5 Best LTE Courses [2021 AUGUST] [UPDATED]

Best LTE course tutorial class certification training online

Technology has evolved in multiple aspects in the last few years, and LTE is one of the best technological advancements. It delivers high-speed data that enable users to search faster. If you’re interested in learning about LTE, we have created a list of some of the Best LTE Courses, Tutorials, Classes, Training, and Specialization programs available online. These courses are compiled in the list after thorough research of our global experts. It includes all the essential courses and classes that can help you learn the vital concepts of LTE. You may like to check our compilation of Network & Security Courses.


5 Best LTE Courses [2021 AUGUST] [UPDATED]

1. 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) – Concepts and call flows (Udemy)

It is one of the bestseller programs on Udemy, designed to help you study the LTE architecture and get detailed knowledge of LTE call flows by analyzing Wireshark traces. It is specially designed for individuals involved in LTE EPC architecture capable of delivering high-speed information to subscribers. The instructor of the course, Suryabh S, is a senior network engineer experienced in designing, optimizing, and operating 4G/5G networks. He will assist you during the video sessions to help you gain a better understanding of the LTE concepts to understand and apply the real-world concepts. At the end of the program, a digital certificate of completion will be provided via email.


Key USPs – 

– Get introduced to the LTE structure and its advantages over legacy technologies to begin your journey.

– Learn the fundamentals of LTE RAN Architecture, LTE EPC architecture, and several network elements, namely MME, HSS, and PCRF.

– Understand the concept of call flows – LTE Attach, which is an analysis of Wireshark logs and Quality of Service (QoS) in LTE, namely bearers and traffic flow templates.

– Learn about LTE Protocols & several network interfaces, LTE Network Identifiers like IMSI, GUTI, MCC, MNC, etc., and LTE security like encryption, integrity, and authentication.


Duration: 5 hours

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Review: Too many terminologies to remember. It would be good if the instructor mentioned the full form of every terminology each time. – Mohammed.


2. LTE Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to 4G Networks (Udemy)

Created by Telcoma Global, this course is designed to assist you with the LTE fundamental training while covering 4G LTE networks’ essential concepts. Choosing this course will help you understand the concepts like Network Architecture of EPC, bearers, evolution, lifecycle UE, RAN overview, EUTRAN, multiple antenna techniques, and many more. The course is created for anyone looking to learn about 4G LTE Technology, professionals looking for a job as a Telecom operator, and willing to upgrade skills from 2G/3G networks. It is available with Lifetime access and 30 days money-back guarantee if the course content is not up to your standards. Check out our take on Best SDN Courses.


Key USPs –

– Get familiar with the essential concepts of LTE Networks with comprehensive training from professional instructors.

– Learn about network architecture of EUTRAN, interfaces, EPC, bearers, evolution, lifecycle UE, LTE TDD vs. FDD.

– Gain knowledge of multiple antenna techniques, RAN overview, OFDMA, channels, and LTE protocols, and much more.

– Learn from the practical implementation of 4G Technology while understanding how to adapt to 4G Networks for a better job.

– Become certified in LTE networks and architecture after completing the course with given projects.


Duration: 2.5 hours

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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Review: It was great getting to know the fundamentals of LTE, a very good course for beginners who wants to start learning the LTE technology. – Kaushik Donepudi.


3. 4G-LTE EPC: Evolved Packet Core Network (Udemy)

If you are interested in learning the 4G LTE Network’s core concepts and secure a successful career, this is a perfect course. Enrolling in the course will help you learn about the EPC significant concepts and techniques, such as the 4G LTE packet core networks comprising SGW, HSS, MME, PGW, call flow, roaming and protocols, and more. The course is offered in collaboration with Telcoma Global Institute, which is a global e-learning platform. Completing this curriculum will enable you to learn LTE core network, i.e., EPC, known as a new core network with all-IP based architecture. Once you conclude the course, you will have all the knowledge to upgrade your skills.


Key USPs – 

– Gain knowledge about EPC and Serving Gateway (SGW), Mobility Management Entity (MME), and PDN Gateway (PGW) as the subcomponents.

– Learn about Network Architecture, EUTRAN Architecture overview, EPC architecture, EPC protocol stack, EPC interfaces, EPC bearers, LTE Call Flow, and LTE roaming.

– Learn about 2G and 3G network architecture process and how to switch voice and data via two separate sub-domains – circuit-switched for voice and packet-switched for data.

– Comes with lifetime access to the course content and regular updates from the institute without any extra charges.


Duration: 3 hours

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Review: Yes, it’s a good course. – Gustavo Buendia.


4. 4G – LTE and LTE Advanced Training (Mpirical)

Mpirical is a professional e-learning platform that offers specialized LTE advanced training for anyone interested in pursuing the program. Whether you are a trainee or need advanced level training, you can enroll yourself in the training sessions to learn about LTE. This platform offers high-quality video training and covers key mobile technologies comprising 5G, 4G, and IMS to understand 4G LTE and LTE advance courses. Moreover, the classes are taught by experienced professionals, and you get access to additional resources like access to NetX, trainer support, and reference documentation. Each course is equipped with the practical implementation of learned skills. Have a look at our list of Best CEH Courses.


Key USPs – 

– Learn the basic features of LTE with a structured learning path to LTE System engineering, air interface, and LTE air interface operation.

– Expand your skillset with topics like LTE carrier aggregation and MIMO, LTE radio planning, EUTRAN, EPC, RAN performance & optimization, protocols, CUPS, VoLTE, and many more.

– Get access to existing and new content throughout your 12-month license period, along with additional resources and trainer support.

– Get 250 hours of video-based training and 11 courses on 4G LTE & LTE Advanced.


Duration: 250 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: Great use of whiteboard – very useful to build up the picture interactively instead of just presenting slides. – BT.


5. 4G LTE: Technology, Architecture, And Protocols (Udemy)

Created by Dr. Moazzam Tiwana, a telecom Engineer, this course is developed to give you complete knowledge about LTE Air interface, Security in LTE, LTE EPC Procedures, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).  Joining this course will provide you with the comprehensive and in-depth functional knowledge of LTE in the minimum time possible. During the periods, you will get started with LTE cellular technology to learn everything about 4G LTE technology, leading to a mobile telecom company career. The course is highly beneficial for network and system engineers and professionals who want to learn about 4G LTE systems.


Key USPs – 

– The course starts with the concepts of 4G LTE, standardization of 4G LTE leading to evolution to an all-IP system in 4G, 4G LTE access network architecture and functions.

– Gain knowledge about nodes in 4G LTE evolved packet core architecture and their functions along with 4G LTE/EPS interfaces.

– Learn about various LTE processes and functions, such as 4G EPS/EPS network identifiers, MMEGI, MMEI, GUMMEI, TAI, ECGI, APN, 4G LTE Identifier, IMEI, IMSI, and more.

– Get familiar with topics like 4G LTE Attach Procedure, UE registration, default bearer establishment, 4G tracking area update procedure, and paging procedure.


Duration: 5 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: Excellent course! Polished delivery of concepts and well explained in a clear manner about LTE fundamentals. – AM.



Completing these courses will prepare you for some of the best job titles in the LTE or networking field. The classes are equipped with real-world experience from some of the best industry, so you’ll be enjoying each course.