5 Best Mutual Fund Courses [2021 SEPTEMBER][UPDATED]

Best mutual fund course tutorial class certification training online

If you want to learn how Mutual Fund can be a great career option for you, then our team of experts has created this list of Best Six Mutual Fund Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification Programs available online for 2021. It includes both free and paid courses to learn Mutual Fund. Also, the courses on the list are ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as expert individuals.


5 Best Mutual Fund Courses & Classes [2021 SEPTEMBER]

1. Hedge and Mutual Fund Careers: The Complete Guide (Udemy)

This is one of the best Hedge Fund courses available on Udemy, which is designed to help you learn and understand how to pick stocks at mutual funds and hedge funds like professional investors. Even if you have no prior finance or accounting background, this course will provide you will the necessary skills and knowledge that you need to make a successful career in mutual funds as well as hedge funds. The course is designed by Chris Haroun, who has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider magazine. During the course, he will share his experience of working with top finance companies and how he managed to raise $1bn in his finance career. Have a look at our take on Best Financial & Capital Markets Courses.


Key USPs –

– Included with more than 100 lessons that will help you learn how to pick stocks by using accessible methodologies that are implemented by professional investors

– Learn how to come up with mutual fund investment ideas with an easy to understand top-down and bottoms up the research process

– Know about hedge funds, various hedge fund strategies, the pros and cons of working at hedge funds, and how to short a stock

– Be able to identify crucial catalysts to understand the right time to buy or short a stock


Duration: 8-9 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: Very Informative and pleasant guy to listen to. I appreciate the work he put into creating this course. I recommend to others. – Tony Ba



2. Learn Mutual Funds Investment (New York Institute of Finance)

Created by the New York Institute of Finance, this course will give you a brief introduction to the mutual fund industry. Enrolling in this course will help you learn about different varieties of mutual funds, the structure of mutual fund companies, and the fund selection process. It is included with five different learning modules that will help you cover various aspects of mutual fund investment, such as selecting the right mutual fund, understanding mutual funds, latest trends in the mutual fund industry, etc. After finishing this course, you will be able to invest your money in mutual funds wisely, or you can choose to become a professional investor in any finance company.


Key USPs –

– A self-paced learning program that can help you examine the mutual fund trends that shape the industry, such as indexation, exchange-traded funds, and the booming retirement market

– Learn how to identify the definition and features of mutual funds and of the associated net asset value, fund families, and investment minimums

– Learn to determine specific guidelines and safeguards afforded investor who invest in mutual funds, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of mutual funds

– Be able to recall the steps in the process of buying and redeeming mutual fund shares


Duration: 10-12 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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3. Mutual Funds by University of Florida (Coursera)

This a practical finance course for those who want to learn about personal and family financial planning. Taking this course will help you address many critical personal financial management topics so that you can learn prudent habits for financial management throughout your life. The course is created by professional instructors of the University of Florida who are well-versed with all scenarios of financial management, as well as understand what an individual needs to learn to manage their mutual funds. After finishing the course, you will be able to invest in mutual funds as a professional, as well as get a good job in the financial sector.


Key USPs –

– A practical course created by professional to help you understand the financial investment process and how to earn money while investing in mutual funds

– Learn about financial statements, tools, and budgets, such as how to manage your flows and review your statements

– Know about the taxes included in mutual funds, and how they can be appropriately managed to get maximum return on investment

– Get access to various mutual funds and managed portfolio to create a personal investment plan via mutual funds

– Get the flexibility to learn from your own pace


Duration: 13-14 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: Self-study material, clearly articulated presentation, links for various financial planning, and participating approach. – SS



4. Certification in Mutual Funds (BSE Institute Ltd.)

If you want to learn how a mutual fund industry functions, then this course might be the right choice for you. Enrolling in this course will provide you with keen and useful insights on various aspects of mutual funds, as well as how multiple finance companies functions while investing in mutual funds. It is a 4-day course, during which you will cover various concepts and topics, such as the Evolution and regulatory framework that governs the mutual fund industries, portfolio management with comparative analysis, understanding the investment process, and much more. After finishing the course, you will get a professional certificate from the BSE Institute.


Key USPs –

– Get in-depth knowledge of management of mutual funds, an understanding of the complexities of mutual fund functions, and the knowledge regarding the risks and rewards of investing in mutual funds

– Know about the concept and role of mutual funds, fund structures, organization, and constituents, process, rights, and obligations for investors

– Learn about NAV concepts and pricing risk and performance evaluation, accounting, and measuring returns in mutual funds

– Be able to help investors with financial planning using mutual funds, as well as marketing, distribution, sales, and investor services related to mutual funds


Duration: 4 days

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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5. A Comprehensive Look at Mutual Fund Industry (Boston Institute of Finance)

Individuals who want to learn about the mutual fund industry from a professional institute can take help from this program. This program is provided by the Boston Institute of Finance to help individuals learn the various aspects of mutual funds. Taking this curriculum will help you learn about the industry, its history, regulation, providers, structures, distribution, operations, the popularity of open-end mutual funds, and marketing in the United States while improving your knowledge of mutual funds. It includes three different courses, each of which highlights the various aspects of mutual funds. On successful completion of the course, you will also get a professional certificate of completion from the institute. Check out our compilation of Best Financial Analysis Courses.


Key USPs –

– A one-of-a-kind program that will build up your knowledge in the mutual fund industry

– Specially designed for a broad audience, from corporate new-hires to personal investors who want to increase their knowledge of the mutual fund business

– Get introduced to the mutual fund industry, its operations, distribution, and marketing

– Earn the right to use the CMFs designation on completing the course with given real-life financial problems

– Flexible learning program with 15 days money-back guarantee so that you can learn quickly from your comfort zone


Duration: 90 days

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: Awesome course! I would recommend it to anyone truly interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the mutual fund business. – Jeff Grasser



6. An Introduction to Mutual Funds (Fidelity)

This course has been discontinued

If you are entirely new to mutual funds, then taking this course can help you learn the basics of mutual funds, as well as how to invest your money professionally. In this course, you will get introduced to the fundamental concepts that support investing in mutual funds and various other factors that you should consider before investing. Besides, you will also get a solid understanding of how to utilize your mutual fund library and evaluator tools of Fidelity to make better investment decisions. During the course, you will get familiar with Mutual fund taxes, types of mutual funds, international and global stock funds, researching funds, and many other topics.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to differentiate between different types of mutual funds to analyze which funds can help you meet your investment goals to earn maximum profit

– Know about the tools and resources available on Fidelity.com to browse, filter, and research mutual fund investment options

– Learn how to conduct mutual fund research in hundreds of funds available with the help of fund evaluator provided by Fidelity

– Be familiar with the basic concepts of mutual funds, their fees, and expenses, and how funds can impact your taxes


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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So, these were the 6 Best Mutual Fund Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online. Cheers to your success, Team Digital Defynd!