5 Best Hand Combat Courses [2021 OCTOBER][UPDATED]

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Our team of dedicated industry professionals conducted extensive research and compiled this list of Best Four Hand Combat Training Courses, Tutorials, Classes, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list facilitates the best learning resources to help you master Hand Combat. All these courses are suitable for newbies, intermediates, as well as experts.


5 Best Hand Combat Courses Online [2021 OCTOBER]

1. Top Close Combat Courses (Udemy)

If you want to become a martial arts professional, karate instructor, or hand combat professional, this set of courses can help you. Created by experienced instructors of Udemy, this list of courses can help you learn about close military combat, hand-to-hand self-defense, and advanced close combat training. The best-selling programs in the list are Learn Military Close Combat Training and Advanced Close Combat Training. The classes are created by professional martial artists, retired officers, and training professionals. Besides, you’ll get to learn from real-combat training videos of professionals who have trained many students. After finishing each course, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion to showcase your skills.


Key USPs – 

– Learn about technique and training fundamentals and the most significant difference between street/battlefield fights

– Know the methodology and importance of driving in and through your attacker while learning the escape or evade technique

– Learn the scientifically proven ways to hit with more force and pressure regardless of your size or speed now

– Learn to short circuit street thugs heads, overwhelm his nervous system, and defend yourself against major attacks


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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2. Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat (Udemy)

This hand-to-hand combat training program offered by Udemy lets you humiliate bigger, more robust, and experienced attackers. The course facilitates a scientifically proven self-defense system perfect for military professionals. The trainer of this program, Chris Pizzo, is one of the world’s leading self-defense instructors and an award-winning martial artist. In the world of martial arts, people recognize him as Self-Defense Guru – Captain Chris. No prior experience is necessary to join this program and learn the fastest humanly possible fighting techniques. Check out the compilation of Best Econometrics Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn to toss anyone right on their head and break their arm to block the moves.

– Get to know the exclusive military tricks that will make you an expert in martial arts.

– Learn to control the adrenaline dump and shakes, and keep yourself calm in any tense situation.

– Learn the eight combat coordinates that you need to know in terms of winning over a violent encounter.

– Learn the rookie mistakes made in martial arts and how you can avoid them to win a street fight.

– The training program consists of six hours of on-demand video training and downloadable resources.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: It was really very easy to understand. I feel 100% confident in my ability to protect myself. Thanks Captain Chris! – Diana Strickland



3. Advanced Close Combat Training: Scientific Self Defense (Udemy)

If you are looking for a professional level close combat training program, then your search might end here. This scientific self-defense program by Udemy teaches you the deadliest self-defense moves of the world. The trainer of this program is again Chris Pizzo. Unlike the previous program which best suits beginners to intermediates, this program is designed for advanced professionals. It would help if you have taken a basic level close combat training course before joining this course, but not necessary.


Key USPs –

– Get to know a scientific way, discovered by Isaac Newton, to hit your opponent with more pressure and force.

– Learn the one proven effective bizarre move to pin someone down and jump off him.

– Learn to bust the knee caps of the attacker with a simple move that very few know.

– Put your toe into proper use when fighting with a faster, bigger, and more experienced opponent.

– Learn to block the punches of an expert boxer and fight back as fastest as humanly possible.

– The course facilitates 6.5 hours of video tutorials, readings, and other downloadable resources with lifetime access.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: Packed with information, multiple scenarios with complete descriptions, training sessions, and more… Love it! This one has it all. 🙂 – Janis Musgrove



4. Unarmed Combatives (Force Necessary)

The instructor of this course, Hock Hochheim, is well-known for teaching savvy citizens, police, military, and other forces the art of hand, knife, stick, and gun combative. Force Necessary teaches scenario-based, event-based, and situational advanced fighting tactics to individuals, police, and military. This combat training program teaches you the best practices of self-defense according to your age, size, strength, and other specs. The program offers books, basic level crash courses, DVDs, full-fledged video courses, and on-site seminars subject to pre-booking. Have a look at our take on Best Ethics Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn the techniques of reality fighting with life-saving, vital conversions of traditional and classical martial art.

– Learn hundreds of merely known self-defense skills, and fighting and power savvy developing drills.

– Learn to read the mind of your opponents and their possible moves before they start the fight.

– Get to know the best street survival strategies to save yourself from sudden street attacks.

– Understand when to use strikes, cranks, kicks, invading entries, kneeling, takedowns, ground combat scenarios, throws in standing, and modern weapons.

– You can simply take the training to learn the tactics, or become an instructor with the rank certification.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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5. Best Combat Training Course (SCARS)

SCAR is an authorized combat training center that trains US Special Forces. After accredited as subject matter experts, they are developing self-defense training programs according to their regular threat analysis. SCAR consider itself the black sheep of the self-defense world. If you want to learn the advanced techniques of martial arts and other fighting systems, then you should go for this training program. The trainers are experienced in training US Navy, US Army, DELTA, FBI HRT, US Secret Service, and other prestigious forces.


Key USPs –

– SCAR has different training sets for both men and women, and it also offers corporate training programs.

– The course facilitates a 3-day extended on-site Live Scars Training Program led by the expert trainers.

– Learn the exact techniques and policies that the US Special Operation Community follows.

– SCAR claims it will expose the biggest lie that people tell about martial arts, which is, it takes a long time to become great at martial arts.

– Learn the proven scientific methods of taking correct actions 50% faster.

– Both online and on-site training programs are available.


Duration: Online – Self-paced, On-site – 3 days, 1 year

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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So, these were the best Hand Combat Training Courses, Classes, Tutorials, and Certification programs available online. Cheers to your success, Team Digital Defynd!