5 Best Japanese Cooking Courses [2021 OCTOBER]

Best Japanese Cooking course tutorial class certification training online

After conducting in-depth research, our team of global experts has compiled this list of Best Five Japanese Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid courses to help you learn Japanese Cooking. Also, it is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts. Here you can check out our list of Best Cooking Courses.


5 Best Japanese Cooking Courses & Classes [2021 OCTOBER]

1. Best Authentic Japanese Food Recipes Cooking Classes (Udemy)

It is an online cooking book that is compiled with the recipes of the most popular homemade Japanese food in a simple and easy-to-understand approach. Enrolling in this course will provide you with the traditional recipes of Japan, such as iritori, saba misoni, tonjiru, karaage, as well as the Japanese versions of potato salad, stuffed cabbage rolls, mabo tofu, and sour meatballs. The instructors of the course will give you step-by-step instructions and demonstrations with helpful tips to guide you on how to prepare healthy and delicious Japanese meals. After finishing the course, you will able to cook the most popular Japanese dishes at home without any external help.


Key UPS –

– Learn many cooking techniques that can improve your kitchen skills with useful information like the cooking time, calorie count, equipment to use, etc.

– Know the basic flavors and their use in Japanese cooking, as well as learn how to serve delicious and healthy meals for your family.

– Get in-depth knowledge of the ingredients that are commonly used while cooking Japanese food and enhance your cooking creativity by finding alternatives for ingredients.

– Included with a course e-book that you will receive at the end of the course, which covers the complete recipes for the dishes taught in the course.

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Duration: 8-9 hours

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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Review: Easy to follow. I would like a list of the ingredients before the videos. – June Kessler.


2. All Japanese Cooking Classes (Master of Japanese Cuisine Academy)

Individuals who want to uplift their Japanese cooking skills to the next level can take help from this list of courses. Created by experienced Japanese chefs, these courses will provide you with everything that you need to become an expert at Japanese cooking. Whether you want to learn how to cook sushi, sashimi, miso, soy sauce, party food, or tempura, you can learn everything from here. Some of the courses on the list include Complete Guide: Art of Tempura, Standard Dashi Soup Stock, Green Beans/Spinach Ohitashi, etc. Each of these courses is covered with step-by-step instructions on how to make your Japanese cooking more skillful. Also, you will get continuous support from the instructors during the course if you found yourself stuck somewhere.


Key USPs –

– Learn from the world’s first online culinary academy that is wholly dedicated to providing the highest level of Japanese culinary instructions.

– Learn unique techniques and valuable tips from the master chefs to make your Japanese dish more delicious.

– Enroll yourself in the Support a Chef & Get a Free Life-Long Membership plan to avail exclusive offers on the courses.

– Get hands-on experience in making various Japanese culinary items at home.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: “The mentor chefs -all Japanese- were amazing, very supportive at every mentoring session, and overall the experience was a lot of fun!”  – Arnold Acevedo-Moulin.


3. Ultimate Dashi Making Course (Udemy)

Dashi is known as the staple ingredient in Japanese cooking, and if you want to learn how you can make it at home, then this course might be the ideal option for you. Taking this course will help you learn how Dashi can be used as a basic broth or stock in cooking many traditional and Japanese household food, as well as give flavor to many soups, meat, vegetables, and stews. The course is created by Pearl Ishizaki and Rikiya Ishizaki, who are no professional chefs, but they have earned valuable experience in cooking Dashi at home. During the course, they will be in touch with you to help you understand the material in a simple manner. You may like to check out our take on Best Italian Cooking Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn how simple and easy it is to cook Japanese food with Dashi if you have knowledge of a few ingredients.

– Learn how you can make instant Dashi with powdered or concentrated liquid, which contains more flavor enhancers like salt, MSG, etc.

– Know about various types of Dashi that are used in Japanese cuisine, and how they can be made at home with simple techniques and ingredients.

– Get life-time access to the course content with continuous updates and downloadable resources.


Duration: 36 minutes

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: Seems very simplistic. All I see so far is instructions to put a few items in a jar and add water. I thought the lessons would be longer and more detailed. – Steven Marino.


4. Japanese Tofu: Delicious Everyday Recipes to Prepare at Home (Udemy)

Individuals who want to learn how they can cook Tofu at home with new and delicious ways can take help from this course. In this course, you will learn how you can cook stir-fried, simmered, pan-fried, and hot pot tofu dishes for your loved ones with minimum effort. The course is designed by Pearl Ishizaki, who is a professional YouTuber home chef in Japan. She has years of experience in cooking various Japanese dishes, which she will share with you during the course. Besides, the course is included with step-by-step instructions, secret recipes, and downloadable resources to help you improve your existing Japanese cooking skills.


Key USPs –

– This course is focused on teaching you how to you can cook one of the most delicious Japanese dishes known as Tofu at home.

– Get introduced to various types of tofu staple ingredients that are used in almost every Japanese cuisine.

– All the recipes included in the course are well-selected, which means you will be able to cook the best, most delicious, and healthiest dishes at home.

– Get 30 days free trial of the course with the freedom to study from your comfort zone.


Duration: 30-40 minutes

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Review: Great course. Delicious easy to follow recipes. Thank you. – Bobbie Smith.


5. Online Japanese Cooking Class (Skillshare)

Skillshare offers an extensive Japanese cooking class, which is focused on teaching you authentic Japanese cooking. Even if you are a complete beginner to Japanese cuisine, this class will provide you with valuable insights, techniques, and tips to help you make Japanese dishes at home from scratch. The course is created by Chikako Orton, who is a professional instructor at Skillshare. During the class, she will share her experience of becoming a home chef in Japanese cooking, as well as she will guide you to multiple ingredients that can be used to make perfect Japanese dishes at home to delight your family and friends.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to cook various Japanese dishes like Japanese Rice, Fish, White Sauce, Rice Casserole, etc.  at home with simple steps and instructions.

– Gain skills that are helpful in every cooking, such as culinary, nutrition, recipes, diet, lifestyle, health, and wellness.

– Learn how to cook fish, Japanese curry rice, Tacos rice, tartar Sauce, Mille crepe egg, Chicken namban, Miso and Mayonnaise salmon, Diakon oroshi, and many more dishes.

– Het full-time access to the class content, including video lectures, ingredient list, projects, and much more.

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Duration: 40-50 minutes

Rating: 4.6 Out of 5

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So, these were the 5 Best Japanese Cooking Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training & Certification program available online. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!