8 Best + Free Laravel 5 Tutorial, Course [2021 OCTOBER] [UPDATED]

Best Laravel Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification Online

Our team of 30+ global web development experts have done in depth research to come up with this list of Best Laravel Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification for 2021. The video tutorials include both paid and free learning resources available online to help you learn Laravel. You may also be interested in checking our compilation of backend courses.


8 Best + Free Laravel Tutorial, Course, Training, Class & Certification Online [2021 OCTOBER]


1. Free Laravel 5 Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Bernard Pineda has created this class for LinkedIn Learning where he covers the basics you need to know to build elegant applications using Laravel. He will teach you how to work with MVC and incorporate the ORM Eloquent.


Key USPs –

– Learn about dependency injection, routing to controllers, views, Blade templates and form creation

– Learn to build high-quality, scalable applications

– Since course is available on LinkedIn Learning, you can access for free with the platform’s first month free feature

– The trainer is proficient at PHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, Magento as well as WordPress


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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2. PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel (Udemy)

Edwin Diaz along with Coding Faculty Solutions will teach you Laravel, enabling you to make advanced applications like a real CMS app. Attended by 15,000+ students globally, this tutorial will help you build applications using Laravel, install it using Windows and MAC, teach you how to use routes and also connecting & using databases. Edwin is a web developer and a well known online Instructor on Udemy having taught more than 200,000 professionals. One of his life’s aims is to turn his students into Ninjas in different programming languages. Having built hundreds of apps, programs and websites over the years, he is now sharing all his knowledge and insights with people through the web. Do check out some of the best PHP Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn to use Laravel Tinker – Command line program

– Know all about Laravel ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and Raw SQL queries

– Understand how to install a commenting system / Disqus

– This course comes with 31.5 hours of on demand video with 2 Articles and 24 supplemental resources

– The program is updated regularly as per feedback and suggestion of students


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : This is the best course I could buy. Lecturer is so awesome, fully explains everything , updates course regularly answers any question asked and doing really great job. I recommend this course for everyone who wants to learn laravel from scratch and learn a higher level laravel. Thank you for this Edwin! – Matej Durokovic



3. Laravel Tutorial : The Complete Guide (Udemy)

Kati Frantz is a full stack web developer who’s deeply invested in knowledge sharing. Through this training, he will teach you to build simple to advanced web applications using the PHP’s most popular web framework – Laravel. In a nutshell, you will learn how to build e-commerce web applications in php, learn to build forums, blogs and of course get a deep understanding of laravel.


Key USPs –

– The course consists of 4 projects, a ToDo app, blogging content management system (CMS), Discussion Application and e-commerce project

– It is a very detailed program with 14 hours of on demand video with 2 supplemental resources and lifetime access

– The content of the program are accessible online and you also receive a certificate of completion from Udemy

– It includes both English as well as Portuguese subtitles


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : One of the best course on laravel. All examples were to the point and filled with lots of information, which is usually not present in other normal courses. – Ali Jibran



4. Laravel 5 Starter Course

The trainer Eding Muhamad Saprudin feels this is the perfect starter course to learn Laravel 5. Already taken up by 12,000+ students, the tutorial has received high ratings and many positive reviews. Eding is a Full-stack Web Developer and Instructor from Indonesia who holds a degree in Computer Science. He is proficient in PHP, and PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii and Laravel. He is now on a mission to share all his practical knowledge with budding learners all across the world via online courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn to develop Frontend Blog using Laravel 5

– Get better at developing web projects

– Learn to transform templates on the internet into dynamic websites

– Comprehensive tutorial packed in 3.5 hours

– Comes with full lifetime access and a certificate of completion


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : For a beginner switching from other platform it clears out the doubt what one might come into, mostly about controllers, ,routes, model, providers – Aayush Bhatt



5. Laravel for RESTful: Build Your RESTful API with Laravel

JuanD MeGon is the creator of programarya, a Spanish web site to teach programming fundamentals, and is deeply passionate about both developing as well as teaching web development. He feels that by teaching others, he participates in both helping attendees grow as well as learn mutually along with them. In this course, he will teach you to build a RESTful API using Laravel and dominate the challenging RESTful skills.


Key USPs –

– Learn to maintain the structure of the database in an automated way

– Understand how to create and configure your own local development environment

– Get to use free professional tools to improve your productivity

– You get 14 hours of on demand video tutorial with 6 articles and 3 supplemental resources

– Course is very neatly divided into sub sections that makes for easy learning and understanding


Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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Review : This is the course you need to attend if you want to be the go to guy in terms of of API development with PHP’s laravel framework. Security is a well talked and handled issue for your API in this course. – Tangeni Shikomba



6. RESTful API with Laravel (5.0 to 5.2)

In this training, JuanD MeGon will help you create a RESTful API with Laravel and PHP. Dominates RESTful using Laravel and PHP. Juan wears many hats, working as an Engineer, Web Developer, Programmer as well as Instructor. He has taught close to 10,000 students online through his 10+ courses around various aspects of web development and programming. He has received multitude of favourable reviews and ratings across his teaching career. Let us find out what else lies in store in this program for you. Also. check out our compilation of Best Rest API Courses.


Key USPs –

– Use PHP artisan more effectively and be more efficient

– Learn to configure environments effectively

– Learn to maintain your own production server in Linux

– Importantly, you will get to use free and professional tools to improve productivity


Rating : 5 out of 5

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Review : Everything a developer need about Laravel RESTful API. The instructor is professional and the content totally covers the subject. – Hassan Baabdullah



7. Ultimate Laravel Course 2018 (PayPal, Webshop, RESTful API)

Luka Sikic is a web development and web application security professional who has already taught over 10,000 professionals and students online. Luka studied advanced computer security at Stanford University and is proficient at PHP, Python and web app security testing. With this tutorial, Luka will teach you all about Laravel framework using real-world application and help you understand how to solve problems occurring in Laravel project development.


Key USPs –

– Very comprehensive course spanning 9 hours

– You will build custom projects from scratch and also understand how MVC frameworks are working

– Consists of a detailed section dedicated to building a blog with advanced functionality

– Basic programming understanding and basic understanding of databases is enough for you to enroll for this course

– Learn to debug common problems during web development


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : I have finished the whole course without leaving any lecture the author in a very clear and transparent way communicates the knowledge and the possibility that gives us framework laravel. I have only one caveat not shown on the course how to add the functionality of adding a picture to the entry. well deserved 5 stars so on 🙂 Luka – Tomasz Lewandowski



8. Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs

Sarthak Shrivastava is a Web Developer & Teacher who has deep knowledge of the Laravel Framework. He now wishes to share his knowledge to empower others and does so by regularly releasing courses and helping students out through his online communities. In this class, he will teach you to create real time forum app with pusher. It will include facebook like real time notification , real time reply, real time like/ dislike system. You will also learn how to generate Json web token and login / logout with token.


Key USPs –

– Highly rated and recommended course

– Many positive reviews

– You will also learn how to use Vuetify along with VueJS

– Comes with 10 hours of in depth video lectures


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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Review : Excellent course, Now everything became much clearer to me, how to use things like events, pusher, vue routes, and many interesting things, I really recommend it. If English is not your native language, like me, don’t worry, all the code is really clear and easy to follow, just follow the course with the official documentation. I am really satisfied with all the course. – Cesar Lachira



So that was our list of Best Laravel Tutorial, Course, Training, Classes & Certification available online for 2021. Hope these free courses help you excel at Laravel. Do have a look around to find many other courses around web development and other domains. Wish you all the best ? Happy Learning!