12 Best MIT Executive Education Programs [2021 JULY] [UPDATED]

Best MIT Executive Education Programs

MIT provides a wide variety of executive education programs to help you gain competitive knowledge of various subjects and fields. At Digital Defynd, we help individuals learn the best MIIT Executive Education programs. We have collected a set of Best MIT Executive Education Programs, Courses, Classes, Training, and Certification programs available online. These programs are ideally designed for business leaders, managers, team leaders, and other individuals to help them expand their knowledge and grow their careers. After finishing these programs, you’ll be able to make a successful career in the selected field. Have a look at our compilation of Best Executive Education Programs.

12 Best MIT Executive Education Programs Courses [2021 JULY] [UPDATED]

1. MIT Management Executive Education Programs

If you’re willing to earn self-awareness and a clearer understanding of leadership capabilities, MIT Executive Education provides you with multiple courses to begin with. There are more than 10+ programs available on the platform, amongst which the featured programs are Accelerating Digital Transformation with Algorithmic Business Thinking, Business Dynamics, and Innovating Existing Markets. Signing up for these programs will help you gain experience in leadership skills, management skills, and coaching skills required to effectively run a team of individuals. Each program is equipped with high-quality video sessions, graded assignments, real-world projects, practical exercises, and much more to help you improve your learning experience.


Key USPs – 

– A set of practical programs designed to help you gain advanced leadership capabilities, marketing skills, and management competencies

– Get the opportunity to connect with classmates and learn from faculty about how the world’s most successful organizations stay on the top

– Communicate with your instructors throughout the classes to discuss your problems related to the curriculum and resolve your queries

– Gain knowledge of trending topics in the market, such as business analytics, entrepreneurship, operations, strategy, innovation, etc.

– Earn a digital badge of achievement on completion of each program with given assignments


Duration: variable

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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2. Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership

If you want to learn how to lead your organization into the future, this exclusive program can help you in your quest. Created in collaboration with Columbia Business School, this program will enable you to build leadership skills from the inside out to ensure that you and your organization grow successfully while managing through change and uncertainty. This curriculum consists of three learning modules representing core pillars of leadership, including Personal Leadership, Leadership for People and Teams, and Leading Organizations and Change. Each module is included with a structured learning path, core exercises, and real-world examples to provide the best learning experience. 


Key USPs – 

– A comprehensive program that will provide you with a holistic perspective of leadership to help you develop skills required as a professional coach and team builder

– Get introduced to personal traits, practices of successful people, stakeholder centered coaching process, and much more

– Understand what is productive leadership in an organization, how to make effective decision, and leverage culture in an enterprise

– Learn through 20 video lectures, live webinars, simulations, role-plays, and other core quizzes provided to expand your knowledge

– Work through case studies and discussion forums to get real-world experience


Duration: 6 months, 2-4 hours/week

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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3. Innovation of Products and Services: MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking

This practical program focuses on improving your knowledge about the design thinking process and practices to make better business decisions. Developed by MIT experienced faculty members, this program consists of six learning modules that focus on specific areas of innovation of products and services. You’ll learn about design thinking skills, applied creativity, design of services and customer experience, environmental stability, and more. The classes are created with step-by-step video lectures, learning discussion forums, and rich learning content to help you get the best learning experience. Besides, you’ll receive a badge of achievement on finishing the curriculum with given projects. Check out our curation of Best FutureLearn Cources.


Key USPs – 

– Learn about the three innovation challenges model of design thinking and how to apply them to any business/product/service

– Learn about the concepts of opportunity evaluation and concept development by determining the product or service that meets customer’s need

– Know about financial modeling and how you can use them to analyze a company’s cash flow to maintain NPV and identify critical components of financial analysis

– Be able to develop a solution by understanding the basics of concept generation, down selection, sketch modeling, and internal/external search

– Work your program’s learnings through case studies, real-world applications, and capstone project


Duration: 2 months, 2-4 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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4. Cybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook

Designed with a step-by-step approach, this online program will help you learn everything about cybersecurity. It is ideally designed for business leaders, managers, and business executives to develop an action plan for a more cyber resilient organization. Signing up for this program will provide you with multiple frameworks that can be used for a tactical view of a company’s cybersecurity risk management, both quantitative and qualitative. During the video classes, you’ll cover the leading approaches to managing cybersecurity in an enterprise, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework. After ending the program, you’ll also receive a badge of completion from MIT Executive Education.


Key USPs – 

– An ideal course for business leaders and general managers to build a culture of cyber awareness in their organization

– Build the vocabulary of cybersecurity to support informed conversations with your CISO, CTO, and other technology leaders

– Divided into six learning modules with real-world examples, case studies, and practical assignments to test your knowledge and subject understanding

– Gain an understanding of risk management practices, qualitative and quantitative frameworks for measuring risk and cyber insurance

– Be able to provide a practical interpretation of the tradeoffs between security and privacy


Duration: 6 weeks, 5-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: I have a much better understanding of the types of threats I need to consider for my company, including some jargon I didn’t previously understand. I loved the sections on building a culture of security and I am actively implementing some of those ideas. – Sarah Taylor



5. Applied Business Analytics

If you want to gain applied business analytics skills to make informed managerial decisions, this course is ideal. This program is intended to help you learn how to leverage data to make  optimal decisions, use the most practical applications of artificial intelligence, and more. This curriculum is specially designed for managers and leaders who want to turn data into a competitive advantage by improving their analytical skills. It is categorized into six learning topics that focus on specific areas of business analytics, such as making predictions, tools and frameworks for building predictive models, understanding machine learning, etc. Don’t forget to check our list of Best Business Analytics Executive Courses.


Key USPs – 

– Gain knowledge of a practical framework that includes models, data, decisions, and value to build confidence in using data for decision-making

– Learn how to select the best analytics approach for your business and how to tackle data for better business outcomes

– Learn to predict customer preferences by grouping like data while exploring the Netflix movie recommendation engine and understanding the principles of customer satisfaction

– Dive deeper into the deep learning algorithms and understand how they enable machines to read numbers, analyze data, and more 


Duration: 6 weeks, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Mastering Negotiation and Influence

This executive program is prepared to help you understand how to negotiate effectively with your communication while gaining a competitive advantage of achieving business objectives. Enrolling in this practical session will teach you negotiation strategies for understanding, planning, and achieving business goals in multiple contexts. The program consists of 10 learning modules, each of which focuses on a specific subject of negotiation and influence, such as distributive bargaining, norms around culture, gender, and ethics, psychological barriers, etc. During the video sessions, you’ll work with nine negotiation simulations that are provided to improve your learning experience. Besides, you’ll get access to discussion forums where you can interact with the instructors directly.


Key USPs – 

– Develop negotiation skills while exploring your strengths and weaknesses with a variety of learning modalities and technologies

– Gain an understanding of focal points, ZOPA, BATNAs, reservation price, common errors, and three kinds of NO used by professional negotiators

– Identify the differences between distributive, compatible, and integrative issues while conducting employment negotiations

– Identify techniques to manage the negotiator’s dilemma, analyze personality traits, and prepare for negotiations with seven elements framework

– Access all the study material from the comfort of your home on your desktop


Duration: 10 weeks, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Review: I learned many new things about negotiation. The assignments help a ton as we were doing the actual negotiation activity. Reflection videos are great as well. – Rajesh Kolla



7. Digital Transformation: From AI to IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity

This is a hands-on prospectus designed to help you learn all about digital transformation and the technologies used in it. Joining this comprehensive program will help you understand how to position your organization to take advantage of new technologies while tracking and eliminating security threats. It contains six learning modules that will allow you to explore the applications of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency, the impact of AI implementation on industries, and much more. The classes are organized by skilled faculty members of MIT Executive Education, who will assist you during the video sessions to provide additional assistance. After finishing the program, you’ll be able to implement digital transformation in your organization effectively.You may like to check our take on the Best Digital Marketing Executive Courses.


Key USPs – 

– A practical program that will enable you to learn the history and applications of blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity

– Included with demonstrations and interactive assignments with each module to illustrate key concepts like blockchain creation, password fallibility, and cloud infrastructure

– Enroll in the live webinars and direct Q&A sessions with MIT faculty members for additional instructions and assistance

– Explore how industries struggle to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of cyberattack methods and how to develop impervious security strategies


Duration: 6 weeks, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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8. Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions

This is an entry-level program prepared to help you get familiar with the machine learning tools and techniques used to make better business decisions in various situations. This program consists of 8 learning modules, which focus on clarifying different aspects of machine learning, such as understanding the data models, regression, classification, neural networks, and more. Joining this virtual program will enable you to understand the basic concepts of linear regression and how to use it with collected data to build models that can predict future outcomes. The classes are prepared with a step-by-step approach to help you learn everything in a manner from the beginning.


Key USPs – 

– An essential course designed to introduce you to various aspects of machine learning, such as data collection, data modeling, and business decision making

– Know about the basic characteristics of data sets and identify practical statistical tools and visualizations to glean insights from the data

– Learn how neural networks are used in machine learning to model complex relationship between inputs and outputs and find patterns in data

– Improve your learning with high-quality video lectures, graded assignments, quizzes, and practical exercises included within the course


Duration: 8 weeks, 6-8 hours/week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: I understand how data scientists work and can interact with them more effectively. – Fabrice Testa



9. Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success

This is a 2-month virtual program created to introduce you to multiple ways networked marketing is using to transform the economy while offering strategies for designing, monetizing, and launching a digital platform. In this comprehensive curriculum, you’ll gain knowledge about the fundamentals of digital transformation, identify why platforms beat products, and how to turn your business into a platform. It is ideal for managers and business leaders who want to advance their digital knowledge to improve their careers. The program will provide you with interactive lectures, case studies, webinars, and other study material to enhance your overall understanding. Have a look at our compilation of Best Free udemy Excel Courses.


Key USPs – 

– A practical course on digital transformation covering eight learning modules to help you grow your career in the digital space

– Explore the effect of a network on a company’s value while predicting how a platform shift impacts your company

– Learn to create and optimize a platform with the three principles of platform design, identify how architecture design improves network effects, and monetize a platform

– Be able to analyze the impact of open innovation on your business platform by learning open-source strategies

– Dive deeper into the opportunities and challenges in adopting platform strategies in various industries


Duration: 2 months, 2-4 hours/week

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Review: The best parts of the course were the informative professor videos and the assignment reviews with course leaders. Also the discussions and reflections gave one more insight on how others understood things. – Phumlani Zuma



10. Negotiation and Influence

Ideally designed for managers, human resource managers, and business leaders, this curriculum can help you improve your negotiation skills by rethinking it as a problem-solving tool. The program comprises eight learning modules covering every essential negotiation and influence concept, such as virtual conflict, distributive bargaining, integrative negotiation, etc. The curriculum is designed by Prof. Jared Curhan, director of MIT’s Negotiation for Executives program. He will assist you during the classes to help you cover essential topics and metrics related to negotiation in a corporate environment. At the end of the program, you’ll get to work with simulation, assignments, and case studies to test your knowledge.


Key USPs – 

– Explore the fundamental concepts of negotiation and influence by using the decision games negotiation simulation platform

– Get in-depth knowledge of core negotiation concepts to determine strategies and principles that can be applied to achieve different outcomes

– Learn to claim value in negotiations while understanding the difference between BATNA and reservation price

– Know about the differences between distributive, compatible, and integrative issues by conducting employment negotiations

– Earn a badge of achievement from your comfort zone by completing the course virtually


Duration: 2 months, 2-4 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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11. Leading Organizations and Change

Individuals interested in learning how to lead an organization as a business leader can take help from this program. It is a thought-provoking program with challenging work assignments, practical frameworks researched by MIT faculty, and a robust simulation on change management. Signing up for this curriculum will enable you to immerse yourself in the complexities and nuances of effective change management and build competitive leadership skills. It comprises five learning modules that focus on explaining multiple aspects of leading an organization and change management. Upon completing the course successfully, you’ll also earn a digital certificate of completion to share with employers.


Key USPs – 

– Build advanced skills to assess leadership capabilities and gain the ability to thrive your company in a volatile, chaotic, and uncertain world

– Understand how an organization’s strategic design, cultural norms, and political environment impact change management strategies and approaches to address business problems

– Learn to identify and leverage organizational networks and influencers to accelerate change and improve organizational performance

– Apply your learned knowledge to the real-world simulation developed by Harvard Business School to understand the complexity of managing change

– Work through case studies, discussion forums, practice quizzes, and real-world examples during the classes


Duration: 2 months, 2-4 hours/week

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Review: The assignments helped me understand how to apply the course content in real-life scenarios. The group and individual assignments were both very helpful. – Thomas Sturm



12. Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN

This program is ideally designed for career launchers, career builders, and individuals who want to gain exposure to the full development lifecycle and build existing skills in coding. Signing up for this curriculum will teach you to build, test, deploy a web application with MERN stack, and present a GitHub portfolio of your work to potential employers. The syllabus is organized into three learning modules, including web development, front-end development, and back-end development. Completing each of these modules will prepare you to enter the job market as an entry-level full-stack developer. Upon completion of the classes, you’ll also earn a badge of achievement to showcase your skills. Check out our curation of Best Free Edx Courses.


Key USPs – 

– A comprehensive program designed to help you learn how to build, test, and deploy APIs and a front-end web application with React

– Learn to set up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines to deploy a React application

– Develop foundational web development skills with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and be able to create your portfolio on GitHub

– Learn about front-end development with the most popular framework, React and write clean and precise code with JavaScript

– Gain market-ready coding skills required to get the perfect job in the high-growth market


Duration: 32 weeks, 15-20 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: I like the balance between providing the students direction for learning but also forcing us to do independent research as well. – Robert Konigsberg


The above executive programs are collected after thorough research of the MIT Executive Education platform and other e-learning resources to provide you the best prospectus. Each of these programs is prepared by MIT faculty members, which means you’ll be learning from experienced tutors. Sign up today to get the best deal on each program.