming language. Joining this practical program will teach you to write fast, modern, and secure web applications in Google’s Go programming language from an award-winning Professor with 20 years of teaching experience and working in the industry. The video sessions included in the program focus on writing web applications comprising HTML5. A survey of JavaScript modules and JavaScript and working on CSS to make the application look you want. At the end of the prospectus, you’ll have a solid understanding of the Go programming language.


Key USPs – 

– Learn to create HTML pages using HTML5 and write JavaScript without depending on something like jQuery

– Know how to create and utilize CSS, build secure, modern web applications in Google’s Go programming language along with organizing your Go application correctly

– Learn to write tests in Go, connect to a database in Go, manage sessions in Go, and create & utilize middleware in Go

– Gain an understanding of utilizing 3rd party packages with Go modules, implement secure user authentication


Duration: 29 hours

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: Great course! – Felix Moreno



11. Go (Golang): The Complete Bootcamp (Udemy)

This course is designed with the aim to provide you with in-depth knowledge of Golang so that you can get your dream job or even go freelance. Some of the important concepts covered include slices, maps, functions, control flow, encoding and decoding, pointers and structures. Once you are confident with the fundamental topics, dig into the various tools and work on numerous projects to build your portfolio.


Key USPs –

– Follow along with the introductory lessons to set up the required tools and software.

– Get access to all the updated content and conventions.

– Gain unique tips and tricks to incorporate in your development practice.

– Detailed lessons with animations make learning a fun experience.

– Over 1000 hands-on exercises to practice the concepts covered.

– 296 Lectures + 76 Articles + 49 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access

– Enroll in the classes at a nominal price.


Duration: 21 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : My first Go tutorial. I am glad I landed on this course. Looking forward to the remaining sections. At the end, I would like to use go for web apps as well. Is there a Go web framework you could recommend or any web resources? Thanks a bunch! – Vincent Mosoti



12. Free GoLang Course for Web Development (LinkedIn Learning)

This training on Go has everything you will need to know for using the programming language for web development. First, understand how to build a web server with the extensive standard library of Go. Learn the concepts and techniques behind a single page web application, see how to create a dynamic user interface, manipulate databases and use strong encryption algorithms to implement an authentication system. Next, the instructor helps you to call external libraries and implement them to enhance functionality. By the end of the program, you will have an optimized package ready to be deployed.


Key USPs-

– Well structured content and all the topics are covered at a great pace.

– As this is a beginner level training hence no prior experience is required. All the topics are covered from scratch.

– The instructor covers all the concepts in an interactive way which makes it easy to understand the fundamentals before the practical assignments.

– You can view the lessons online as well as offline with the ‘view offline’ option.

– The training is divided into 6 sections along with assessments.

– The course content can be availed for free.

– The viewers of this training include information technology consultants, software developers and more.


Duration: 2 hours 9 minutes

You can Sign up Here 



13. Learning Go – Free Course (LinkedIn Learning)

This training on the next generation, open-source programming language is designed to help developers get started with Go. Primarily aimed at novices, this course starts off with the core language elements and syntax. The instructor David Gassner introduces tools and skills used in a Go workflow along with Go Playground, an online tool that takes the whole development process off the desktop. In addition to all this, learn how to structure code for optimal readability and performance, make simple web requests and read-write files.


Key USPs-

– No prior experience is required to get started with the content in this training.

– Clear instructions are provided to install the software required to follow the lectures and implement the practical examples.

– The first few lectures provide an explanation of the things to remember for the duration of the program and how to get started with the exercises.

– Exercises and assignments are available for online practice as well as for download.

– The ‘view offline’ option gives you the choice to access the course content without the internet.

– The training is divided into 7 sections along with chapter quizzes.

– The study content is available free of cost.

– The viewers of this training include technology managers, software developers, and students.


Duration: 3 hours 48 minutes

You can Sign up Here 



14. Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang)

Stephen Grider has been building Javascript for top corporations in San Fransisco Bay Area. He has taught 157,000+ students and commands a highly impressive rating of 4.7. His Golang course is a Bestseller and a quick duration of 9 hours he takes you through an enthralling journey which is bound to make you better at Go as well as a better web developer. An important prerequisite is that you must be well versed with either Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, or a similar language.


Key USPs –

– Tests along the way

– Learn about Slices and For Loops, Custom Type Declarations, Receiver Functions

– Understand OO Approach vs Go Approach


Rating :4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here.


Review : I really liked this course. The content is quite complete and covers almost all the basics explaining some issues and tricks that might be useful in real life. I’d recommend this course for anyone that wants to step into the Go programming world and has no previous (or little) programming experience. – David Vidal Villamide



15. gRPC [Golang] Master Class: Build Modern API & Microservices (Udemy)

If you have a thorough knowledge of Golang and want to develop scalable, and fast APIs using gRPC framework then this course is for you. With hands-on lessons, you will go over all the aspects of this framework. Learn to write services, implement streaming & API and generate server & client code and much more. Following this, you will get an overview of how these services are used to solve real-world problems.


Key USPs-

– Write service definitions in proto files.

– Look into error handling, SSL security, and deadlines.

– Learn to implement APIs over databases.

– Get access to practice questions along with solutions.

– 70 Lectures+ 11 Articles + Full lifetime access

-Clarify your doubts by interacting with the instructor.

– Register for the classes at an affordable rate.


Duration: 5.5 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here 


Review : I really enjoyed taking this course. Came into this course knowing very little about this topic and now have a foundation to build on. The material was well structured and covered in detail. Thank You Stephan ! – Rahul Nair



16. The Go Programming Language for Beginners and Experts (Pluralsight)

If you are looking forward to learning an extremely fast and efficient language as an alternative to the traditional and established languages like C and C++ then you don’t need to look beyond Go. This program covers some of the essential features of Go and neat things that can be done with it. Go over the important concepts in the language step by step before ending with the topic of concurrency. By the end of the lectures, you will be ready to code in Go.


Key USPs-

– Clear guidance is provided to go through with the necessary installations and setup of the development environment.

– The first few lectures provide o brief introduction to the scope of the content covered in the classes.

– Practice with available code and solve assignments to enhance your coding competence.

– Work on different real-world problems, and see how they can be solved with Go.

– The training is divided into 10 sections consisting of concise lectures.

– The content can be accessed for free for the first 10 days.


Duration: 4 hours 35 minutes

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here 



So that was our round up of the best Golang courses, training and tutorial available online. With costs so low, these courses are as good as free. Hope this helped you find the one of your choice. If you liked this enough, do share it with your friends.

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