5 Best + Free Jenkins Tutorial, Training & Course [2021 OCTOBER] [UPDATED]

Best Jenkins course tutorial class certification training online

A team of 20+ experts have come up with this compilation of Best Jenkins Course, Tutorial, Training and Certification available Online for 2021. These tutorials and courses that will help you Learn Jenkins, include free and paid learning resources and are relevant for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.


5 Best + Free Jenkins Tutorial, Training & Course [2021 OCTOBER] [UPDATED]


1. Master Jenkins CI for DevOps and Developers (Udemy)

Created by Tao W, James Lee and CJ Rivas, this 4-hour on-demand video tutorial is created to help you learn about building automated continuous integration pipeline with Jenkins. If you belong to the DevOps community and are looking forward for more insights, then this is the best course for you. As a professional developer, you will get an insight into all the fundamentals about Jenkins and its setup. You will be trained about building, testing and creating static analysis for development. Moreover, this program demands you to learn configuration and extending Jenkins functionality using plugins like Copy Build Artifacts and Deploy to Container. You may also want to check out Free DevOps Training available online.


Key USPs –

– Understand the concept of integration, inspection and deployment; and the difference between the three

– Learn to integrate builds with tools like Java, GitHub, Maven and Tomcat.

– Get tips on improving Jenkins while practically implementing

– Confidently take up development project and apply Jenkins workflow for better software delivery

– You will get a certification of completion

– Best for beginners, IT admins and developers


Duration – 4 hours

Rating – 4.4 out of 5

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Review: The trainers are well equipped for this course with their simplicity in approaching every topic, and his a very easy to follow training with step-by-step approach. Nothing less than 100% is my rating for this course(meaning full 5-Star). – Gbenga Akindele



2. Dockers from A to Z: Swarm +Jenkins (Udemy)

This training has been created by the duo James Kayes- Smith and Samy Mkachar for beginners and professionals to master Docker with Jenkins, DevOps and AWS. If you haven’t used Docker in your development process, but want to learn about it, then this online course is right for you. This 9-hour course will take you through the learning of the tools and knowledge of building Dockers Swarm cluster and Jenkins CD Pipeline. Learners will undergo the practical session to get hands-on experience about Docket tips & tricks. Upon completion of the course, you will gain enough confidence to take a step ahead in developing the application. If you are keen to learn Dockers, Swarm and Jenkins, then this training is the right investment.


Key USP-

– Learn to build and manage Dockers cluster

– Get practical knowledge of using Dockers for creating applications

– Get hands-on experience while working professionally

– Full HD quality viewing experience

– Best suited for developers and those interested win Dockers, Swarm and Jenkins


Duration – 9 hours

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

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Review: Great class. If you need to get up to speed like I did on Dockers Swarm and Jenkins deployments then this course will prove to be a great resource. I liked the course content and the way it walked through all aspects of Dockers and Jenkins deployments. I’m looking forward to doing the hand on examples so I can get more time using Dockers with Jenkins. Will be using this for work as soon as I can.



3. Jenkins Training – Fully Automate Builds through Deployment (Udemy)

Created by Jason Taylor, this on-demand online class gives thorough introduction to the Jenkins build server with the use of continuous integration and deployment techniques. Right from the course objectives to learning what Jenkins is, the entire lecture will take you through multiple aspects. Whether you are a newbie or professional as developer and programming, this Jenkins Bootcamp course creates a strategic learning method, and  will teach you how automation has made developers’ life easier. Upon completion of this course, you can confidently build, test, analyse and deploy java projects. In case interested, do check out Best Java Courses.


Key USP –

– Presents basic understanding of continuous inspection, continuous integration and deployment

– Learn installation and configuration of several tools used for Jenkins

– Best course for those with prior experience in Java

– For DevOps professionals, it can be an added advantage in their profession

– Trainer has created this tutorial keeping new age developers and software demand in mind.


Duration – 4.5 hours on-demand video

Ratings – 4.1 out of 5

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Review: It gave me a very good overview and features of Jenkins tool. The instructor has made very good videos and I highly recommend him. It would be great if an installation troubleshooting document can be made for Users to refer when they face challenges while setting up the environment since there are so many different versions of software – Nirupam Kundu



4. Free Jenkins Course : Learn Continuous Integration (Skillshare)

Created by Manuj Aggarwal- technology leader and startup junkie, this course is designed for beginners and professionals who want to gain expertise in Jenkins. Moreover, the course is directed towards startups who are now majorly concentrating towards automated DevOps. The tutorial will take beginners through different layers of the tool for developing application and you will learn about implementing continuous integration with Jenkins. You will learn about- Importance of CI, Running CI pipeline, configuring automated build notifications and more.


Key USP –

– Get the basics and insight of Jenkins

– Learn how the tool can bring down the cost of software development

– Get practical projects to have hands-on experience

– Be a skilled expert after completing the course


Duration- 2 hours

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review: Manuj, It’s a nice course really learned a lot from it, I will give 10/10. Can you make this one CI and CD with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy Also available on Skillshare- SNP Bharadwaj



5. Free Jenkins Tutorial (LinkedIn Learning)

Keen to get introduced to Jenkins, an open-source automation tool for software development? Created and instructed by Michael Jenkins, this tutorial takes you through the introduction, installation and job configuration after completion. The entire course is divided into different chapters, giving you a step-by-step approach towards different aspects of Jenkins. Upon completion of the tutorial you can confidently learn to use Jenkins practically in your work place. Check out our take on Best Selenium Courses.


Key USP –

– Available on LinkedIn Learning, this is effectively a free course

– Learn the basic fundamentals of Jenkins

– Learn different job parameters

– Taught by real-world professional

– You will also learn how to install/uninstall plugins


Duration: 1 hour

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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So that folks was our take on best Jenkins Courses, Tutorials, Training and Certifications. Hope you found what you were looking for! Look around our website to find all other courses of your choice or simply type in your query in the search box to find what you need. Wish you the best in your career and happy learning! Team Digital Defynd.