6 Best Influencer Marketing Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

Marketing is no longer limited to just showcasing products or services. With social media prevailing on the digital landscape, marketing has changed its forms. Influencer marketing is one of the most sought-after ways to reach out to a wider audience base for most brands these days. You can be an Influencer yourself or someone seeking one, the Influencer Marketing training and courses can get you started with how to make the most in each position. So, dig in to know more. 

6 Best Influencer Marketing Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED]

1. 10 Influencer Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures (Udemy) 

This influencer marketing training on Udemy is packaged with ten must-implement steps to leverage strategic benefits on social media for growth. The course will guide influencers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and the like in preparing solid action plans to increase followers and revenue. With a comprehensive breakdown of what Influencer Marketing is, you will gain essential insights into applying the tactics for your business. Case studies and practical demonstrations within the videos can help you in grasping the concepts quickly. Have a look at our compilation of Best Influencing Courses.


Key USPs –

– Evaluate your niche and objective for implementing Influencer Marketing 

– Learn to search for the right Influencer for your brand to reach out to your target audience 

– Understand how to make contracts with Influencers to keep all the terms clear and steer clear of loopholes 

– Increase your revenue generation and brand visibility with the help of Influencer Marketing strategies 


Duration: 3 Hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

You can Sign up Here 


Review: Love that this course was broken down into really clear easy step by step lists. Plus, the real time examples were incredible helpful. Excited to put this into real time practice. – Alexandra Berg



2. The Secrets of Instagram: How to Become a Great Influencer (Udemy)

If Instagram is your go-to platform and you want to learn how to make the most of your time there, you should check out the Secrets of Instagram course on Udemy. You don’t have to spend hours learning how to increase your followers, create an engaging community or start earning money through your account. Just watching these bite-sized videos containing the dos and don’ts of Instagram with key highlights of growth techniques, you are good to go! This course focuses primarily on Instagram, but you will also find hacks for other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Check out our curation of Best Free Instagram Marketing Courses.


Key USPs – 

– Acquire tips to design appealing social media profiles for ensuring more followers

– Get answers to the doubts you have regarding community development and content creation on Instagram 

– Learn how to get noticed by a broader audience base through the techniques shared here 

– Learn to deal with judgments and negative feedback to reduce its impact on your creation process 

– Gain insights into the dos and don’ts of Instagram Influencer Marketing 


Duration: 1 Hour

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: Loved this course. It is a no fluff but takes action course. Started implementing some of the strategies and started to see results. Thanks so much for getting me out of the rut! – Margaret Doxey



3. Influencer Marketing: Hire Right Influencers & Track Results (Udemy)

Influencer Marketing can get tricky and result in lower returns if you don’t select the best fit for your brand. If you are struggling with finding the right Influencer or don’t know when to go for one, this course can be your blessing in disguise. It contains information on how and where to find the perfect Influencer to represent your brand, tools to evaluate and finalize your search, track the performance of campaigns, retargeting, and much more. The steps illustrated in the video lessons are easy to implement and free of jargon. You can improve your sales results by creating a blend of paid ads and influencer marketing for your business. Check out the course curriculum for more details.


Key USPs – 

– Learn to use online tools for searching the right Influencer to represent your services/products on social media 

– Identify when to use Influencer Marketing and when to go for paid ad campaigns to avoid spending more money 

– Explore ways to implement retargeting campaigns for generating traffic after implementing Influencer Marketing strategies 

– Create affiliation programs for your brand to diversify your Influencer Marketing plans 


Duration: 5 Hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: This was a great course! Really learnt a lot about how Influencers function and how to run effective campaigns. The instructor takes his time and gives helpful tips when working with Influencers. Highly recommend. – Dapo Tejuoso



4. Introduction to Influencer Marketing (Udemy) 

Save time, money, and efforts to optimize your customer acquisition metrics by learning how to leverage Influencer Marketing for your business by signing up for this Udemy course. With five chapters, each building over the previous one, you will learn how to research the market to get the right Influencer on board, estimate campaign budgets and targeted returns, evaluate performance, etc.  The course has a practical approach, and you can simultaneously apply what you learn here to see its effectiveness. The certificate of completion you will earn on finishing can add potential credits to your career profile to secure jobs with Digital Marketing agencies.


Key USPs –

– Clear your fundamentals of Influencer Marketing to understand the advanced concepts elaborated here

– Get framework to plan marketing campaigns, choose Influencers, schedule, and track the campaigns 

– Learn how to estimate budgets, evaluate media channels, and choose your target audience to ensure good returns on invested capital 


Duration: 1 Hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: I learnt alot in this course. I can recommend it to anyone else who wants to venture into influencing – Rethabile Lenkwe



5. Influencer Marketing Strategy by Rutgers the State University of New Jersey (Coursera) 

Rutgers’ online program on Influencer Marketing Strategy on Coursera is all about the strategies and tactics you need for implementing Influencer Marketing for your organization. The video tutorials, along with marketing templates and projects, enable you to learn and apply at the same time for maximizing learning benefits. Content marketing, Influencer marketing, finding and engaging with Influencers, and tracking results are the primary modules of this program. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skill to implement Influencer Marketing strategies for your business or employer.  Don’t forget to check our list of Best Marketing Communications Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn to prepare a generic strategy template for implementing Influencer Marketing for B2B, B2C, nonprofit institutes 

– Apply your lessons on the assignment project given in the course to evaluate your understanding 

– Add the project to your portfolio for showcasing your skills to prospective clients or organizations 

– Confidently apply for job roles related to Influencer Marketing strategies with your dream companies 


Duration: 23 Hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review: I would recommend this course to any social media and digital marketing professionals that want to learn more about influencer marketing and how to build a strategy campaign. It was excellent! – TM



6. Online Influencer Marketing Classes (SkillShare) 

SkillShare has curated numerous courses on Influencer marketing that you can enroll and complete at your pace to develop market-ready skills. With more companies understanding the benefits of marketing, the avenues are wide open for job positions like marketing strategists, campaign experts, content curators, and the likes. The courses you find here range from Influencer Marketing for small budgets to planning and reporting techniques, understanding audience, and much more. So, take a look at the course offerings on SkillShare to select your pick. 


Key USPs –

– Browse through the courses on SkillShare to choose the best fit as per your current knowledge and career requirements 

– Learn ready-to-apply skills to have the upper hand in job interviews 

– Build your career through upskilling in this lucrative digital marketing industry 


Duration: Variable

Rating:  4.7 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


We hope the above list of the best online Influencer Marketing courses helps you with your online journey. Happy learning!